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Director, Actor of Film, TV and Theater

Lively, handsome, smart, tall, jolly and romantic, if we gathered all these characteristics in one showbiz personality and visualize… automatically a good looking face would come into our minds… obviously it is none other than the Javed Sheikh. A precise specimen of a determined personality, who never lost his drive, even after failure of his first ever assignment. Javed Sheikh’s first film Dhamaka was a flop film then he had to wait for almost ten years to get another chance which became a breakthrough of his professional career. An artist who experienced every form of the performing art, either it was radio, stage, Television or film and at last, with his hard work, dedication and devotion today he is not only a fabulous leading actor but one of the best film director / maker as well.


 Early Life

Javed Sheikh as model

Javed Sheikh was born on October 8, 1954 at Rawalpindi, he was named as Sheikh Javed Iqbal by his father Sheikh Rehmat Ullah. In his childhood, Javed known as Jaidi was very naughty and blue eyed child of his parents being elder son. Javed Sheikh are five brothers and three sisters. He was hardly a few years old when his father moved to Karachi in connection with his business and the Sheikh family was settled there at Plaza Quarters located at M.A. Jinnah Road. Javed after passing his matriculation from Mary Calico School, admitted in Islamia College for inter studies and finally he graduated from Karachi University. Throughout his studies he lingered as a mediocre student because much of his attention remained towards extra-curricular activities. Although he improved upon his studies once he moved from Rawalpindi to Karachi but he was never been able to convert a hidden artists into a brilliant student. As a young boy being very naughty and active he was recognized by the residents of Plaza Quarters. Young Javed as slim, smart, tall with fair complexion boy was inclined towards performing art and his instinct was further boosted when he found his residence surrounded by Cinemas like Nishat, Plaza, Naz, Taj Mahal, Qaiser and Koh e Noor etc so naturally he was unable to prevent himself from the magic of cinema and became a very regular spectator of cinema.



Facts…..Javed Sheikh

Real Name:

Sheikh Javed Iqbal

Addressed Name:

Javed Sheikh

Birth Date:

October 8, 1954

Birth Place:


Father’s Name:

Sheikh Rehmat Ullah




Zafar Sheikh
Nasir Sheikh
Saleem Sheikh
Tariq Sheikh


3 Sisters including Safina Sheikh wife of Behroz Sabzwari


Zeenat Manghi
Salma Agha (Divorsed)


Mariam Sheikh
Shahzad Sheikh

Debut Radio program:

Kahkashan in 1964

Debut TV program:

Insan Aur Aadmi

First film Solo:

Dhamaka in 1974

Debut Film:

Dhamaka in 1974


Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna in 1983

Last Film:

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

(So far)

Years active:

1964 till To Date



Early Career

Radio & Modeling – 1964

Javed and Zeenat Manghi

Moreover, Radio Pakistan Karachi was also located close by to his residence, so young Javed Iqbal approached to Radio Station as at that time TV station was not yet established and radio was at its blossom as powerful media. But he was time and again rejected after his auditions primarily due to his poor pronunciation. Finally on the advice of Razi Akhtar Shouq, he carried out lot of practice of reading the newspaper loudly for good about five months and at last was selected by the radio authorities. At that time he had just passed out his matriculation examination and got admission in Islamia College where he actively participated in all extra-curricular activities and won many prizes. After passing the radio audition in 1964, Kehkashan was his first radio program performance which was pertaining to kids. Nest year during Pak-India war in 1965, he participated in many radio programs bacially meant to raise the morale of troops and common citizens.   Afterward he jumped into radio drams and also moved into stage shows, modeling and advertisement. At the time due to non-existence of TV, advertisements used to be projected in cinema halls before and during the interval breaks. Javed was able to get into advertisement world and did a couple of commercial / advertisements. During the same period he met Zeenat Manghi the famous model who belonged to noble family from Sindh so they worked togeter on different projects. Gradually their meeting turned into love which subsequently turned into their marriage.



Early Film Career

Advertisement of Javed Sheikh’s first film

Advertisements used to be made on 35mm film format to cater cinema requirements and mainly their work was done at film studios like Eastern and Modern film studios. Many advertisement agencies had established their offices in these film studios. Cinematographer Madad Ali Madan was also managing an advertisement office and made many advertisements. Javed Sheikh as advertisement model was also working for Madan where they developed friendship and Javed became permanent employee of his advertisement office.

Javed and shabnam in Dhamaka

Muhammad Hussain Talpur famously known as Molana Happy was the elder brother of Former federal minister Agriculture Muhammad Yousaf Talpur who as film producer, produced a Sindhi film Tehnji Gahon Sajjan in which he introduced Sikandar Baloch popular as Mansoor Baloch as villain. At that period of time fiction and suspence novels of Ibn e Safi were very popular so Molana Happy got written a film script from Ibn e Safi and named it as Dhamaka. Qammar Zaidi was the film director who was in search of an actor who could meet the pre requisite of film character as secret agent. Molana Happy was good friend of Madad Ali Madan and used to visit each other very frequently. As regard to the hero of the film Dhamaka, Madan referred Javed Iqbal to Molana Happy who after evaluating Javed, selected him for his new project against Shabnam. On release of the film on December 13, 1974 it proved a flop film due to its boring script and poor direction. It was a big setback for Javed and after the failure of Dhamaka, films became unreachable target for him.



Career As Stage Actor

In spite of the failure of Dhamaka, Javed Iqbal didn’t lose hope and tried for another film projects. Being very friendly in nature he developed very good relationships with people related to film industry. So when Nazir Sofi started his film Naam Ke Nawab, initially he selected Javed as hero but subsequently on demand of distributors he hired Syed Kamal. 

Consequent to this Javed switched off to modeling and stage shows/dramas once again. As stage comedian he established himself through Syed Furqan Haider and performed with Moeen Akhtar and Umer Sharif who had established themselves as stage comedians. To create individuality of its own, other than his dialogue delivery Javed inculcated funny facial expressions and body gestures in his acting as new innovation, which was well received by audience thus that brought him equal to lead actors of the stage.


As TV Actor

It was the time when Ptv had started its transmission in Karachi and so he was able to entered into TV drams through Aftab Siddique who was basically a radio artist. Ameer Imam’s Insan Aur Aadmi was his debut TV drama in which he delivered only one line dialogs. Then Javed was asked by Kanwar Aftab to arrange a car for entry into TV drama Aap Kahan Jayen Ge which he arranged after borrowing motor car from one of his friends and gave second TV appearance by uttering another one line dialogue of his career. That’s how he made his entry in TV drams as an ordinary supporting actor. Due to his good looks, ads, popularity at stage dramas and some TV appearance he was picked by Qasim Jalali and was selected for Fatima Surriya Bajiya’s famous drama serial Shamma as a main lead role hero. Shamma had twenty six episodes and basing upon its strong story, good grip direction and applauding acting by all artists it succeeded in capturing huge viewership. Resultantly it also increased the popularity of Javed Sheikh and brought him as one of the best TV actors. This drama serial became a turning point of his career and gave him very sound base for his subsequent acting profession.

The success of Shamma opens new avenues for Javed, consequently, he appeared in many drams series and serials. His viewership and popularity expanded not only within the Pakistan but reached at the doorsteps of Indian showbiz world as well. Meantime he was offered a role in an indian film Dosra Kinara, Indian actress Dipty Noul was in main lead role. So he proceeded to Dubai for its shooting with Shafi Muhammad, Talat Iqbal and Behroz Sabswari which was contrary to the policy of Pakistan television.


Javed Sheikh – Stage and TV Dramas

Stage Dramas
Behropia Stage Show
Das Boney Stage Show
Dulha MB-100 Stage Show
Gol Maal Stage Show
Gonj Uthi Shehnai Stage Show
Zara Bach Ke Stage Show
TV Dramas
Aagehi Drama Serial
Adhori Kahani Long Play
Altamash Historical Play
An Kahi Dram Serial
Autograph Long Play
Chand Raat Eid Long Play
Doosri Larki Long Play
Eid Barat Eid Play
Fifty Fifty Comedy
Insaan Aur Aadmi
(Debut Ptv Drama)
Drama Serial
Kala Daera Mini Serial
Khobsurat Jahan Musical Serial
Marey They Jin Ke Liye Long Play
Master Jee Long Play
Panah Long Play
Parchhaiyan Drama Serial
Purana Kote Long Play
Saat Boney Mini Serial
Saaye Long Play
Sachi Kahaniyan Long Play
Shamma Drama Serial
Shohar Jamhora Long Play
Shosha Stage Show
Taabir Guest
(Historical Play)
Ujley Meley Long Play

Resultantly a ban was imposed by Ptv authorities on him and he was not allowed to give TV appearance in any form. But he never lost his hope and continued with stage dramas and advertisements. Finally, Ptv authorities reconsidered their decision, uplift thier ban and Javed Sheikh was once again became one of the most committed TV actor and during this period he gave wonderful appearances in many dramas like Parchhaiyan, Adhori Kahani, Shohar Jamhora, Panah, Kala Daira, Fifty Fiftey and Altamish which was a historical TV play. His last TV drama was Haseena Moeen’s An-Kahi and it gave a tremendous popularity to Javed Sheikh. 


Film Career (Come Back)

Haseena Moeen’s An-Kahi gave a very strong base and popularity to Javed Sheikh. Zahid Shah who was in the initial process of Urdu film Bivi Ho To Aisi as a director, he casted Javed Sheikh as hero of the film. Shafi Muhammad was playing the role of elder brother of Javed Sheikh in said film, he had very good terms with each other. Shooting of film was started but some distributors from Lahore demanded that Faisal to be casted as hero in place of Javed Sheikh. Initially Zahid Shah the director of the film was reluctant but on increasing pressure of the distributors he announced his decision on the set where Javed Sheikh had just distributed sweets for his comeback in the film industry. Heard the tough decision cheerfully but very disappointed Javed left the film set but not lost his hope.


Mr. Stish Anand Chand was planning to launch a project, Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna under the banner of Eveready Pictures. The film was penned downed by Ali Sufiyan Afaqi and Nazar Shabab was the director of the movie which was being made with collaboration of Sri Lanka. For the powerful character of the hero, initially, Nadeem was selected but due to his own commitment was unable to spare dates for this project. Keeping in view the popularity of Javed Sheikh in Ptv dramas, Stish Anand selected him as hero for Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna which was opposed by Nazar Shabab with the plea that Javed Sheikh was a good TV actor but at the same time he was flop film actor as proved in Dhamaka. But Stish Anand was determined so Javed Sheikh was finalized and he performed against Shabnam and Sabeeta. On completion once Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna was released on December 18, 1983 it proved a super hit film in all circuit of Pakistan (Golden Jubilee in Lahore and Karachi). Resultantly, Javed Sheikh became super star and declared a substitute of Nadeem and Faisal. A long queue of films was waiting to fit in his credential.


In next year, Javed Sheikh appeared in six films of renowned film directors like Zafar Shabab’s Shadi Magar Adhi, Shamim Ara’s Miss Colombo(with Sabeeta and it was Golden Jubilee film) etc. Soon he was casted with leading actors like Muhammad Ali in Bobby and with Nadeem in Lazawal and he proved his worth with his outstanding performance and Lazawal was another Golden Jubilee film of year. Then came Waheed Khan’s action Cinemascope film Karaye Kay Goreelay and Zafar Shabab’s Terey Ghar Ke Samney which was Silver Jubilee film of 1984. 


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1984:

Bobby  Karaye Kay Goreelay Lazawal Miss Colombo Shadi Magar Adhi Terey Ghar Ke Samney



The year 1985 brought some more successes for Javed Sheikh, like K. Khursheed’s Benazir Qurbani (Silver Jubilee), Halchal by Pervez Malik (Golden Jubilee) and Jeeney Nahin Dongi by Sangeeta, the best film on the credential of his professional career is Director Jan Muhammad’s Hong Kong Ke Sholey in which Javed Sheikh played double role for the first time. It was father son character in which son takes the revenge of his father‘s misfortune. Javed Sheikh played both the characters very professionally that took the film to Golden Jubilee award. As born in October, Javed Shikh possesses a romantic approach being Libra and at that time he had established himself up tp some extent so during the coming period he diverted his attention towards his personal relationships. Once during the film shooting of Ham Aur Tum, in London he was emotionally involved in the heroine of the film Salma Agha who was at that time looking for some support for her film career. Subsequently, their affair resulted in their marriage but with his involvement Javed Sheikh ignored his professional obligations including his first wife and family as well. So the result was obvious and Ham Aur Tum was proved a flop film. It also effected his next film with former actor Shahid named Nadia which was also a failure film of the year. Director Altaf Hussain casted Javed Sheikh in Mehndi which was first ever Punjabi film of his career Mehndi was based on romantic triangular film story, Anjuman and Sangeeta played opposite lead role against Javed Sheikh who once again delivered his best so film reached on heights of Golden Jubilee.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1985

Benazir Qurbani Ham Aur Tum Hong Kong Ke Sholey Jeeney Nahin Dongi
Mehndi Vikrai Guereeley Nadia  



Zanjeer was Pervez Malik’s film in which Javed played a role of very patriotic Pakistani, his performance in the film was at his peak and very memorable which made the film a Silver Jubilee at the box office. Late Masroor Anwar’s Shadi Merey Shohar Ki, Jhoomar Chor by Sharif Nayyar did not do well. Iqbal Kashmiri’s flm Karaye Kay Goreelay was dubbed in Pashto after renaming it as Da Mura Inteqam. Some songs of the films were added in Pashto and on its release film did good business and made Javed Sheikh a unique actor who picturised Pashto songs for being a non-Pashto speaking actor. Bhabhi Diyan Choorian was his second Punjabi film which was produced by Aziz Jahangiri, film did a good business and declared Golden Jubilee film of the year but it created lot of differences in between Javed and Salma Agha and caused lot of mental tension for Javed. Aik Hi Rasta was next film which was directed by Husnain, Javed played the role of Police Officer (DSP), in spite of his mentally disturbed period he performed well and took the film to reach on Silver Jubilee at the box officer. In his next episode, once again Javed was casted against Nadeem in a very powerful character in Muhammad Javed Fazil’s Golden Jubilee film Faisla, Javed delivered his best in the film and proved himself equal to Nadeem in all respects. Javed Sheikh played the role of doctor in Iqbal Kashmiri’s Hum Aik Hain, the lead role was played by Sheva, initially this role was earmarked for Javed Sheikh but due to some reasons related to Salma Agha he played the secondary role of doctor, Hum Aik Hain was the biggest hit film of year.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1986

Aik Hi Rasta Bhabhi Diyan Choorian Da Mura Inteqam Faisla Hum Aik Hain
Jhoomar Chor Shadi Merey Shohar Ki Zanjeer    



As far as his film career is concerned, 1987 was not that good year for Javed, when his three films Ham Se Na Takrana by Jamshed Naqvi, Deewar by Aman Mirza and Zafar Shabab’s Saas Meri Saheli (this was Javed’first film in which he played young to old role) proved a complete failure films of the year. Even Nazar Shabab’s Aik Se Barh Kar Aik was proved an average film.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1987

Aik Se Barh Kar Aik Deewar Ham Se Na Takrana Saas Meri Saheli



The release and success of Qatlon Ke Qatil by M. A. Rasheed gave Javed a bit sigh of relief. Muhammad Javed Fazil’s film Aag Hi Aag was a huge project in which Javed Sheikh played the role of a young angry man who stands up against his own father for his love and viewers loved the theme of the film and acting of Javed. Then came the biggest film of Javed’s professional career, Gharibon Ka Badshah by Pervez Malik. The story of film revolve around the prevailing situation of Pakistan where terrorism, sectarian and linguistic differences, unfaithful politicians who becomes puppets in the hands of anti-state elements for their own personal gains and interests. It was base on a very sensitive subject, but obviously, it was not accepted at government official level that really heart the fantastic film director Pervez Malik and he was so disappointed that he got retired himself from his film professional career as film director and afterward never directed any film. But Javed Sheikh on his performance in Gharibon Ka Badshah received a lot of appreciation from every walk of life which includes Nigar and National Awards. During this period matrimonial relations between Javed and Salma went to its climax that resulted in divorce that brought a very bad name for Javed. His consecutive failure of films was basically outcome of this incident. Bhabhi Diyan Choorian was dubbed into Pashto with inclusion of Badar Munir and Bedar Bakhat, Pashto film director Darvesh released it as Da Bhabhi Bangri. Sharif Ali’s Sheesh Nagin and Daud Butt’s Sherni were another flop films of the year.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1988

Aag Hi Aag Da Bhabhi Bangri Daagh Gharibon Ka Badshah
Sheesh Nagin Sherni Qatlon Ke Qatil  



In 1989, total eleven films of Javed Shiekh were released. It is worth mentioning here that trend of double version films (a film dubbed in different languages like Punjabi and Urdur etc) was started in this year so a lot of sub-standard movies were made in different language thus compromised the quality over quantity. Director Husnain’s Ik Jan Hain Ham was a failure film due to his poor story plot. Nazar ul Islam Dada’s Madam Bawri was a double version film with title role which was performed by Neeli and her pair with Javed Sheikh was much appreciated by film viewers. The film was hit at the box office. Pholan Devi by Masood Butt was another failure again agian due to its poor story. Altaf Hussain’s Punjabi film Barash, Iqbal Kashmiri’s Rangeelay Jasoos were a big success which enabled Javed Sheikh to won the best Punjabi Heero award for Rangeelay Jasoos. Although, Younis Malik’s Ameer Khan did a Golden Jubilee business but the role of Javed Shiekh was very disappointing. Tofani Bijlian by Nazar Shabab, Iqbal Kashmiri’s Zakhmi Aurat and Nangi Talwar which was directed by Haider Choudhry and Pani did comparatively good business.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1989

Ameer Khan Barash Ik Jan Hain Ham Madam Bawri Nangi Talwar Pholan Devi
Roop Ki Rani Pani Rangeelay Jasoos Tofani Bijlian Zakhmi Aurat  



During 1990, Javed Sheikh paid more attention towards quantity over quality, so forteen of his movies were released in this year. He played a negative role in Hoshiyar, the film was directed by Haider Choudhry and his performance as negative character was much appreciated. International Guerillay was one of his best films of the year in which he played a very sentimental and emotional role as the plot of the film was based on the story of Sulman Rushdi who had recently written his controversial and divisive book which was against the very sensitive emotions of Muslims. He was so hated that he had to take the asylum and Iranian had issued Fatwa against him for his life. Aziz Tabbasam’s Jangju Guerillay, Punjabi film Waqt by Idrees Khan, Rasheed Dogar’s Paisa Nach Nachawe and Akhri Takra by Raza Zaidi did good business. Another two films in whihc Javed Sheikh was placed against Nadeem in Raja and Ustadon Ke Ustad directed by Iqbal Kashmiri and Muhammad Javed Fazil respectively. In Raja although Nadeem played the lead role but Javed Sheikh in his double role was more prominent. Likewise, in Ustadon Ke Ustad was basically a comedy film and in comedy Javed proved himself much superior than veteran Nadeem as he was awarded with Nigar award of the year. Remaining all of his films were flopped because of his poor performance and story of the films.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1990

Akhri Takra Allah Shehnshah Choron Ka Dushman Hoshiyar International Guerillay
Jangju Guerillay Kalu Machhi Paisa Nach Nachawe Raja Sarmaya
Siren Ustadon Ke Ustad Waqt Zehreelay  



In 1991, ten films of Javed Sheikh were released. First film of the year was Nazar ul Islam’s Kalay Chor in which Javed played a role of angry son who takes revenge of his father from negative elemensts who are foreigners and wanted to cause terriorism in the country, an emotional films did a good business. Other worth mentioning films of Javed were Badmash Thugg by Zahoor Hussain Geelani, Khatron Ke Khilari by M. A. Rasheed in which Javed played a triple role for the first time, Lahori Badmash by Shahid Rana, remaining films were unable to made their place and these were Darindgi by M. Maqbool, Lashkar by Waheed Dar, Hussain Ka Chor by Altaf Hussain, Siren, Inteshar, Naag Devata and Doulat ke pujari.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1991

Badmash Thugg Bakhtawar Darindgi Doulat Ke Pujari Inteshar
Kalay Chor Khatron Ke Khilari Lahori Badmash Lashkar Naag Devta



Coming nest three years were the worst period for Javed Sheikh’s film career, other than these films Dil Lagi by Syed Zahoor Hussain Geelani, Jamshed Naqvi’ Pamela and rest almost all films were either flopped or did an average business. Likewise in 1993 his mostly films did average business which includes Zamana by Muhammad Javed Fazil, Hussnain’s Wardi, Sheeda Talli, Subay Khan, Farishta, Elaqa Ghair and Yadgar. However some of his films did good business like Jhootay Rais by Altaf Hussain, Faqeera by Rasheed Dogar, and Zahoor Hussain Geelani’s Paidagir.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1992

Abida Akhara Daku Raj Dehsht Gard Dil Lagi
Haseeno Ki Barat Joshilay Khon Da Qarz Mohabat Ke Sodagar Nargis
Pamela Prinday Qasam Farz Sher Ali  


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1993

Elaqa Ghair Faqeera Farishta Jhootay Rais Khuda Gawah Mulakhro
Paidagir Sheeda Talli Subay Khan Wardi Yadgar Zamana


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1994

Akhri Mujra Nehle Pe Dehla



After the alarming number of flop films, Javed diverted his attention towards direction and started his own film Mushkil, that’s why in year 1994 he did only two films Nehle Pe Dehla and Akhri Mujra. During the making of Mushkil, he faced lot of hurdles within the people of filmdom but due to his devotion and dedication he finally released the film and it not only proved a good film but also Pakistan Film Industry got a very talented film director through this film. In his next film Jo Dar Geya Woh Mar Geya , Javed did a negative role and he did it very well that it shut the mouth of those who started saying that this was going to be his end of Javed sheikh as hero and main lead role in any of his films. After release of this film he was to offer roles for many other films but since he was out of country for making of his film Chief Sahib. However, the highlight of year was Jeeva this is his one of the best film in which he played against legendry actor Nadeem. His other films like Ham Nahin Ya Tum Nahin, Panah brought some more successes for Javed.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1995

Ham Nahin Ya Tum Nahin Jeeva Mushkil
Jo Dar Geya Woh Mar Geya Panah  



After the success of Mushkil, he was more keen towards direction of film rather as an actor. His next project was Chief Sahib in which he launched his brother Saleem Sheikh. On release film did a good business specially the song of the movie got attention of general masses. The song Bas by bas ziyada baat nai chief sahib, aaj ke baad mulaqat nai chif sahib by Sajjad Ali was the most popular song of the film as this song was objected by some political personalities and even Sajjad was  threatened for that song.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1996

Aao Piyar Karen Bazigar Chief Sahib





In 1997, four films of Javed Shiekh including one of his own film as director was released. Uqabon ka nasheman which was directed by Syed Noor was the first film of year but it didn’t do well due to its poor direction and substandard treatment. As director his third film Yes Boss was good film but was unable to do the business equalant to its standard. Remaining Javed’s films were either average or did not work at the box office.


Javed Sheikh’s films in 1997

Dil Waley Qarz Uqabon Ka Nasheman Yes Boss



In coming years, since keeping in view the prevailing situation of the country overall there was decrease in the number of film which was produced and released. Moreover Javed Sheikh had proved himself as film director so got more inclined towards direction and even looking for opportunity to get some place in Indian film industry. His coming movies as director had influenced by the Bollywood in regards to music, singers and usage of technical expertise like editing and sound etc. Subsequently he also appeared in some of Indian films as well.



Ehsas Khalnaik Mohlat Nakhra Gori Da Sahib Jee Sahib, Bibi Aur Tawaif




Chand Babu Duniya Se Keya Darna Guns and Roses Mujhey Jeeney Do



Ghar Kab Aao Ge Kahan Hai Qanoon Meri Touba Mujhe Chand Chahiye



Jaan Terey Naam Musalman



Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua



Khuley Asman Ke Neechey



Bhai Log Love Mein Gum



Main Hoon Shahid Afridi






As Film Director

Since Javed Sheikh was matured in acting from TV, Theater and then in films so he was confident enough to perform on any situation but most of the time he had to obey what his director had instructed him but deep inside Javed used to think that this shot was not done by the director as it could have been. Moreover, after giving consecutive flop films, Javed was determined that with so many other reasons, the major cause of these failure films was the poor directions as well. So way back in early nineties, he decided to direct his own film. And finally his dream came true in 1995 when his debut directed film Mushkil was launched. Though he faced lot of difficulties in accomplishment of his project but on completion and release of this film it gave him lot of confidence and a sound platform for his subsequent projects. So far he had directed seven films and mostly films were well received by viewers, details of these films are as under:


Films as Director

No Film Year Language
1 Mushkil 1995 Urdu
2 Chief Sahib 1996 Urdu
3 Yes Boss 1997 Urdu
4 Kahin Piyar Na Ho Jaye 1998 Urdu
5 Mujhey Jeeney Do 1999 Urdu
6 Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua 2002 Urdu
7 Khuley Asman Ke Neechey 2008 Urdu




Filmography of Javed Sheikh

All films of Javed Sheikh are enumerated below, which include his film Chronological, Alphabetical, Language wise, the movies he has directed and performed in Indian films. A few statistics are as under:


  * Total Films 130
  * Urdu Films 68
  * Punjabi Films 23
  * Double Version Films (DVF) 34
  * Sindhi Films 2
  * Pashto Films 3
  * Films as Film Director 7
  * Indian Films in which appeared 18


Here is the list of complete films of Javed Sheikh Chronologically and Alphabetically:

Films of Javed Sheikh – Chronological

Films of Javed Sheikh – Alphabetically

1 Dhamaka 1972 Urdu
2 Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna 1983 Urdu
3 Bobby 1984 Urdu
4 Lazawal 1984 Urdu
5 Miss Colombo 1984 Urdu
6 Shadi Magar Adhi 1984 Urdu
7 Terey Ghar Ke Samney 1984 Urdu
8 Karaye Kay Goreelay 1984 Urdu
9 Hong Kong Ke Sholey 1985 Urdu
10 Jeeney Nahin Dongi 1985 Urdu
11 Ham Aur Tum 1985 Urdu
12 Benazir Qurbani 1985 Urdu
13 Nadia 1985 Urdu
14 Mehndi 1985 Punjabi
15 Vikrai Guereeley 1985 Pashto
16 Hum Aik Hain 1986 Urdu
17 Zanjeer 1986 Urdu
18 Faisla 1986 Urdu
19 Aik Hi Rasta 1986 Urdu
20 Jhoomar Chor 1986 Urdu
21 Shadi Merey Shohar Ki 1986 Urdu
22 Bhabhi Diyan Choorian 1986 Punjabi
23 Da Mura Inteqam 1986 Pashto
24 Aik Se Barh Kar Aik 1987 Urdu
25 Saas Meri Saheli 1987 Urdu
26 Hum Se Na Takrana 1987 Urdu
27 Deewar 1987 Urdu
28 Gharibon Ka Badshah 1988 Urdu
29 Aag Hi Aag 1988 Urdu
30 Qatlon Ke Qatil 1988 Urdu
31 Sheesh Nagin 1988 Urdu
32 Sherni 1988 Urdu
33 Daagh 1988 Punjabi
34 Da Bhabhi Bangri 1988 Pashto
35 Ik Jan Hain Hum 1989 Urdu
36 Barash 1989 Urdu
37 Roop Ki Rani 1989 Urdu
38 Tofani Bijlian 1989 Urdu
39 Pani 1989 Punjabi
40 Nangi Talwar 1989 Punjabi
41 Pholan Devi 1989 Punjabi
42 Madam Bawri 1989 DVF
43 Rangeelay Jasoos 1989 DVF
44 Ameer Khan 1989 DVF
45 Zakhmi Aurat 1989 DVF
46 Kalu Machhi 1990 Sindhi
47 Choron Ka Dushman 1990 Urdu
48 Ustadon Ke Ustad 1990 Urdu
49 Hoshiyar 1990 Punjabi
50 Allah Shehnshah 1990 Punjabi
51 Siren 1990 Punjabi
52 Waqt 1990 Punjabi
53 Akhri Takra 1990 Punjabi
54 Paisa Nach Nachawe 1990 Punjabi
55 Sarmaya 1990 Punjabi
56 International Guerillay  1990 DVF
57 Jangju Guerillay 1990 DVF
58 Raja 1990 DVF
59 Zehreelay 1990 DVF
60 Kalay Chor 1991 DVF
61 Khatron Ke Khilari 1991 Urdu
62 Lahori Badmash 1991 Punjabi
63 Inteshar 1991 Punjabi
64 Lashkar 1991 Punjabi
65 Bakhtawar 1991 DVF
66 Badmash Thugg 1991 DVF
67 Darindgi 1991 DVF
68 Doulat Ke Pujari 1991 DVF
69 Naag Devta 1991 DVF
70 Pamela 1992 Urdu
71 Qasam Farz 1992 Punjabi
72 Dil Lagi 1992 Punjabi
73 Daku Raj 1992 Punjabi
74 Joshilay 1992 Punjabi
75 Sher Ali 1992 Punjabi
76 Haseeno Ki Barat 1992 DVF
77 Dehsht Gard 1992 DVF
78 Nargis 1992 DVF
79 Abida 1992 DVF
80 Akhara 1992 DVF
81 Khon Da Qarz 1992 DVF
82 Mohabat Ke Sodagar 1992 DVF
83 Prinday 1992 DVF
84 Mulakhro 1993 Sindhi
85 Faqeera 1993 Punjabi
86 Subay Khan 1993 Punjabi
87 Khuda Gawah 1993 DVF
88 Paidagir 1993 DVF
89 Elaqa Ghair 1993 DVF
90 Farishta 1993 DVF
91 Jhootay Rais 1993 DVF
92 Sheeda Talli 1993 DVF
93 Wardi 1993 DVF
94 Yadgar 1993 DVF
95 Zamana 1993 DVF
96 Akhri Mujra 1994 Urdu
97 Nehle Pe Dehla 1994 DVF
98 Jeeva 1995 Urdu
99 Jo Dar Geya Woh Mar Geya  1995 Urdu
100 Mushkil 1995 Urdu
101 Panah 1995 Urdu
102 Ham Nahin Ya Tum Nahin 1995 DVF
103 Chief Sahib 1996 Urdu
104 Aao Piyar Karen 1996 Urdu
105 Bazigar 1996 Urdu
106 Dil Waley 1997 Urdu
107 Qarz 1997 Urdu
108 Uqabon Ka Nasheman 1997 Urdu
109 Yes Boss 1997 Urdu
110 Ehsas 1998 Urdu
111 Khalnaik 1998 Urdu
112 Mohlat 1998 Urdu
113 Nakhra Gori Da 1998 Urdu
114 Sahib, Bibi Aur Tawaif 1998 Urdu
115 Sahib Jee 1998 DVF
116 Guns and Roses 1999 Urdu
117 Chand Babu 1999 Urdu
118 Duniya Se Keya Darna 1999 Urdu
119 Mujhey Jeeney Do 1999 Urdu
120 Kahan Hai Qanoon 2000 Urdu
121 Meri Touba 2000 Urdu
122 Mujhe Chand Chahiye 2000 Urdu
123 Ghar Kab Aao Ge 2000 Urdu
124 Musalman 2001 Urdu
125 Jaan Terey Naam 2001 Urdu
126 Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua 2002 Urdu
127 Khuley Asman Ke Neechey  2008 Urdu
128 Bhai Log 2011 Urdu
129 Love Mein Gum 2011 Urdu
130 Main Hoon Shahid Afriri 2013 Urdu
1 Aag Hi Aag 1988 Urdu
2 Aao Piyar Karen 1996 Urdu
3 Abida 1992 DVF
4 Aik Hi Rasta 1986 Urdu
5 Aik Se Barh Kar Aik 1987 Urdu
6 Akhara 1992 DVF
7 Akhri Mujra 1994 Urdu
8 Akhri Takra 1990 Punjabi
9 Allah Shehnshah 1990 Punjabi
10 Ameer Khan 1989 DVF
11 Badmash Thugg 1991 DVF
12 Bakhtawar 1991 DVF
13 Barash 1989 Urdu
14 Bazigar 1996 Urdu
15 Benazir Qurbani 1985 Urdu
16 Bhabhi Diyan Choorian 1986 Punjabi
17 Bhai Log 2011 Urdu
18 Bobby 1984 Urdu
19 Chand Babu 1999 Urdu
20 Chief Sahib 1996 Urdu
21 Choron Ka Dushman 1990 Urdu
22 Da Bhabhi Bangri 1988 Pashto
23 Da Mura Inteqam 1986 Pashto
24 Daagh 1988 Punjabi
25 Daku Raj 1992 Punjabi
26 Darindgi 1991 DVF
27 Deewar 1987 Urdu
28 Dehsht Gard 1992 DVF
29 Dhamaka 1972 Urdu
30 Dil Lagi 1992 Punjabi
31 Dil Waley 1997 Urdu
32 Doulat Ke Pujari 1991 DVF
33 Duniya Se Keya Darna 1999 Urdu
34 Ehsas 1998 Urdu
35 Elaqa Ghair 1993 DVF
36 Faisla 1986 Urdu
37 Faqeera 1993 Punjabi
38 Farishta 1993 DVF
39 Ghar Kab Aao Ge 2000 Urdu
40 Gharibon Ka Badshah 1988 Urdu
41 Guns and Roses 1999 Urdu
42 Ham Aur Tum 1985 Urdu
43 Ham Nahin Ya Tum Nahin 1995 DVF
44 Haseeno Ki Barat 1992 DVF
45 Hong Kong Ke Sholey 1985 Urdu
46 Hoshiyar 1990 Punjabi
47 Hum Aik Hain 1986 Urdu
48 Hum Se Na Takrana 1987 Urdu
49 Ik Jan Hain Hum 1989 Urdu
50 International Guerillay  1990 DVF
51 Inteshar 1991 Punjabi
52 Jaan Terey Naam 2001 Urdu
53 Jangju Guerillay 1990 DVF
54 Jeeney Nahin Dongi 1985 Urdu
55 Jeeva 1995 Urdu
56 Jhoomar Chor 1986 Urdu
57 Jhootay Rais 1993 DVF
58 Jo Dar Geya Woh Mar Geya  1995 Urdu
59 Joshilay 1992 Punjabi
60 Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna 1983 Urdu
61 Kahan Hai Qanoon 2000 Urdu
62 Kalay Chor 1991 DVF
63 Kalu Machhi 1990 Sindhi
64 Karaye Kay Goreelay 1984 Urdu
65 Khalnaik 1998 Urdu
66 Khatron Ke Khilari 1991 Urdu
67 Khon Da Qarz 1992 DVF
68 Khuda Gawah 1993 DVF
69 Khuley Asman Ke Neechey  2008 Urdu
70 Lahori Badmash 1991 Punjabi
71 Lashkar 1991 Punjabi
72 Lazawal 1984 Urdu
73 Love Mein Gum 2011 Urdu
74 Madam Bawri 1989 DVF
75 Main Hoon Shahid Afridi 2013 Urdu
76 Mehndi 1985 Punjabi
77 Meri Touba 2000 Urdu
78 Miss Colombo 1984 Urdu
79 Mohabat Ke Sodagar 1992 DVF
80 Mohlat 1998 Urdu
81 Mujhe Chand Chahiye 2000 Urdu
82 Mujhey Jeeney Do 1999 Urdu
83 Mulakhro 1993 Sindhi
84 Musalman 2001 Urdu
85 Mushkil 1995 Urdu
86 Naag Devta 1991 DVF
87 Nadia 1985 Urdu
88 Nakhra Gori Da 1998 Urdu
89 Nangi Talwar 1989 Punjabi
90 Nargis 1992 DVF
91 Nehle Pe Dehla 1994 DVF
92 Paidagir 1993 DVF
93 Paisa Nach Nachawe 1990 Punjabi
94 Pamela 1992 Urdu
95 Panah 1995 Urdu
96 Pani 1989 Punjabi
97 Pholan Devi 1989 Punjabi
98 Prinday 1992 DVF
99 Qarz 1997 Urdu
100 Qasam Farz 1992 Punjabi
101 Qatlon Ke Qatil 1988 Urdu
102 Raja 1990 DVF
103 Rangeelay Jasoos 1989 DVF
104 Roop Ki Rani 1989 Urdu
105 Saas Meri Saheli 1987 Urdu
106 Sahib Jee 1998 DVF
107 Sahib, Bibi Aur Tawaif 1998 Urdu
108 Sarmaya 1990 Punjabi
109 Shadi Magar Adhi 1984 Urdu
110 Shadi Merey Shohar Ki 1986 Urdu
111 Sheeda Talli 1993 DVF
112 Sheesh Nagin 1988 Urdu
113 Sher Ali 1992 Punjabi
114 Sherni 1988 Urdu
115 Siren 1990 Punjabi
116 Subay Khan 1993 Punjabi
117 Terey Ghar Ke Samney 1984 Urdu
118 Tofani Bijlian 1989 Urdu
119 Uqabon Ka Nasheman 1997 Urdu
120 Ustadon Ke Ustad 1990 Urdu
121 Vikrai Guereeley 1985 Pashto
122 Waqt 1990 Punjabi
123 Wardi 1993 DVF
124 Yadgar 1993 DVF
125 Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua 2002 Urdu
126 Yes Boss 1997 Urdu
127 Zakhmi Aurat 1989 DVF
128 Zamana 1993 DVF
129 Zanjeer 1986 Urdu
130 Zehreelay 1990 DVF



Indian Films of Javed Sheikh 

Other than acting and direction of Pak films, Javed Sheikh also appeared in some of Indian films and acted with leading characters/roles, details is as under:-

No Film Year Character
1 Shikhar 30-Dec-2005 Srinath  (Guruji)
2 Rafta Rafta – The Speed 17-Feb-2006  
3 Jaan-E-Mann 20-Oct-2006 Samrat Goyal
4 Namastey London 23-Mar-2007 Parvez Khan
5 Apne 29-Jun-2007 Roy
6 Om Shanti Om 9-Nov-2007 Rajesh Kapoor
7 My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves 11-Jan-2008 Inspector Khan
8 Jannat 16-May-08 Abu Ibrahim
9 Hastey-Hastey 30-May-2008 Nisha’S Dad
10 Money Hai Toh Honey Hai 25-Jul-2008 Bobby ‘s Father
11 Yuvvraaj 21-Nov-2008 Yogendra Yuvvraaj Singh
12 Road To Sangam 29-Jan-10 Dr. Banerjee
13 Hum Tum Aur Ghost 26-Mar-10 Gehna’S Father
14 Sadiyaan 2-Apr-10  
15 Kajraare 15-Oct-10  
16 Ek Din Laut Ke Aaonga 2011  
17 Monopoly – The Game Of Money 2011  
18 Na Jaane Kabse 2011  
19 Namastey London    






Honor and Awards

Javed Sheikh is not one night artist, rather he had walk through every step of a very long stair to reach on the prevailing heights. He started his career from radio, then theater, TV and finally reached on the silver screen. So after spending almost thirty five year plus in the magic world of light and performance, he was awarded with the highest award which can be given to any artist… The Pride of Performance Award which was announced by President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari on 14 August 2011.

Other than this award Javed Sheikh was awarded almost every award which is given to any artist for his best services/performance in his own field. Succeeding paragraphs covers the details of honors which Javed Sheikh was awarded during his film career. The list of complete awards, Javed Sheikh received from 1983, the details of awards will scroll down alphabetically:


Award Performance Film Year
Al Fankar Award Best Actor Nadia 1985
Asian Film Award   Kalay Chor 1991
    Mushkil 1995
Bahoo Award   Barash 1989
    Kalay Chor 1991
Bhattai Award      
  Actor Overall Performance 1994
  Actor Chief Sahib 1996
  Director Chief Sahib 1996
Bolan Award Actor Kalay Chor 1991
  Actor Mushkil 1995
  Actor Chief Sahib 1996
Dar Memorial  Award Actor Pamela 1992
   Actor Mushkil 1995
Graduate Award Actor Madam Bawri 1989
  Actor International Guerillay 1990
  Actor Kalay Chor 1991
  Actor Dehsht Gard 1992
  Actor Dehsht Gard 1992
  Actor Dehsht Gard 1992
  Actor Dehsht Gard 1992
  Actor Dehsht Gard 1992
  Actor Dehsht Gard 1992
  Actor Dehsht Gard 1992
  Actor Khuda Gawah 1993
  Actor Overall Performance 1993
  Director Mushkil 1995
  Actor Jo Dar Geya Woh Mar Geya 1995
Jang Goldren Jubilee Award Actor Chief Sahib 1996
Marit Award Actor Chief Sahib 1996
Musawar Award Actor Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna 1983
  Actor Chief Sahib 1996
National Film Award Best Actor Gharibon Ka Badshah 1988
Nigar Award Actor Gharibon Ka Badshah 1988
  Actor Barash 1989
  Actor Ustadon Ke Ustad 1990
  Actor Kalay Chor 1991
  Actor Zamana 1993
  Actor Mushkil 1995
Star Award Actor Overall Performance 1991
Sindh Awami Award Actor Kalay Chor 1991
Waheed Murad Memorial Award Actor Mohabat Ke Sodagar 1992
  Actor Zamana 1993
  Actor Mushkil 1995





Personal Life

Javed Sheikh is the elder son of Sheikh family, comprising of his four brothers (Zafar Sheikh, Nasir Sheikh, Saleem Sheikh, Tariq Sheikh) and three sisters (including Safina Sheikh who is married to renowned film and TV actor Behroz Sabzwari , one of the best friend of Javed Sheikh). Throughout his studies he lingered as a mediocre student because much of his attention remained towards extra-curricular activities. Javed being slim, smart, tall with fair complexion is very lively right from the outset possesses a dynamic personality and probably being Libra always inclined towards opposite gender. During his early years of struggle once he was doing stage and modeling, he was attracted by one of his colleagues, who was herself a model and belonged to agricultural and conservative family. Friendship turned into love and finally they got married, afterward they were blessed with a son Shahzad Sheikh and daughter Mariam Sheikh.

As he grew up with his career, a new scandal was attached with his personality on every turn of his life. In 1985, during the film shooting of Ham Aur Tum, in London he was emotionally involved in the heroine of the film Salma Agha who was at that time looking for some support for her film career.
Subsequently, their affair resulted in their marriage but with his involvement Javed Sheikh ignored his professional obligations that resulted in damaging his professional career. It is the period when he gave maximum of his flop or average films just because of unfocused performance. But soon this unmatched matrimonial relationship was terminated after divorce.

In 1989, Javed’s pair with Neeli was liked by the film viewers and they remained together for almost eight years and gave some splendid films. Their day and night working together was again given some other angles by the critics but officially neither one of them declared this relationship more than colleague artist. Finally this myth was died downed after sudden clean break of Neeli from filmdom.

Since it is not the mpaopS ’s motive to exploit the personal life and character of any honorable artist rather its object is to highlight and promote their performance and successes. So under personal life only the happened facts are discussed for the knowledge of the viewers only. But still in your opinion if there is some objectionable words please remind mpaopS for mistakes for subsequent rectification.






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