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Studios Owner, Producer and Pioneer of Film Industry

The contribution of Bari Malik for Pakistan Film Industry will always be remembered in golden words in history of Pak filmdom. Specifically the outcome of Jaal movement became turning point in cinematic world as indeed indigenous industry flourished after ban placement on release of Indian films. Glaring aspect on his credential was his thoughtful decision and its implementation on inauguration of film studios named Bari Studios at Lahore.



Early Life

Malik Ghulam Bari was born in 1918 in Kakey Zai family of Lahore, his father used to run a steel trunk / box making shop in Landa Bazar of Lahore. At the age of five, his father admitted Ghulam Bari in Primary School Sheranwala Lahore. After passing the primary level Ghulam Bari got his matriculation examination certificate from Mission School Rang Mehal Lahore. Likewise after matric he got admission in Deyal Singh collage Lahore and completed his graduation.


Career as Film Distributor and Producer

Being very handsome Malik Ghulam Bari right from the outset had inclination towards showbiz so he entered into field of film distribution. Bari Malik was one of first film distributor who joined this field from Muslim community. 


Facts….. Bari Malik

Real Name:

Malik Ghulam Bari

Addressed Name:

Bari Malik

Birth Date:


Birth Place:







Raheel Bari

Khurram Bari

Zaraq Bari

One Daughter

Debut Film:

Mahi Munda as producer

Years active:


Date of Death:

December 22, 2015

Jaal Indian Film

In 1954, Bari Malik imported Indian film Jaal which was film of actor, director and producer Guru Dutt. But theyakkewali1 complete film industry got united under the leadership of W. Z. Ahmed against the release of this film. Lot of road marches, protests were conducted and many renowned film personalities were put behind the bars. On the other hand Bari Malik believed that if local films continue to be made in studios with latest equipment then there shouldn’t be deterrence of release of Indian films in Pakistan.  He also announced that let him release the film and he would build a film studios out of income of Jaal. But this agitation gave a new line, courage and devotion to film makers as ban was placed on release of Indian films in Pakistan as outcome of this protest. Due to this ban Bari Malik deviated from film distribution to film production so established his film production office as Malik Talkies. Mahi Munda was the first film to take on which was directed by M. J. Rana, written by Sheikh Iqbal and Sudhir and Mussarat Nazir played the lead role. The film supplemented with powerful music by Baba G. A. Chishti hit the box office.

Sabiha Khanum, Bari Malik, Souran Lata, Mussarat Nazir, Ghulam Muhammad, Sudhir and Attaullah Shah

The success of Mahi Munda gave a strength and energy to Bari Malik so he announced another film Yakke Wali by the same team. And once this film was released it proved another super hit film which wrote a new history of success of films in Pakistan. It is said that Yakke Wali earned business of 400 times to its actual cost. Yakke Wali was the first ever Pakistani film, which completed more than fifty weeks on a single cinema that was Capital Cinema Lahore.

Bari Studios

As promised / declared, by using the revenue these two films generated, Bari Malik bought a piece of land (92 Kanals) at Multan Road and inaugurated Bari film Studio. Well equipped with modern technology, specious shooting halls and romantic lawns soon Bari Studios became the first choice for film makers. Many Punjabi films of that era were shot in Bari Studio. While running the Bari Studios, Malik Talkies was also producing the films, other than Mahi Munda and Yakkey Wali, Bari Malik produced Sehti, Yaar Beli and Doosri Shadi.

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Personal Life

In personal life Bari Malik married thrice, first he got married with Surreya, the ex-wife of actor Nasir Khan the hero of film Teri Yad and brother of Indian legend Dilip Kumar.  Surreya was daughter of actor, director and producer Nazir who was also maternal uncle of Bari Malik. But this marriage had a very limited life which ended on divorce.



Najma the heroine of film Hichkoley, Humari Basti, Harjai and Billo was the second wife with whom Bari Malik had three sons named Raheel Bari, Khurram Bari and Zaraq Bari. Lastly Bari Malik married with actress Saloni and migrated to United Arab Emirates, he had daughter from Saloni who subsequently married with son of renowned former actor Ilyas Kashmiri.


Demise of the Producer

The legendary producer, director and owner of Bari Studio, Malik Bari, passed away on December 22, 2015 in Lahore at the age of 97. Funeral prayers of Bari Malik were held at Jameya Masjid, J. Block, Gulberg-3 Lahore and he was buried in Gulberg Graveyard and services to the film industry will never be forgotten.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)





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Latest News / Events

Bari Studio Owner Bari Malik’s interview after recovering back from his health issues and taken over the cahrge of his film studios.

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