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Khalifa Nazir – A Comedian with Natural Style

In cinematic world of Pakistan, Khalifa Nazir is one of the comedians who had very natural style of acting performance. In the presence of Munawar Zarif, Rangeela he managed to prove his worth especially in Punjabi films. Subsequently who proved himself as successful film director, actor, producer, distributor and gave superb films under his film production house which hit the box office at their times. Khalifa Nazir with his all-out efforts for up keep of film industry and his services in this regard will be written in golden words in the history of Pakistan Filmdom, especially his untiring efforts for the imposition of Copyright act in Pakistan and declaration of Pakistan cinematic world as one of industry of Pakistan.


Early Life / Career

Khalifa Nazir was born in Lahore on November 30, 1944 as Kahlifa Nazeer Ahmad. Since childhood he had inclination towards magical world of cinema so at the age of 23 he debut his film career from Jahangir Sheikh’s film Khoon Ki Piyas which was released on February 1, 1963. In his coming film Zamindar he was picked by film producers and recognition by the film gores. Khalifa Nazir once played one of character of triangular love affair in between Munawar Zarif and Razia, this comedy sequence went so well and liked by the film spectators that almost in subsequent films this type of arrangement became the tradition of comedy in Punjabi films. Throughout his film career he never copy any of his predecessor, rather had his own crafted natural way of comedy style which was clicked with Munawar Zarif or Rangeela. Khalifa Nazir appeared in one hundred and fifty (150) films and some of his popular films includes Ik Dhi Punjab Di, Mehram Dil Da, Ik Sona Ik Mitti, Sohna,  Badmash Puttar, Ghairat Da Nishan, Katari, Ziddi, Maa Te Qanoon, 


Some Facts…..Khalifa Nazir

Real Name:

Khalifa Nazir Ahmed

Addressed Name:

Khalifa Nazir

Birth Date:

November 30, 1944

Birth Place:



Khalifa Saeed Ahmed

Khalifa Sarwar Ahmed

Khalifa Khursheed Ahmed

Khalifa Rasheed Ahmed


Akbar his nephew who was son of Khalifa Saeed Ahmed

First Film:

Khoon Ki Piyas

Last Film:


Years active:

1963 – 2005

Date of Death:

April 26, 2005

Mukhra Chan Warga, Shado, Daaj Te Rawaj, Chan Tara, Ucha Naa Piyar Da, Rajjo, Roti, Diya Aur Toofan, Mastana Mahi, Doulat Aur Duniya, Jind Jan, Anwara, Asghara, Puttar Da piyar, Bau Jee and Maa Puttar. For details of his films go to his filmography.   


Khalifa Nazir as Producer

Nazir was younger brother of renowned producer and director Khalifa Saeed Ahmad, who attained popularity after release of film Anwara so both brothers made production and distribution office named Zumar Pictures which was established both in Lahore and Karachi. Under the banner of Zumar Pictures Khalifa Nazir and his brother gave very memorable films like:-










Doulat Aur Duniya










Mohabbat Aur Dosti


Akhri Muqabla


Insan Aur Shaitan


Eman Te Farangi


Qatil Haseena


Kali Charan


Qatel Te Qaidi


Traffic Jam

Khalifa Nazir was also co-producer of Chalti Ka Naam Gari and during his last days he was busy in producing Bas Mere Hi Rehna.



Khalifa Nazir in Lead Role

Theater Poster of Mastana

Khalifa Nazir in Mastana

After the success of Rangeela as film producer, director and actor and huge business at box office of films in which Munawar Zarif appeared in lead role like Jeera Blade, Banarsi Thug etc. so impressed by the prevailing environment Khalifa Nazir also produced an Urdu film Mastana and appeared as lead role paired with Aasiya. Basically he gave a try to himself and wanted to know his worth in lead role as one of the song of Mastana reveals his ultimate desire which was picturized on him “Koi mujh ko bhi hero bana de, to ho ga bara naam”. But unfortunately he was unable sustained a place in the lead line specially versatility of Munawar Zarif and Rangeela.



Khalifa Nazir’s services for Pakistan Film Industry

Khalifa Nazir had a high place as film related circle and had good liaison with concerned Government Officials so almost throughout his life and career he lead Pak film industry politics. Whenever there was some issue related to film industry we can see conveniently Khalifa Nazir in front row of film base constituted movement. He remained very keen about the uplift, development and progress of Pak filmdom and used his all energies for its betterment. How can we forget his effort for declaring Pak Cinematic as one of the industries and Film Copyright movement. Any delegation formulated to discuss film based issues with high government officials, Khalifa Nazir used to be the compulsory member. But in-spite of his rich services for film industry he never contest any election for any rank and appointment in any of the film field politics like Film Producers Association or Distribution Associations etc.





Personal Life


Khalifa Nazir married in his family circle and was blessed with three sons and daughters each. Although none of his siblings followed his footsteps but all of his four brothers were involved in film production which includes Khalifa Saeed Ahmed, Khalifa Sarwar Ahmed, Khalifa Khursheed Ahmed and Khalifa Rasheed Ahmed. Amongst them, Khalifa Saeed Ahmed was a renowned and successful film director and producer. Afterward Zumur Pictures also introduced Akbar the son of Khalifa Saeed Ahmed who also gave good films like Ghulam, Rawal etc.



Demise of the Artist

During the last years of his life Khalifa Nazir developed heart ailment he was under its continuous treatment. On April 26, 2005 he suffered very serious cardiac arrest which turned into heart attack and became cause of demise of this great comedian on same day at the age of 61. News of his death was published in leading newspapers of Pakistan. His funeral prayers were offered on that evening and was buried at Lahore.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)





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