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Yakke Wali


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 February 22, 1957 Punjabi

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Trend setter movie of year, Yakke Wali by Bari Malik. It proved the Super hit film of the year 1957 and it is said that Bari Studios of Lahore was made from the income of this film.


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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

MussaraNazir Mussarat Nazir
Sudhir Sudhir
ilyaskashmiri Ilyas Kashmiri
m. Ajmal M. Ajmal
Zubaida Khanum Zubaida
Neelo Neelo
zeenat begum Zeenet
image not aval Shamsa
 Agha Pir Jan
 Janbaz Mirza
 Taya Barkat
image not aval Saeed Akhtar
image not aval Hamid
 Mahboob Kashmiri
image not aval Ghulam Qadir
 Ghulam Qadir Master
Iqbal kashmiri Iqbal Kashmiri (Nikku)
Ghulam Muhammad
Zarif Zarif
nazar1 Nazar
image not aval Munshi Zaheer
sultan rahi cho image s Sultan Rahi (As Extra)

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: February 22nd 1957
Production: Malik Talkies
Producer: Bari Malik
Director: M. J. Rana 
Writer / Story: Sheikh Iqbal
Lyrics: Ahmad Rahi
Screenplay: M. J. Rana 
Dialogs: Ahmed Rahi
Choreography: F. Aziz
Make Up: Anwar
M. Latif, Sakhi (Hair Style)
Wardrobe: Hollywood Tailers
Saddique, Shams (Costume)
Fight Instructor: Rasheed Raju
Processing: Piyare Khan 
Sound Recordist: C. Mandodi 
Dialogs Recording: M. Rafiq
Aslam Choudhry
Production Controller: M. Aslam Butt
Humayun Butt 
Production Manager: Rasheed Khawaja
Associate Director: NC
Misc: NC
Misc: NC
Chief Assistant Director: NC
Assistant Director: Zaffar Dar
Editor: A.K. Mussarat 
Cinematography: Pervez 
Still Photographer: Pervez
Titles:  NC
Art Director: Siraj Shad
Muhammad Din (Setting)
Operative Cameraman: NC 
Film Studios: Malka Studios
Music: G. A. Chishti 
Singers: Zubaida Khanum
Azra Sultana


Technical Specifications

Language: Punjabi
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Aspect Ratio: Flat 4:3








Composed by


Ajj Naal Kisse De Hassian, Kisse De Mann Basiya

Zubaida Khanum Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 


Dil Neun Dena, Te Dil Neun Laina

Zubaida Khanum  Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 


Haan Deya Mundia, Ve Akhian Tun Ghundia

Zubaida Khanum  Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 


I Love You, You Love Me, Sade Wal Tak Tera Janda Ae Ki

Zarif, Zubaida Khanum Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 

Kalli Sawari Bai, Bhati Lohari Beai, Janda Ae Khali Bai

Zubaida Khanum  Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 


Lakk Patla Patang, Utton Gora Gora Rang, Meri Harni Jei Akh

Zubaida Khanum  Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 


Pehli Pehli War Menu Sohra Lain Aaya

Zubaida Khanum, Azra Sultana Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 


Qoul Neun Bhulde, Nain Nairey Dhulde, Aa Ja Meray Hania

Zubaida Khanum  Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 

Resham Da Lacha Lakk Ve, Nale Bullan Te Kajra Tak

Zubaida Khanum, Azra Sultana & Co. Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 


Teray Darr Te Aa Ke Sajna Ve, Assi Jholi Khali Le Chale

Zubaida Khanum  Ahmed Rahi  G.A. Chishti 

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