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Showbiz Highlights of 1955

Qatil the first film of year 1955, produced by Agha G.A.Gul, and directed by Anwar Kamal Pasha released on 22nd January 1955, was a success because of its melodious music and dramatic story which made Anwar Kamal Pasha the top director of 1955. The film unit of Anwar Kamal Pasha comprising of Saif u Din Saif, Khalil Qaiser, Baba Alam Sia Posh, Sheikh Iqbal, Jaffar Malik, Agha Hussaini and Rahim Gul. Mussarat Nazir and Aslam Perveiz made their debut in Qatil.

Afzal Jahangir was a well educated and learned young director who was in the industry before partition. He produced and directed Shararay and released it on 22nd Feburary but it proved a dead flop film as the story of the film was very intricate. Afzal Jahangir got disenchanted and left the industry afterward.

On 25th March Ismail Noor released Khatoon which was directed by Nazir but it became a flop film.

After the Super hit success of Sassi, Eveready pictures made Sohni with more zeal and enthusiasm, for the first time under water shooting was carried out. Initially Munshi Dil gave the direction of Sassi but he left it because of dispute in between film producers so it was completed under the direction of M.J.Rana. In spite of being the most expensive movie it proved a dead flop movie of the year.

On the other hand Sheikh Latif’s Pattan which was directed by Luqman proved a Super hit film primarily due to its music and sound story. Then came the Noukar, though the movie did a Super hit business both in Pakistan and India but it set a wrong precedence of copying the theme from Indian movies. Noukar was directed by Karishan Kumar but as being the Indian national so Attaullah Shah Hashmi was reflected as director of the film. Due to strong story, cast credit and music it became the first golden jubilee film of Pakistan.

patey khanFilm trade with India was on the condition of exchange of movie Vs movie so failure of the movie was not a big deal, as Pakistani producers were allowed to release an Indian film in turn. Resultantly many film production offices were established just to get the Indian movie. Like wise Mahboob pictures of Karachi made Hamari Zaban which was basically a commercial documentary film, it was made as outcome of a movement in favour of Urdu against Bengali language which was declared second national language of Pakistan by the Bengali Prime Minster of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Bogra in May 7, 1954. The movement was headed by Molvi Abdul Haq famously known as Baba -e- Urdu in Urdu literature, who initially got the masses gathered on roads as agitation and subsequently made Hamari Zaban, but being purely a documentary sort of film was released only in Karachi and proved a flop film.

Two finance companies like Shehbaz Ltd and Seirbeen Ltd used to collect money from general public for business circulation so Syed Faqir Hussain Shah of Shahbaz Ltd made Nazrana which was directed by Murtaza Jilani who was well educated and also assisted in Shahida, then joined Nazir and subsequently remained with Screen and Sound Studio. But Nazrana proved a flop film so discouraged Murtaza Jilani left the film industry and went back to education field as lecturer.

Begum Malik Sharif released Bulbul on 1st July 1955. Bulbul was a remake of Praey Deis Mein (1946) which was directed by Daud Chand but it was a flop film but in turn Super Indian film Halaku was released. Inteqam which was released on 23rd September was a nice and successful film, the story of the film was based on a English novel and previously B. R. Chopra had also produced a film on the same story named Afsana.

For the direction of Iltija, producer and actor S. Gul hired Indian director Shankar Mehta and S. Gul who was the student of Master Ghulam Hiader composed the music of Iltija. But due to the public pressure in the titles of the movie S. Gul was reflected as Director of the film instead of Shankar Mehta. But in spite of the great effort Iltija was a failure and S.Gul got so disappointed that he joined the film department of WAPDA and retired as Joint Secretary.

Saadat hasanmantoSaadat Hassan Manto a Legendary writer died on January 11, 1955.

Heer and Patay Khan was the successful films of the year, Heer was completed in Karachi by the Producer J.C. Annad. Beautiful and melodious music of the film was the major contributing factor of the success of the film. Safdar Hussain who was an assistant of Rashid Attrey also got his name as musician. Patay Khan was produced by an absolutely new film unit headed by M. A. Rashid who was not having any previous experience or he never remained under study any of the film director. But Rashid got the top class cast of that time, new musician Akhtar Hussain, new writer Hazeen Qadri and with the financial assistance of Bayazid of Multan and indeed directed a beautiful piece of art.

Intekhaab was the last film which was directed by another new film director Humayun Mirza, the heroine of the film Jameela Razaq also debut her film career she was daughter of Sultana the famous heroine of her time. But in spite of good music this film was unable to met success.


Summary of Films released in 1955

Ninteen films were released in 1955, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu 2 1 1 11 15
Punjabi 2 1 1 4
Total 4 2 2 11 19



Films Released in 1955


Following films were Released in 1955



(Punjabi -1 July, 1955)



Hamari Zaban 

(Urdu -10 June, 1955)




(Punjabi -28 October, 1955)




(Urdu -7 October, 1955)




(Urdu -30 December, 1955)




(Urdu -23 September, 1955)




(Urdu -2 September, 1955)



Jheel Kanarey 

(Urdu -31 July, 1955)




(Urdu -25 March, 1955)



Khizan Ke Baad 

(Urdu -23 December, 1955)




(Urdu -17 June, 1955)




(Urdu -12 August, 1955)




(Urdu -24 May, 1955)



Patay Khan 

(Punjabi -18 November, 1955)




(Punjabi -24 May, 1955)




(Urdu -21 January, 1955)




(Urdu -25 February, 1955)




(Urdu -24 May, 1955)




(Urdu -31 July, 1955)



Language Wise

Films of 1955 as per Language

  Urdu Punjabi
1 Hamari Zaban Bulbul
2 Ilteja Heer
3 Intekhaab Patay Khan
4 Inteqam Pattan
5 Jallan  
6 Jheel Kanarey  
7 Khatoon  
8 Khizan Ke Baad  
9 Mehfil  
 10 Nazrana  
 11 Noukar  
 12 Qatil  
 13 Shararay  
 14 Sohni  
 15 Tofaan  



Status Wise

Films released in 1955 (Status Wise)


Super Hit Super Average Flop
Noukar  Inteqam  Tofaan Hamari Zaban
Qatil     Ilteja 
      Jheel Kanarey 
      Khizan Ke Baad



Super Hit Super Average Flop
Heer Patay Khan Bulbul   



Lead Artists

Lead Artists – 1955

  Actors Actress
Urdu  Nazir
Santosh Kumar Santosh Kumar
Sudhir Sudhir

sabiha Sabiha Khanum 
 Sowran Lata

Punjabi aslamparvez Aslam Pervez Mussarat Nazir
Noor jahan face Noor Jahan
Soran Sowran Lata






Following Artists debut their film career in 1955


aslamparvez Aslam Pervez (Qatil) Akmal (Qatil) Diljeet Mirza (Jallan)
A. Shah Shikarpuri (Noukar)  Shad (Khatoon) Saqi Saqi (Ilteja)



Mussarat Nazir (Qatil) Nayyar-Sultana Nayyar Sultana  (Qatil) Rukhsana (Hamari Zaban)
Emi Maniwala (Sohni) Jameela Razaq Jamila Razzaq (Intekhab)  



M.J. Rana (Sohni)  Shabab Keranvi (Jallan)  



Kaleem Usmani (Intekhab)    



 Saleem Raza (Qatil)



 Akhtar Hussain Akhian (Patay Khan)  Safdar Hussain (Heer)  Tasadaq Hussain (Noukar)




Obituaries – 1955

Writer Lyricist Actor
Saadat Hassan Manto (18 January 1955) F.D. Sharf (14 March 1955) Nawaz (16 November 1955)

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