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Khawaja Pervez



Dynamic Lyricist of Pak Films


Khawaja Pervez was the most glaring star in the credential of Pakistani film industry specifically in song writing and as a lyricist. He used to enjoy a lot of respect with in showbiz circle and specially all legends related to music found pleading him for some verses for them which includes Noor Jahan, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ghulam Ali, Masood Rana and other seasoned vocalists sung his songs. His simple, small and good selection of words made his verses everlasting and melodious and understandable for audience of every walk of life. It was his honor that almost every top ranking singer of Sub-continent desired to have his lyrics for their melodies as simple composed poetry of Khawja Pervez used to give an auxiliary sparkling effect to any of the song for its definite acceptance amongst the audience.





Early Life

Khawaja Pervez was born in December 28, 1932 as Khawaja Ghulam Mohiudin in Hathi Gate area of Amritsar (India). He was the first son of his father after four daughters so he became the blue eye of his family. He got his basic education from Pandit Baijnath High School Amritsar which was headed by Head Master Pandit Laikh Raj he learnt Persian from Professor Jogindar Singh. It is interesting to know that there were only fifteen Muslim students including Khawaja Pervez out of nineteen hundred students in the school. Along with his basic education he also learnt wrestling almost for three years in Amritsar. At that time his father owned a fan manufacturing factory named International Fans in Amritsar. He also had shares in a transport company so once they migrated to Pakistan he brought fifty buses along with him and started as district transport which used to move in between Lahore to Loyalpur (now Faisalabad) and Sialkot. His family migrated from Amritsar to Lahore in 1947 at the time of partition of the Indian Subcontinent. First they settled in area near Walton but after one month when Abdullah Khan the uncle of Khawaja Pervez who was a counselor at that time purchased a house there at Gawalmandi, Lahore, the family of Khawaja Pervez also shifted there after getting a house in same area. He did his graduation from Dayal Singh College Lahore and M. A. O. College Lahore. During his stay at this college he was also a best player of the College Cricket team.


Facts…..Khawaja Pervez

Real Name:

Khawaja Ghulam Mohiudin

Addressed Name:

Khawaja Pervez

Ghulamu in childhood

Birth Date:

December 28, 1932

Birth Place:

Amritsar (India)


Graduation from Deyal Singh and then M. A. O. College Lahore


Married twice


Five sons

Six daughters

Debut Film:

Rewaj as Lyricist

Guda Guddi as Assistant Director

Years active:

1956 – 2011

Date of Death:

June 20 2011


Assistant Director, Song Writer, Lyricist and Comparer


Early Career 

with Babra Sharif and Zammurad

After graduating from Dayal Singh College Lahore Khawaja Pervez joined himself with film industry as an Assistant Director in 1956 with film Guda Guddi, he assisted two more films like Lukan Meeti and Sohni Kumharan. Subsequently he shifted his career form assistant Director to film lyricist/song writer, he started with film Rewaj which was directed by Dilgeet Mirza. when he landed in the song writing field, there were many other everlasting legends like Baba Alam Siyaposh, Qateel Shifai, Saif ud Din Saif, Waris Ludhianvi, Hazin Qadri and Fayyaz Hashmi were already ruling . In the presence of these big names Khawaja Pervez made his prominent place due to his simple and sweet poetry and lyrics. Then onward till his death in June 2011 he remained one of the most committed and demanded song writer not only in Pakistan Filmdom but in Sub-continent.



As Film Lyricist

Khawaja Pervez with Gulzar (an Indian Writer)

He was a fatherly figure among the film industry members and was also very popular among various segments of the society including the political elite. Khawaja Pervez enjoyed tremendous respect in the cultural and showbiz world. He had been a numerous media programmes and forums and his presence was a must and was much sought in showbiz events. Due to his frank, open unassuming simple style of talking, filled with jokes and sweet satirical sentences and his honest criticism on socio -political wrongs and injustices in a comic way, he earned a lot of popularity, respect and love from the common folks as well as the important people in the society. Khawaja Pervez lived in the typical Lahori environment in Gowalmandi and his Punjabi as well as Urdu diction boldly represented the culture of the Walled city. He wrote film stories as well.

Although, Khawaja Pervez’s first film as lyricist was Rawaj in 1965 but he got a breakthrough from one of the all-time-hit romantic Urdu song Tum hi ho Mehboob meray of film Aaina (1966). He was equally popular in Urdu and Punjabi movies but penned more Punjabi songs. Its not possible to enlist all of his songs but as a tribute some of his everlasting songs are reflected here:-

  • Ajj ral ke guzaran ge raat ve, Allah karey din na chare
  • Dil veeran hay, teri yaad hai, tanhai hai, zindgi dard ki banhon mein simat aayi hai
  • Do dil ik doojay kolun door ho geye
  • Jab bhi koi piyar se bulaye ga, tum ko aik shakhis yaad aaye ga
  • Jab bhi koi piyar se bulaye ga, tum ko aik shakhsh yaad aaye ga
  • Jan-e-Jan tu jo kahay, gaun main geet naye
  • Kisay Da Yaar Na Wichray
  • Laaj mohabattan di rakh ve, merey dil deya
  • Mahi Aavey Ga, main phullan nal dharti sajawan gi
  • Mahi ve meinu piyara lagna
  • Mehfil to thi ajnabi, tum bhi they paraye

    Addressing a tribute function held at Al-hamra

  • Mera piyar na dillon pulaen, merey sohniya sajna
  • Meri Chichi da Challa Mahi la leye
  • Piyar bhare do sharmeeley nain, jin se mila merey dil ko chain
  • Piyar bharey do sharmeeley nain, jin se mila merey dil ko chain
  • Puthey sidhey bodey wa ke shehri babu langda
  • Sun way Balori Akh waleya
  • Teray bina yun gharian beetin
  • Teri mehfil se ye deewana chala jae ga, shama jalti rahe
  • Tum hi mehboob merey, main keyun na tumhain piyar karon


………………………….and many many more



Honors and Awards


He had written more than eight thousand songs, out of which five thousand plus songs were sung by Noor Jahan. Mostly well popular songs of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan have been penned down by Khawaja Pervez. 

The super-hit songs that earned him great fame among the masses. Besides his unmatched services as top music composer, he wrote over ten thousand songs during a highly successful career spanning over four decades. Due to decline in our film industry, Khawaja Pervez has also written and was committed in writing songs for Indian films at the time of his death as well. Other than the song writings, Khawaja Pervez has also pen down story of few films.





Personal Life

Khawaja Pervez married twice and had large family comprising of five sons and six daughters.



Demise of the Artist

Stage artist Jawad Waseem leading funeral prayer of Khawaja Pervez

Khawaja Pervez was a long time asthmatic and diabetic patient and was admitted to Mayo Hospital on June 10, 2011 for low blood glucose level. But could not sustained it and died in Mayo Hospital on 20 June 2011 after protracted illness. He was 79 years old at the time of his death. His funeral prayer was lead by stage artist Jawad Waseem. He was buried in Miani Sahib Lahore and his funeral prayers were attended by a large number of political and social figures and showbiz celebrities, including Shaukat Ali, Iftikhar Thakar, Nasir Chioti, Sohail Ahmed, Syed Noor and Shehzad Rafiq. He left two widows, five sons and six daughters. 

Former Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani expressed his grief and sorrow on the sad demise of Khawaja Pervez. In his message to the bereaved family, the prime minister conveyed his heartfelt condolences and sincere sympathies to the members. He prayed to Almighty Allah to shower His blessings upon the departed soul and grant courage to the bereaved family. The prime minister paid rich tributes to the famous musician for his invaluable contribution to the promotion of music production in the country.

Poets, musicians, singers and those associated with the film industry in Pakistan also expressed their grief over Khawaja Pervez’s death.

Then Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif also expressed deep sense of sorrow and grief over the death of Khawaja Pervaiz. Showbiz celebrities expressed the deep sense of sorrow over the sad demise of the noted poet and musician. Musician M Arshad, singer Saera Naseem, famous poet Raizur Rahman Sahgair and others said that the deceased always helped the artists in their difficult times. They said the vacuum created by his death could not be filled. They further said that he served the film industry for a long time and wrote celebrated songs.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)



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