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A. Shah Shikarpuri


A Comedian, writer, lyricist and director

A. Shah Shikarpuri was a comedian of its own style, being fatty apparently looks like a wrestler was his trademark of comedy. From his name it sound that he was Sindhi and belonged to Shikarpur region but actually he was Punjabi and he was born in Jehlum in 1906. Since childhood he was inspired by the films and wanted to be an actor so initially he joined theater and started giving performances soon he realized that instead of his performance audience used to give huge laugh over his huge body so he diverted his attention towards clumsy characters of comedy. But his dream destination was film which was finally he achieved when in 1939, producer and director V. M. Viaz gave him chance in his film Daughters of India. His debut performance was accepted and liked by the film goers which opened door of films for him. Mostly because of his appearance initially he appeared as comedian in films like Mirza Sahiban, Kurmai and Armaan. Subsequently like other comedians he also produced, directed and written few films rather he pen downed the lyrics of film as well.




In 1942 when Mian A. R. Kardar inaugurated his own film production house named Kardar Production and started his first film Sharda under the banner of this production house which was written by Nazir Ajmeri. A. R. Kardar casted A. Shah Shikarpuri for an important and comedy character of film Sharda named Munshi Jee which he performed very well. Renowned singer Surraiya sung very famous song of the film “Panchhi ja peechhey raha hai, bachpan mera us ko ja ke la”. On release film proved very successful film. Here it is worth mentioning that almost eighteen years after the release of this film, Ashfaq Malik the student of A. R. Kardar made film Salma basing upon on the same film story and interestingly A. Shah Shikarpuri played the same role of Munshi Jee in that film and performed it much better as compare to his previous performance. The same story of Nazir Ajmeri was repeated by Muhammad Javed Fazil for Saima after Sharda and Salma and Saima also did very goog business after its release. Afterward he appeared in many films of A. R. Kardar and M. Sadiq as comedian like Geet (S. U. Sunny), Sanjog Bahar, Pehley Aap, Jeewan and Babal which was directed by Sunny.


Facts…. A. S.  Shikarpuri

Real Name:

Abdul Latif Shah 

Addressed Name:

A. Shah


Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Jehlum (Punjab)

Debut film:

Daughters of India

Years active:


Date of Death:

December 21, 1991


On creation of Pakistan he returned back to Lahore and appeared in Noukar, Intekhaab, Salma, Mouj Mela, Jamalo, Muftbar, Sokan, Aabro, Chughalkhur, Kurmai, Ghar Jawai, Damaad, Chacha Khamakha, Ravi Par, Naila, Lado, Taqdeer, Had Haram, Khar Ka Ujala, Sartaj, Babal Da Vehra and Baghi Sardar. A. Shah Shikarpuri played the title roles in film ChaCha Khamkha and Chughalkhor. His famous films as comedian were Hameeda, Choorian, Dachi, Jeedar, Jind Jan and Ik Nikah Hor Sahi.



As writer and Lyricist 

Other than acting A. Shah Shikarpuri was also a good writer and at the same time lyricist as well and he used Aajiz (عاجز) as his pseudonym. He had written story, dialogues and songs of his own film Haqeeqat but in film titles he reflected himself as A. S. Aajiz. He had also directed his film Haqeeqat and Yasmin and Masood played the main and lead role in the film. A. Shah Shikarpuri started film named Munshi Sabrang and also penned down the songs of the film. One of the song chanted by Saleem Raza was “Wich mohabbat khushi ho ve” it was composed by Bakhshi Wazir.




As Film Director

Other than acting he also produced and directed Mr. Shikarpuri, Haqeeqat and Nida-e-Toheed.




Personal Life

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Demise of the Artist

A. Shah Shikarpuri died on December 21, 1991 in Lahore.(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)





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Latest News / Events

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