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 May 26, 1961 Urdu

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Yasin Gorija remained attached with Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj. As earlier mentioned that he was assistant to Muhammad Ali in film Mumtaz and worked as Production manager and in screenplay writing. In 1958, he went to Karachi for the release of film Mumtaz, there he met many showbiz personalities for the first time like Salah ud Din Paracha of weekly Kirdar so he started writing column named Lakshami Chowk for Kirdar on weekly basis. From 1959 he started writing columns for weekly Nigar Karachi, monthly Director Lahore, weekly Taziana Karachi. After the failure of Mumtaz, he started his own production film Mangti under the direction of a new comer Ashraf Khan, music composed by Saif Chughtai and Aslam Pervez, Bahar, Rukhsana, Rajni and Nazar played the lead role of the film. Yasin Grija’s film Mangti was inspired by Mungti released in 1942, Mangti was finally released in 1961.


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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

baahar Bahar 
aslamparvez Aslam Pervez 
nazar1 Nazar 
zeenat begum Zeenat 
image not aval Rajni
Begum Parveen  
Saqi Saqi
 Mahboob Kashmiri
G.N. Butt
image not aval Lali
image not aval Azra
image not aval Sharara
image not aval Deepak
image not aval Janbaz Mirza
image not aval Hameed Mirza
image not aval Ghareeb Shah
image not aval Najo
image not aval Johar Rabbani
 Ghulam Qadir Master
Ghulam Muhammad
sultan rahi Sultan Rahi 

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: May 26, 1961
Production: Qupid Films
Producer: Yasin Gorija
Director: M.Ashraf Khan
Writer / Story: R.L. Shori
Dialogues: Noor Puri
Fazal Nishan
Screenplay: Yasin Gorija
Lyrics: Waris Ludhianvi
Masoom Ludhianvi
Saif Chughtai
Choreography: Niaz Ali
Hameed Choudhry
Assistant Director: Yasin Gorija
Ahmed Sharif
Editor: NC
Cinematography: Mushtaq Sohail
Art Director: Allah Ditta
Music: Saif Chughtai
Singers: Zubaida Khanum
Kousar Parveen
Naheed Niazi
Irene Perveen
Noor Jahan Begum
Lubna Javed
Saleem Raza


Technical Specifications

Language: Punjabi
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Aspect Ratio: Flat 4:3







Composed by


Chal Is Duniya Tu Door Dilla Chal, Aithey Khushiyan Lariyan Jandia Ne

Saleem Raza Waris Ludhianvi Saif Chughtai 


Dekho Jee Lagan Mori Jane Na Sanwariya

Kousar Parveen Waris Ludhianvi  Saif Chughtai 


Gori Gori Banh Wich Rangilian Wangan

Mala Saif Chughtai Saif Chughtai 


Ishq Ishq Te Har Koi Karda, Ishq Kamaye Koi Koi

Mala & Co. Waris Ludhianvi  Saif Chughtai 

Menu Chandi Diyan Jhanjharan Leya De

Noor Jahan Begum Masoom Ludhianvi Saif Chughtai 


Nachan Nale Ganwan Main Mahi Mera Ho Geya Khushian Manawan

Naheed Niazi Waris Ludhianvi  Saif Chughtai 


Panwan Kajla Te Zulfan Sanwaran, Te Ajj Menu Mahi Milna

Zubaida Khanum Saif Chughtai Saif Chughtai 


Phirran Gali Gali Dewan Dhuhai, Sajna Tenu Dondhdi Phiran

Naheed Niazi Waris Ludhianvi  Saif Chughtai 

Tareyan Di Chhanven Chhanven Main Vi Nachan

Naheed Niazi, Saleem Raza Waris Ludhianvi  Saif Chughtai 


Tere Bina Kar Da Ae Aiho Pukar Dil Sajna Ve Mil

Naheed Niazi Waris Ludhianvi  Saif Chughtai 

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