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  Arsalan – A journalist cum supporting actor


Arsalan was born in India as Syed Noor-us-Samad. He was brother of renowned playback singer Ahmed Rushdi and both of them started their film career from Hyderabad Dakan (India) in film Ibrat. At the time of partition of Pakistan they remained there at India but after foreseeing the Muslim situation Arslan moved with his family from India to Karachi Pakistan in 1954. After shifting, Arsalan approached Santosh Kumar who was at that time producing his film Daman so he included him in the cast of his film for a very minor role. Daman was released on October 11, 1963 and proved to be a super hit film of the year. 

Some Facts….Arsalan

Real Name:

Syed Noor-us-Samad 

Addressed as:


Birth Place:

Hyderabad (India) 


 Ahmed Rushdi

First Film:

Ibrat (India)

Daman (Paksitan)


March 11, 2004

Years active:

1954 to 2000 

After the release of Daman Arsalan was also picked by the film makers and was casted in other films but was restricted to supporting roles. Meantime TV broadcasting was started from Karachi so he also jumped in and subsequently appeared in many TV dramas. Here it is worth mentioning that other than acting Arsalan was also a journalist who used to write regularly for newspapers and magazine.





Arsalan appeared in many films as supporting actors, some of his notable films include:-



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Demise of the Artist

Arsalan died on 11 March 2004 at Lahore. (innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)



Latest News / Events

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