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Showbiz Highlights of 1954

In 1954, the exiting import policy of Pakistan was that annually only twelve films were allowed for each East and West Pakistan and inter shifting was banned in between each part of the country, while violating this policy Malik Bari of West Pakistan imported Indian film Jaal from East Pakistan and tried to release it.
Against this act the whole film industry along with press became the major agitators. Though, Malik Bari himself came in the meeting of film industry held in the central ground of Shahnoor studio and announced that if film authorities allowed him to release Jaal in Pakistan he would expend all the income for the innovation and progress of film industry. But his request was rejected/turned down by film industry.
 Next day release of Jaal was scheduled in Regent cinema so the whole film industry arrived there at Macload road in front of Regent cinema as a protest and to stop the screening of Jaal. While keeping in view the law and order situation, though government authorities imposed a ban on release of Jaal but as the same time they arrested and locked up the leading personalities of film industry gathered to protest it included Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi, W.Z.Ahmed, Santosh Kumar, Hamalia Wala, Allaudin, Shahnawaz, Sibtain Fazli, Easa Ghaznavi, Tassadaq Hussain Riaz, Ilyas Kashmiri, Ghulam Muhammad, M. Ismail, Anwar Kamal Pasha and many more. And they were released after ten days of detention. At that time capital was there at Karachi, so government invited the film authorities for a meeting there to discuss the issue in question. After a detailed discussion government promised for the patronage of film industry but at the same time allowed Malik Bari to release Jaal. However, afterward Malik Bari also came into film production and produced some Super hit films like Mahi Munda and Yakke Wali and also purchased Bari Studio out of the income of above mentioned movies.

Begum Sharif the owner of Qaiser cinema produced the first film of 1954 named Deewar, which was directed by Malik Ameen but it was a flop film. On the other hand, Sassi, produced by J.C. Annad and directed by Daud Chand proved a block buster film. This film did a tremendous business not only in Pakistan but all over in India.

Rohi was first film out four films launched under the banner of Film Cooperative Production House. But just after the release of Rohi at Palace cinema this production house was shattered as a result of wrangle in between its owners. This debacle also resulted in extrication of work of Humalia Wala from Rohi which became the main cause of failure of this film. Moreover due to non deposit of timely loan money to the bank Rohi was impounded by the bank which was then never release till to date. It is worth mentioning that Rohi was a reasonable film which was produced by C.R.Golani and directed by W.Z.Ahmed the renowned director of Subcontinent.

The nephew of A.R. Kardar, Ishfaq Malik produced Parwaz which was his first film after migrating to Pakistan he had also produced Naojwano Ke Naam at Bombay before coming to Pakistan. Parwaz was a progressive film in which actor Yousaf Khan appeared for the first time but it was a flop film.

Mujrim was the last film, produced by Mushtaq Malik who was representative of Sitara Talkies Ltd before the independence. But in spite of his hard work and all due dedication this movie also proved a flop film.  



Summary of Films released in 1954

Seven films were released in 1954, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu 1 1 1 4 7
Total 1 1 1 4 7



Films Released in 1954


Following films were Released in 1954



(Urdu – 19 March, 1954)




(Urdu – 26 March, 1954)




(Urdu – 1 October, 1954)




(Urdu – 6 August, 1954)



Raat ki Baat 

(Urdu – 3 June, 1954)




(Urdu – 11 August, 1954)




(Urdu – 3 June, 1954)



Language Wise

Films Released in 1954 (Language Wise)

1 Deewar






5 Raat Ki Baat
6 Rohi
7 Sassi




Status Wise

Films released in 1954 (Status Wise)


Super Hit Super Average Flop
Sassi  Gumnam Rohi Deewar
      Raat Ki Baat


Lead Artists

Lead Artists – 1954

  Actors Actress
Urdu Sudhir Sudhir

sabiha Sabiha Khanum 





Following Artists debut their film career in 1954


yousaf khan Yousaf Khan (Parwaz)



Jafar Malik (Gumnam)



Obituaries – 1954

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