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A Stage Comedian, TV and Film Artist

(1953 – August 1, 2015)
Well-known comedian Farid Khan died in Karachi on August 1st, 2015 at the age of 62. Farid Khan was suffering from oral (jaw) cancer for last 15 years and had undergone five operations for its treatment. Before his death he was also suffering from heart and kidney disease.



Farid Khan was born in 1953, his father was a contractor who migrated from Gawaliyar (India). Since from his school and college Farid Khan used to amuse his students fellows with his jokes in their classrooms. Then from classroom to college stage and in 1966, he was performing on stage, TV and brought smiles to the faces of people of Pakistan. He was a superstar on stage in the late 1980s and early 1990s whose jokes were clean and contained amusing observations about people.
Here it would be interesting that he emerged at a time when Moin Akhtar had yet to make his mark and Umar Sharif was nowhere on the horizon. With his repertoire of jokes which he belted out in great spontaneity and effortlessness, he became so popular with the corporate sector, who often invited him for their variety shows, and this is much before when fashion shows became mandatory during corporate shows.


Facts about Farid Khan

Real Name:

Farid ur Rehman

Addressed Name:

Farid Khan

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Gawaliyar (India)



Years active:


Date of Death:

August 1st, 2015


Farid Khan with Dalip Kumar

On TV, Farid Khan also worked on television in plays such as Nai Dunya, Bas Bhayee Bas and in the famous TV sketch show Fifty Fifty. In mid-1990s, when the situation in Karachi had spiraled out of control due to lawlessness which brought life in the city to a standstill so Farid Khan moved with his family to Rawalpindi to work as the public relations officer for an intelligence agency.
But as a wise man once said: “All is ephemeral — fame and the famous as well.” Farid Khan was unable to reinvent himself and went on to live a life of obscurity. He, once again, emerged on TV channels albeit in a different manner altogether. He was seen appealing to the government to help finance his cancer treatment which he was unable to do so as his fate had cruelly inflicted upon him the disease of jaw cancer.


Personal Life

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Demise of the Artist

As mentioned earlier Farid Khan died on August 1, 2015 in Karachi.(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace). He was buried in a local graveyard in the evening. His funeral prayers were attended by a large number of people, including showbiz personalities. He is survived by his wife, two sons, two daughters and three grandchildren.





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