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A film Director of its own style…….

Early Life

Akram Khan was a true example of a self-made personality, a very clearheaded, straight forward human being who belonged to a very humble family background and he was always found very proud of it and never hide this fact. His father owned a tea stall in Mazang Lahore. In his early age he diverted his attention from education and once he was forced to acquire his education, he left his parental house and started his earning career as waiter in canteen of Nishat cinema. Subsequently, he took the contract of bakery of same cinema at the rate of fifty paisas on daily basis.





Early Career

During that contract of Nishat cinema, Akram Khan met former producer and director Amin Malik who brought him to film studios as his Production Manager. Afterward he worked as assistant in Choudhry Films for few years prior to taking over as Production Manager of Asad Bukhari. Due to his hard work and dedication he was appointed as Assistant Director and then Chief Assistant Director in film of Asad Bukhari.In early seventies when social, historical and family subject films were in the leading trend of film making, Akram Khan started his film career as film director and directed a film in a totally different style with name of Akhiyaan Waleyo and took his boss Asad Bukhari as film of the hero and Aasia, Najma, Iqbal Hassan, Afzaal, Nasira, Nanha and Lehri were in the main cast of the film. Akhiyaan Waleyo was released as Khanzada under the banner of Ghani Films on April 11, 1975 which was addressed to special audience, after release, because of erotic theme film did a box office hit business.





Facts…..Akram Khan

Real Name:

Muhammad Akram Khan

Addressed Name:

Akram Khan

Birth Place:


Father’s business:

Tea stall in Mazang Lahore



Debut Film:


Last Film:


Years active:


Date of Death:

October 13, 2012

Although, some film critics had declared Akram Khan‘s films “inclined towards X-rated and over action films” but at the same time it’s true that in his most of the films he presented the same formula which became a trend at that period of time but it is fact that most of Akram Khan’s film did very good business. In spite of negative criticism, Akram Khan subsequently, kept on directing the same type of films throughout his film career. Over all Akram Khan had directed fifteen films, which included three Urdu, eleven Punjabi and one double version films. He directed mostly Pujabi films and Do Dost, Khanzada, Nawabzada, Club Dancer, Ajj Da Badmash, Sharif Shehri, Rabb Te Maa, Khatarnak were some of his famous films.

During his film career Akram Khan introduced many new artists in his action type films. The artists he introduced, proved superstars in their subsequent film career. Superstar Saima, Najma and Aneeqa are some of those artists whom introduction is a glaring aspect on Akram Khan’s film credential.



Personal Life

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Demise of the Artist

Akram Khan was suffering lungs cancer and was admitted in Services Hospital, Lahore. Due to last stage his disease he went into comma and shifted into ICU of the said hospital. Where finally he took his last breath and died on October 13, 2012. His funeral prayers was attended by many film related personalities like Hassan Askari, Zulfiqar Ali Mana, Pervez Rana, Choudhry Ejaz Kamran, Masood Butt, Daud Butt, Tariq Butt, Shehzad Rafiq, Nasir Adeeb, Joni Malik, Fayyaz Khan, Mahmood Butt the Manager of Evernew Studios, Ali Jan, Waqar Bukhari, Muhammad Hanif Bhatti, Akif Malik, Khalid Mahmood, Atta Muhammad (Kaka Jee), K. D. Mirza, Maqsood Ahmed Bhatti and Malik Ishtiaq Billu. He is survived by three daughters, who are leading their satisfactory matrimonial life. May Allah bless his departed soul.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)




Filmography- Akram Khan

All films of Akram Khan are enumerated below, which include his film Chronological, Alphabetical, Language wise, detailed statistics is as under:


    • Films as Production Manager / Assistant Director   5
    • Films as Director                         15
    • Urdu Films as Director                  3
    • Punjabi Films as Director            11
    • DV Films as Director                     1


Some film posters of the films of Akram Khan

Being uploaded Being uploaded Being uploaded Being uploaded


Complete Films of Akram Khan

Akram ‘s Films (Chronological)

Akram’s Films (Alphabetical)

No Film Year Language
1 Do Dost 1975  Punjabi
2 Khanzada 1975  Punjabi
3 Nawabzada 1975  Punjabi
4 Club Dancer 1976  Urdu
5 Ajj Da Badmash 1976  Punjabi
6 Sher Babbar 1977  Punjabi
7 Sharif Shehri 1978  Punjabi
8 Rabb Te Maa 1981  Punjabi
9 Kali Basti 1986  Punjabi
10 Zid Bazi 1987  Punjabi
11 Khatarnak 1990  Punjabi
12 Purana Papi 1993  Punjabi
13 Actor 1994  DVF
14 Dil Waley 1997  Urdu
15 Khanzada 2001  Urdu
No Film Year Language
1 Actor 1994  DVF
2 Ajj Da Badmash 1976  Punjabi
3 Club Dancer 1976  Urdu
4 Dil Waley 1997  Urdu
5 Do Dost 1975  Punjabi
6 Kali Basti 1986  Punjabi
7 Khanzada 1975  Punjabi
8 Khanzada 2001  Urdu
9 Khatarnak 1990  Punjabi
10 Nawabzada 1975  Punjabi
11 Purana Papi 1993  Punjabi
12 Rabb Te Maa 1981  Punjabi
13 Sharif Shehri 1978  Punjabi
14 Sher Babbar 1977  Punjabi
15 Zid Bazi 1987  Punjabi





Latest News / Events

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