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Khatarnak was a turning point for new film trend which was the biggest gift of so called Awami Government. Film director utilized the wrong angles while carrying out shooting of film just to attract the attention of common film gores. It is surprising that how big names like Yousaf Khan and Mustafa Qureshi were agreed to be the part of film which cannot be seen within family circle. Even film carries so cheap frames which may cause embracement for the fellow caught watching film by his folks.
The film proved to be the first step which taken away the female film spectators from cinema house. Not only this rather this trend became the major cause of the fall of Film Empire and it took more than forty years to get back on the track again.
Story of the film revolves around the revenge of murder of couple by his siblings. Though claim that film theme is inspired by on an US novel Lone Star Ranger by Zane Grey published in 1915 but it is questionable statement.
Neelo also reentered into films with new style who left the film industry after marrying Director/writer Riaz Shahid. Likewise Khatarnak also gave breakthrough to the career of Mustafa Qureshi as villain specifically in Punjabi films.


Although, Sindi film Ghairat Jo Sawal which was released on October 18th 1974, did reasonable business at the box office as with other cast some of Sindi actors like Mehboob Alam, Qurban Jilani and music of film was composed by Feroz Gul.  First time this film was dubbed into Punjabi language and released on November 19th 1976, renaming the film as Shehzor but the experiment was proved a complete failure as Shehzor was unable to attract the attention of Punjabi film spectators as compare to its Sindhi version Ghairat Jo Sawal. So this double version idea was considered as flop notion and no new assignment was even reconsidered until in 1989 when film Madam Bawri was released on May 7th, 1989 as double version in Urdu and Punjabi languages and since this film did well purely from business point of view so it started double version trend in Pak cine world.





Summary of Films released in 1974

113 films were released in 1974, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit


Average Flop Total


6 27  47
Punjabi 3


7 38  52
Pashto  –


1 6 8

4 4

1 1


1 1
 Total 9


14 77 113




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