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Pervez Kaleem


Pervez Kaleem


Writer, Producer and Director

Pervez Kaleem is a renowned film writer, director and producer and produced some of the films which can be highlighted as glaring aspect to his credential; even some of his creation undoubtedly, can be credited as trend setter like Gunah and Jaltey Badan. Pervez Kaleem has been a voice of change in Pakistani cinema and had tried his luck at all kinds of films. By writing more modern and explicit stories, he has attempted to tackle the unconventional genre of films. However, he felt there was a shortage of trained film-makers, a development that will affect the film industry adversely



Early Life

The family of Pervez Kaleem migrated from Saharanpur (India) to Paksitan after independence in 1947. After arrival they shifted to Shah Alam (commonly known as Shahalmi) a place centrally located in Lahore. His father Haji Hassan Ali Rajput was basically a businessman directly related to showbiz as he owned a cinema house in Lahore. When Pervez Kaleem was born on 14 February 1949, his family moved from Shah Alam market to Krishan Nagar (Now Islampura) Lahore and young Pervez got his basic education from the same area.  After primary education his parents admitted him Cathedral School one of the popular schools of Lahore at that time in sixth class. A love for book reading was evidently visible right from the outset as in his teenage he was known for his collection of books as his library in his area Islampura. After matriculation he joined Government College (GC University) and did his graduation. During his stay in in the college he was influenced by the atmosphere and inclined towards creativity natured knowledge.



Early Career 

After graduation as per his creative nature he selected the celluloid world as his hidden passion and to achieve his goal he moved into Evernew film studios and took off with very petty jobs of the film studios like trolley man and as the luck would have it he started as film script dialogues writer. Subsequently he was able to approach renowned film director Agha Hussaini who saw a hidden director inside him and accepted him as his assistant in film direction. With his devoted hard work not only sit on that trolley rather became captain of the film ship. Way back in 1987, Pervez Kaleem carried homework for a new film project, he named it as “Jazbaat” but it was not matured due to some obvious problems like finance and production hurdles. So again he drifted back to his writing expertise and penned donned a film story for Sarwar Bhatti’s Bazar e Hussain in 1988 which proved a big hit of the year. Resultantly, Pervez was able to make his notable place in Pak film industry and that gave him a solid platform for his subsequent making of film production named Ali Arts Production which he established in collaboration with his brother Hamid Ali. Under the banner of Ali 

Pervez Kaleem’s Facts…

Real Name:

Muhammad Pervez Kaleem

Birth Date:

14 February 1949

Birth Place:

Shahalami, Lahore

Father’s Name:

Haji Hassan Ali Rajput





Adeel Kaleem

Zain kaleem

Aman Kaleem

Mahnoor Kaleem

Years active:

1985 – To-date

Arts Production he produced Gunnah which was the super hit film of the year 1990. The encouraged Pervez Kaleem started another film Jaltay Badan while introducing his brother Safeer Ali in lead role but was unable to produce another bit hit like his previous film Gunnah. Although this film did not do well but it was unable to create any negative impact on Pervez Kaleem so his next film Butt Shikan which was released in 1993 proved another big hit film of the years and not only gave him good business but made him one of the leading writer and director of Pakistan. During his film career Pervez Kaleem also prove his worth as an actor and performed very well as a seasoned and mature actor like Mujhey Chand Chahiye directed by Shaan. As film director Gunnah, But Shiken, Pehla Sajda, Jaley Bandan are big films on his credit. Another glaring aspect on his credential is that he introduced many new faces to the film industry which brought a fresh wave at the point of time it included Faisal Qurashi, Saud, Kubra Khanam, Seemi Zaidi, Safeer Ali and Bilal Khan.


As Film Director

Pervez Kaleem directed following films:-


  1. Ainak Wala Jin
  2. Qasai Putter
  3. Gunah
  4. Jaltay Badan
  5. Nangay Paun
  6. But Shikan
  7. Hercules




Personal Life

Pervez Kaleem got married with Anisa and was blessed with two sons and two daughters named Adeel Kaleem,  Zain kaleem, Aman Kaleem and Mahnoor Kaleem. Out of his children Adeel Kaleem has followed his footsteps and both of them have worked in films like Moosa Khan, Pehla Sajda, Shiddat and Bhai Log, here it is worth mentioning that Pervez Kaleem has written the story of Bhai Log which was block buster film of the year.

Pervez Kaleem very eagerly takes part mostly film related events very actively either it may be of film inauguration, release or tribute. Likewise, he never forgets to join any function ceremony related to writers or journalist community whenever invited.  




Latest News / Events

December 26, 2013

Yasin Gorija‘s 8th Anniversary

Yasin Gorija-anniversary

Sitting: Bahar Begum, Bushra Rehman, Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan, Almas Bobby
Standing: Curator mpaop, Iftikhar Majaz, Aizaz Ahmed Azer, Grandson of Yasin Gorija, Khusheed Alam, Tufail Akhtar Dada, Grand daughter and relatives of Yasin Gorija

Yasing Gorija Anniversary

Renowned film journalist and historian Yasin Gorija’s 8th death anniversary was celebrated at Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture on December 26, 2013. The program was organized by his lifetime companion Tufail Akhtar Dada, Sughra Sadaf (PILAC) and Rana Naveed Ahmed. Aizaz Ahmed Azer performed the duties of stage secretary of the tribute ceremony. Writer Pervez Kaleem, Actress Bahar, Bushra Rehman (Writer, columnist and politician), Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan, Pervez Rahi, Almas Bobby, Tufail Akhtar paid their humble tribute to one of the pioneers of film Journalism in Pakistan. Family members of Yasin Gorija including his grandson and grand daughter, Khursheed Alam (Writer) and many more attended the function and during the function Pervez Rahi was awarded with life Achievement Award.

Curator mpaop also attended the ceremony on invitation of Tufail Akhtar Dada.  target=”_blank”>

Yasin Gorija 4

Tufail Akhtar, Curator mpaop, Bahar, Almas Bobby, Pervez kaleem, Bushra Rehman, Baba Yahya Khan, Pervez Rahi and Aizaz Ahmed Azer in Gorija’s anniversary




Death of Pervez Kaleem‘s Mother

Mother of Pervez Kaleem died after a prolonged ailment. She was in ICU ward since a longtime. Her funeral prayer was attended by many personalities of filmdom i.e. Shan, Ghulam Mohiudin, Pervez Rana, Joni Malik, Jamshed Naqvi, Fayyaz Khan, Choudhry Ejaz Kamran, Qaiser Sanaullah and Achhi Khan. She was buried in Shehanshah Graveyard, Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.



A Tribute to Muhammad Pervez Kaleem

A tribute to Pervez Kaleem was broadcasted on Atv is presented, it was uploaded on youtube:



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