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Renowned versatile comedian

Renowned film, stage and TV actor Albaila had started his professional career as stage actor but soon he diverted his attention to films and performed as comic character in films of seventies. At the time when films were at their downfall Albaila once again moved towards theater. On theaters his pair was picked up with uncrowned king Amanullah by the audience. It would be true if we make this statement that both Albiala and Amanullah are the founder of commercial theatre as during their prime tenure stage drams especially in Lahore reached at its peak. Since he had close association with Sultan Rahi so he became a must comedian with his films in late eighties and early nineties. On stage his style of dialogue delivery and shrill of his voice with accurate timings were the glaring aspects on his professional career.


Early Career

Albaila as Akhtar Hussain was born at Gojra (District Toba Tek Singh) then district Loyalpur (Faisalabad) in 1941. Right from the outset he was inclined towards creative art so watching movies was his passion since his teenage. Resultantly, after getting his basic education he came to Lahore, primarily just in affection for acting.

Career as Actor

He started with petty jobs in the field of showbiz and finally he was able to get a chance of acting in film, Rishta which was directed by N. E. Akhtar and released on March 15, 1963 was his debut film. Afterward he kept on appearing in films with minor roles so in totality had a long film career as a comedian but was unable to pick up the heights of acting. However he had played a main role in director Javed Hassain’s film Wardatiya which was released on May 24th 1991. In his other mentionable films includes Bharya Mela, Bau Jee, Ucha Naa Piyar Da, Badnam, Yaar Maar, Ishq Nachawe Gali Gali, Allah Ditta, Siren, International Lutairey, Majhoo, Abdullah The Great, Hero, and Khandan.


Some Facts…..

Real Name: Akhtar Hussain
Addressed Name: Albaila

Haji Albaila

Birth Date: 1941
Birth Place: Gojra District Toba Tek Singh
Children: Two sons

Seven Daughters

Debut Film: Rishta
Inheritance:  Honey Albaila (son)
Years active: 1963 – 2004
Date of Death: July 17, 2004


As Stage Actor

Other than films he side by side kept on playing in stage theatre as well and here he achieved the highest ranking as stage actor and became very popular. Albaila’s biggest contribution was in the field of theatre and known as one of the actors who transformed theatre, evolving the present commercial theatre. After pairing with Amanullah he became the king of Punjabi stage at Lahore. He would always be remembered with his comic acts and sardonic remarks.

As Singer

With acting Albaila also had love for music as well. He had very grip over Tabla and had melodious voice as well so sang few songs for films as well like:

  • Kali meri pagg te gulabi shalwar jee (with Masood Rana) in film Allah Ditta.
  • Ik wadh geya hor zanana Sheikh Javed war ga (with A Nayyar, Javed Sheikh) in film Siren.

Along with film and theater he also performed in numerous television plays in his career spanning over 50 years. Albaila was considered as an academy for the new comers specially on stage and he was famous for his generous behavior and conduct. With this he had a fan following not in Pakistan but throughout the world especially in Punjabi known circles. In later part of his life he performed Hajj and was known as Haji Albaila.




Demise of the Artist

In 1998, he developed some ailment pertaining to heart and liver which was reached on its peak on July 12, 2004 and was admitted in Itefaq Hospital Lahore. But his condition kept on getting worse and finally became the main cause of his demise. On July 17, 2004 he took his last breath and his funeral procession was taken out from his residence 141/1C2, Township near Gondal Chowk on next day at 8:00 am.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)

He was survived by a wife, two sons and seven daughters, out of his his nine children Honey Albaila is presently a well-known comedian actor.



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