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Showbiz Highlights of 1952

Film trade and industry became in front each other on the issue to import and release of Indian films. One side wanted the development and uplift of film production in Pakistan and import of Indian films be banned. Whereas the other school of thought was of the opinion that when a standard film is available on easy conditions so why to invest here on the film production. Agha G.A.Gul who was leading importer of Indian films smell this movement and visualized that time was not far when ban was going to impose on import of Indian films so he changed his vision and not only started investing in film production but also inaugurated a film studio i.e. Evernew Studio as well. However, the first major protest came into the limelight on the release of Raj Kapoor’s Barsat in 1952. The main personalities behind this protest were Naseer Arabian the editor of daily newspaper Nawaiwaqat, Mushtaq Akhgar, Aziz Nizami, film journalist Yasin Gorija, and M.S.Latif Ismail Noor.

So the original importer of Barsat was Choudhry Eid Muhammad sold the rights of disputed film to Syed Attaullah Hashmi who in spite of all agitation and protest released this film at Revolve cinema at Lahore which remained on the cinema for more than one year. At Government level this agitation was noticed so some restrictions were imposed on film import from India. It is however resulted in reduction in import of films from India. But this protest was once again erupted on the time of release of Raj Kapoor’s Awara. This time Choudhry Eid Muhammad further shifted the film release rights to one of the political figure who ensured the release of Awara at Regent cinema through mobsters and police. The agitation made the authority to review their film import policy which was that only twelve films were allowed for each East and West Pakistan and shifting was not banned in between each.

The worth mentioning and Super hit films of 1952 was Dopatta which was directed by Sibtain Fazali, its filming of Dopatta was carried out in Shahnoor studio. The major contribution of the success of this film was its music which composed by Feroz Nizami and all songs were sung by Noor Jahan so that’s way it became the third great musical film after Jungu and Chan Way both from Noor Jehan and musician Feroz Nizami.
Bheegi Palkien was the first film of 1952 directed by Sharif Nayyer who was working with Nazir previously when both of them were there at Bombay. But this film resulted as flop and it was established that Nazir would no more be accepted by the spectators as a hero. At that time Nazir had became father of two daughters from Soran Lata.
Famous graduate screen play writer of pre partition films i. e. Khazanchi, Zeenat and Jugnu, Khadam Mohiudin gave direction of Shola in which Irshad and Bombay migrate Masud played lead roles but this movie was another flop film of the year.

Laila Mandar film studio located at Ferozpur road was allotted to Zaman Khan and Shafi Ejaz so they renovated and renamed it Screen and Sound Studio. Tassadaq Hussain a paint dealer took a loan of three lakh rupees from Central Cooperative Bank for uplift of the said studio. So the first film project took over by the studio was Punjabi film Nath which was directed by Shafi Ejaz. Hafeez Jahan the heroine of the film had just arrived from Bombay after doing film Sanwaria at Filmistan studio Bombay. Legend actor Talish was introduced in Nath which was released on 23 October 1952 in Qaiser Cinema Lahore and in first week it was declared a flop film.
Karwaten, the last film of the year was produced by Anwar Baig who also migrated from Bombay there he played as hero in Hatim Tai Ka Beta. He produced Karwaten with collaboration of Haider Shah that was subsequently released with the name of Naveli but it also proved a totally flop film.
Beside singing Noor Jahan had already debut her career as actress prior to the partition but in Pakistan she appeared in Dopatta for the first time in any Urdu film.


Summary of Films released in 1952

Seven films were released in 1952, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu 1 5 6
Punjabi 1 1
Total 1 6 7




Films Released in 1952


Following films were Released in 1952


Bheegi Palken

Urdu – (4 January, 1952)




Urdu – (28 March, 1952)




Urdu – (4 April, 1952)



Khana Badosh

Urdu – (4 April, 1952)



Punjabi – (24 October, 1952)




Urdu – (26 December, 1952)




Urdu – (1 February, 1952)



Language Wise

Films released in 1952 (Language Wise)

  Urdu Punjabi
1 Bheegi Palken Nath
2 Dopatta  
3 Harjai  
4 Khana Badosh  
5 Naveli  
6 Shola  


Status Wise

Films released in 1952 (Status Wise)


Super Hit Super Average Flop
  Dopatta       Bheegi Palken
      Khana Badosh



Super Hit Super Average Flop




Lead Artists

Lead Artists – 1952

  Actors Actress
Urdu Santosh Kumar Santosh Kumar Noor jahan face Noor Jahan





Following Artists debut their film career in 1952


Ajay Kumar (Dopatta) Talish4 Talish (Nath) Rehan (Naveli)



 Mushir Kazmi (Bheegi Palken) Tufail Hushiarpuri (Bheegi Palken)



Singer Misc

 Ustad Jhanday Khan (11-10-1952)

Inayat Ali Nath (12-09-1952)







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