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Showbiz Highlights of 1957

In 1957 a new trend of making movies on same or one story was started and first of all two movies which were made on a famous traditional love story of Laila Majnu, named Ishq-e-Laila and Laila Majnu. Munshi Dil was the director of Ishq-e-Laila under the banner of Eveready Pictures, who had already written the same very story previously. Anwar Kamal Pash made the other movie Laila Majnu, both the films were released on the same day but only Ishq-e-Laila proved the Super hit of the year due to its melodious music which is mesmerizing till to date.

Like wise two Punjabi films Nooran and Sehti on famous side lead characters of Sehti and Murad of famous folk tale Heer Ranjha were made, but none was able to get the best cake. In sequence to the same trend, two other movies Ankh Ka Nasha and Baap Ka Gunah were made by Sibtain Fazali and Saif-ud-Din Saif respectively. Sudhir played a character actor role in Ankh Ka Nasha, but in spite of good cast credit both the movies were totally flopped. In year 1957, there was a complete control on the release of Indian films in Pakistan, so obviously the outcome was increase in number of movies production, and that to eight Super hit films out of twenty seven movies. Seestan was the first costume picture by renowned film art director N. M. Khawaja. The major portion of the movie was done at Eastern Studios Karachi, but in spite of the good cast it was a failure that made the N.M.Khwaja not only out of film production but art direction as well. Syed Attaullah Shah Hashmi’s Daata was ditto copy of Indian film Nastik. Aas Paas was a semi art commercial film of M.A.Rasheed, produced by A. Munawar an exhibitor of Liyyah District, based on a progressive story by Anwar Batalvi. Allaudin played a lead role and due to dramatic subjective it was likes by the public. kamalActor Kamal and writer Ali Sufiyan Afaqi made their debut as actor and film writer in Shabab Kiranvi’s Thandi Sarak. After the success of Patey Khan, the same film unit made Pholey Khan, though Allaudin played the lead role but it was unable to achieve the same success. Cinematographer Jaffar Shah Bukhari made Anjam as producer with the financial assistance of Ajmal Qureshi an owner of finance company, but its failure forced him to shift to Karachi. Then came the trend setter movie of year, Yakke Wali by Bari Malik. It proved the Super hit film of the year 1957 and it is said that Bari Studios of Lahore was made out of the income of this Super Hit film Yakke Wali. Another successful movie of the year was Waadah of W.Z.Ahmed which was produced by Mian Ahsan the owner of Crescent Films. It proved a mile stone in the line of direction and became all time hit film of Pakistan. Two films, Shohrat and Nigar by renowned director and screenplay writer Nazir Ajmeri and Naeem Hashmi (as director) were released but these films also proved flop movies of the year because of so many obvious reasons. S.M. Dar prompted Mir Khalil ur Rehman, editor of daily newspaper Jang to explore the film production line so the outcome was Sardar which was produced by Sameh Dehlvi on behalf of Mir Khalil ur Rehman, Ghani Dehlvi the editor of Roman magazine was also a partner of this film which on released became a Super film of 1957. Maska Polish, Bara Aadmi including Bedari were the production of Karachi but only Bedari was the only film to met the success. Other movies like Zulfaan directed by M.Akram an assistant of Anwar Kamal Pasha, Masoom by Sharif Nayyar which was replica of Shanta Ram’s Dia Aur Toofan and Haider Shah’s costume film Paasban were flop movies of the year. Where as Saat Lakh of Saifudin Saif which was financed by Ajmal Qureshi, Noor-e-Islam of Nazir, Tanvir Naqvi’s famous Naat, Shah e Madina was the glaring aspect on the credential of Noor-e-Islam was the Super hit films of the year in question. Be-Dari was a ditto copy of Indian film Jageer, even the songs of Be-Dari  was composed on the same tune of Jageer but it was not been able to achieve the attraction of general public.


Nigar Awards

Nigar Awards were introduced in 1957 by Ilyas Rashidi, who is also known as Baba-e-Filmi Sahafat in Pakistan. The award was an extension of the Nigar weekly newspaper, which was also founded by Ilyas Rashidi in 1949. Nigar newspaper was Pakistan’s first weekly newspaper dedicated solely to Pakistani cinema. Ilyas Rashidi acquired experience in entertainment journalism through his association with Umer Azad who happened to be his elder brother and his daily newspaper Anjum, which had shifted its offices from Delhi to Karachi in 1947. Ilyas Rasheedi had been inspired by Filmfare magazine (Indian) and thus purchased a children’s magazine Monthly Nigar from his friend Ibne Hassan Nigar, and re-branded it as a weekly film magazine from Karachi. The first award distribution ceremony was held on 17 July 1957 at Evernew Studios in Lahore. One can imagine the straight forwardness of Ilyas Rasheedi when Sabiha Khanum who was then main lead actress of that era accepted the invitation of ceremony with the condition the if she would be given the Best Actress award she would only join the ceremony. Ilyas Rasheedi refused and said that it is not his decision to finalize the nominations instead it is the Award jury which had to finalize the awardees. So Sabiha Khanum never attended the ceremony whereas she was declared the Best Actress of the year and award was received by Santosh Kumar on her behalf.

Nigar Awards – 1957

Category of Award Awardee Film Language  Year
Best Film Saif-ud-Din Saif Saat Lakh Urdu 1957
Best Director W.Z. Ahmed Waada Urdu 1957
Best Script / Story Writer Saif-ud-Din Saif Saat Lakh Urdu 1957
Best Actor Santosh Kumar Waada Urdu 1957
Best Actress Sabiha Khanum Saat Lakh Urdu 1957
Best Supporting Actor Allauddin Aas Paas Urdu 1957
Best Supporting Actress Nayyar Sultana Saat Lakh Urdu 1957
Best Musician Rasheed Attre Saat Lakh Urdu 1957
Best Cinematographer Sohail Hashmi Bara Aadmi Urdu 1957




Summary of Films released in 1957

Twenty Seven films were released in 1957, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu 3 4 7 7 21
Punjabi 1 3 2 6
Total 4 4 10 9 27



Films Released in 1957


Following films were Released in 1957


Ankh Ka Nasha
(Urdu – 31 May, 1957)



Aas Paas
(Urdu – 22 February, 1957)



(Urdu – 8 March, 1957)



Baap Ka Gunah
(Urdu – 9 July, 1957)



Bara Aadmi

(Urdu – 24 May, 1957) 



(Urdu – 6 December, 1957)



(Urdu – 22 February, 1957)



(Urdu – 12 April, 1957)



Laila Majnu
(Urdu – 12 April, 1957)



Maska Polish
(Urdu – 15 March, 1957)



(Urdu – 6 December, 1957)



(Urdu – 9 July, 1957)



(Urdu – 9 July, 1957)



(Urdu – 1 November, 1957)



(Punjabi – 31 May, 1957)



(Urdu – 27 December, 1957)



(Punjabi – 2 May, 1957)



Pholey Khan
(Punjabi – 2 May, 1957)



Saat Lakh
(Urdu – 11 October, 1957)



(Urdu – 6 September, 1957)



(Urdu – 18 January, 1957)



(Punjabi – 21 June, 1957)



(Urdu – 2 August, 1957)



Thandi Sarak
(Urdu – 2 May, 1957)



(Urdu – 2 May, 1957)



Yakke Wali
(Punjabi – 22 February, 1957)



(Punjabi – 11 October, 1957)



Language Wise

Films Released in 1957 (Alphabetical)

  Urdu Punjabi
1 Ankh Ka Nasha Nooran
2 Aas Paas Palkaan 
3 Anjam Pholey Khan
4 Baap Ka Gunah Sehti
5 Bara Aadmi Yakke Wali
6 Be-Dari Zulfaan 
7 Daata  
8 Ishq-e-Laila  

Laila Majnu

10 Masoom  
11 Maska Polish  
12 Murad  
13 Nigar  
14 Noor-e-Islam  
15 Paasban  
16 Saat Lakh  
17 Sardar  
18 Seestan  
19 Shohrat  
20 Thandi Sarak  
21 Waadah  



Status Wise

Films released in 1957 (Status Wise)



Super Hit Super Average Flop
Ishq-e-Laila Aas Paas Ankh Ka Nasha Anjam
Saat Lakh Bara Aadmi Baap Ka Gunah

Laila Majnu

Waadah Murad Be-Dari Masoom
  Sardar Daata Maska Polish
    Noor-e-Islam Nigar
    Paasban Seestan
    Shohrat Thandi Sarak


Super Hit Super Average Flop
Yakke Wali   Nooran Pholey Khan
    Palkaan  Sehti



Lead Artists

Lead Artists – 1957

  Actors Actress
Urdu  Santosh Kumar Sabiha Khanum
Punjabi  Sudhir Sabiha Khanum



Following Artists debut their film career in 1957


kamal Kamal in Thandi Sarak Ratan Kumar in Be-dari



Laila in Waadah Naina in Bara Aadmi



 Rafiq Rizvi in Be-dari



 Munir Hussain in Saat Lakh  Ustad Fateh Ali Khan in Waadah



 A. Hameed in Anjam Ali Sufiyan Afaqi in Thandi Sarak



 A. Hameed in Anjam Deebo Bhatacharia in Maska Polish




Obituaries – 1957

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