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Showbiz Highlights of 2007

As usual filmmakers made and produced the film while targeting non serious, uneducated and male youth who come to cinema for some cheap fun. Likewise producer also made films for their own entertainment so production was B class, Xrated films. On eve if Eid, twelve movies were released in cinemas, main films were Godfather and Mohabbataan Sachiyan. Godfather had a cast from Bollywood and Lollywood, mainly featuring Vinod Khana and Arbaz Khan from Bollywood and Meera and Ajab Gul from Lollywood. After many years, the Pakistan film industry sees an influx of ready-to screen films, including Bollywood movies. Javed Raza’s Kabhi Piyar Na Karna, which has an item number by Neha Dhupia besides Lollywood cast, is also expected to be released soon. Among other films which were released on Eid, the industry attaches hope with Punjabi film Mohabbataan Sachiyan, directed by Shehzad Rafique. Jhoomar by Syed Noor , Ghundi Run, Bala Badmash and Ishtehari Rajput are among other Punjabi films to be released on Eid. Four Pushto films were also be released on the occasion. Two English films, Harry Potter and The Strange Love attracted the attention of movie buffs. 

As mentioned earlier six films were released on Eid Day on October 14, 2007 and the Eid-Battle was won by director Pervez Rana‘s Punjabi film Ghundi Run, which was released on Prince cinema and its first days progress was a half million Rupees. Nargis is in the title role in this film and Shaan is hero. Director Shehzad Rafiq’s Punjabi film Mohabbataan Sachiyan on Gulistan cinema with second place with Rs. 445.000. Veena Malik and new face Adnan are main pair in this film but they were not impressive. Indo-Pak co-production Godfather was on third place on Metropole cinema with Rs. 440.000. Meera, Ajab Gul, Shafqat Cheema and some famous Indian actors are in this films.
Director Masood Butt’s Bala Badmash was on fourth place with Rs. 425.000 with Shaan in the title role and Ishtahari Rajput (again Shaan in main role) on Capital cinema with last position with Rs. 250.000. Director Syed Noor’s Urdu film Jhoomar was on fifth position with Rs. 400.000. Saima and Moamar Rana are in main pair and this film was most appreciated by cine gores. The ticket prices were from 70-250 Rupees on various cinemas. Only two films, Godfather and Mohabbataan Schiyan were released in Karachi on Eid Day.
Shaan was the only hit and good male actor to hit the lollywood bonanza.He impressed the cinegoers with his superb performance in Khuda ke liye. Likewise, Nargis was the best punjabi actress of 2007 with two big hits Sooha Jora and Gundi ran. On the other hand this year proved a verse year for Saima and Moamar Rana
Actress Aleena died in mysteries circumstances and was buried Aleenawithout informing close friends and relatives. There are controversial reports about her death cause, some sources claim that she had AIDS and other are talking about cancer. Police reports says that Aleena died by lung cancer. She was only 21 years old. 

Summary of Films released in 2007

Forty Eight films were released in 2007, summary is as follow:-


Super Hit

Super Average Flop Total


1 10 12


2 1 10 15


21 21


2 2 41 48




Other Films details of 2007:-


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