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Wajahat Attre – A Renowned Musician

One of the best film music composer and most productive music director of Pakistani films Wajhat Attre was son of renowned film director Rasheed Attre who gave very melodious songs mostly got the ranking of hit of year and everlasting songs both Urdu and Punjabi. As Wajahat Attre had made a huge contribution to the film industry so Punjab Arts Council and Lahore Arts Council both planned to hold references in the memory of the late music composer.


Wajahat Attre was a son of renowned former film music composer Rasheed Attre and he was born in Puna, India in 1945. After Partition, he and his family migrated to Pakistan. Like father he started taking interest in music and late 60’s he started assisting his father Wajahat Attre. Although film Zarqa’s music was composed by Rasheed Attre less one song ‘Raqs zanjeer pehen ker bhi kiya jata hai’ which was composed by Wajahat as his father died during the making of the film Zarqa.

Afterward he started composing the songs of films independently and first of all he gave the music of film Ishq Na Puchhey Zaat which also gave some everlasting songs. Attre had several popular film songs to his credit such as ‘Wagdi nadi da paani’, ‘Vay ik tera pyar menu mileya’, ‘Anda teray layi reshmi rumal’ among other hits. Overall, he has composed for 3,000 film and non-film songs. There were so many films which became popular just because their

Some Facts…..Wajahat Attre

Real Name:


Addressed as:

Wajahat Attre 

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Puna India

Father’s Name:

 Rasheed Attre


Three sons

One Daughter 

First Film: 

Ishq Na Puchhey Zaat

Years active:

1969 to 2017 

music was composed by Attre which includes Mukhra, Chan Varyam, Sher Khan, Sholey, Sala Sahib, Shararat, Mohabbatan Sachian Naukar Woti Da and Ishq Khuda. Many a singer has sung songs composed by the eminent music director, including Madam Noor Jahan, Humaira Channa, Saira Naseem, Shabnam Majeed, Saima Mumtaz and Azra Jahan. During his professional career, Wajahat Attre had composed music for almost two hundred Urdu and Punjabi films.

Due to reduction in production of Lahore based films especially Punjabi films, for the last five years, Attre had been working with Radio Pakistan Lahore on contractual basis. As Wajahat Attre had made a huge contribution to the film industry so Punjab Arts Council and Lahore Arts Council both planned to hold references in the memory of the late music composer.



Demise of the Artist

Wajahat Attre had developed medical complications in late 2016 and finally he suffered from paralysis and heart problems. He was admitted to the Jinnah Hospital where he died on May 26, 2017 at the age of 68. He has left behind three sons and a daughter. He was laid to rest at Miani Sahib graveyard, Lahore. A number of personalities from the world of entertainment attended Attre’s funeral, including singers Shaukat Ali, Anwar Ali, Ustad Ghulam Haider Khan and Qadir Ali Shagan, film director Shehzad Rafique, music composer Wazir Afzal, Radio Pakistan Sargodha Station Director Saleem Bazmi, film writer Pervaiz Kalim and poet Altaf Bajwa.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)




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