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mpaopS is highly obliged for the personal assistance and guidance in maintaining these pages along with preservation process of Pakistan filmdom and cinematic world. Curator mpaopS is indeed thankful to you all for your nice gesture, specially cooperating in preserving the national heritage process for future generations.


The Acknowledgements … with thanks

First of all I would like to say a very big thank to my beloved family for sparing me for this cause rather facilitating me with their patronizing attitude (non-bothering), profound thanks to Shiren, Imran, Samina, Naeem, Aine, Ali, Zaine and Bilal…… love you all.

Tahir Nadeem, Curator mpaopS



 Now names will proceed (Alphabetically)

Judge Atta-ur-Rehman (Judge)

As father like son….. had a very long association with Mr. Aziz (known as Dr. Sahib) which started in 1981 when he extended his all-out fatherly efforts in making my science project noticeable, this affection remained alive till his death in 2000. During all this period whenever visited him, I found him very compassionate and helpful. After his death his son indeed left no stone unturned in filling the vacuum created by his father’s death.  He doesn’t only resemble his father apparently but also inherited all characteristics of his personality as well. Thanks Judge Sahib for providing the technical assistance in technically maintaining the mpaopS’s projection equipment.


image not aval Afsar Khan, Nowshera, KPK


image not aval Ahmed Raza Malik LLB 

Thanks for your prompt legal advises.


image not aval Dr. Naeem Noor

For providing valuable old film related material in form of magazines, newspapers and cuttings of very old film editions along with unattainable pictures of the artists, thanks Dr. Sahib


Syed Haris Waheed Haris Waheed

For fruitful advices in updating these pages and specially for the splicer you generously bestowed to the curator , indeed obliged. It’s bit evident that you are quite busy with your new assignments with Metro but still it is desirable that be bit more consistent in honoring us with your valuable feedbacks… anyways thanks for everything….


image not aval Ikram Multan


image not aval Jahanzeb Khan


image not aval Malik Yousaf Jamal


image not aval Mazhar Iqbal

Solo work presented by Mazhar Iqbal in his website is excellent piece of film record, indeed it was great assistance in regards to confirmation of songs record.


image not aval Nazir Wasil


image not aval Shahzad Masih


Tufail Akhtar Tufail Akhtar Dada

Dada, your each and every sitting is always full of the information which is exactly the basis of these pages, your soft smile with patience replies to our unruffled queries and most importantly the provision of written materials and your frequent visits are though un-acknowledgeable but still accept our humble appreciations.


image not aval Yasin Gorija (Late)


image not aval Yamin Bhai (Nikku) of Royal Park


Thanks for being a source of inspiration, more names would be included soon……..