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June 14, 2014 Urdu l English mpaop wishes Best of Luck

Third Urdu film of the year 2014…..

The Official trailer

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan won London Asian Film Festival Award for Best Music Talent Award.

All possible details about the movie are appended below……. ………however looking foward for your input / information about this film, please.

Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Color Run Time: 82 Minutes


Credited cast:

 Salman Shahid as Mian Tariq Ali
 Mahreen Raheel as Mahreen
 Omair Rana as Rizwan
 Faryal Gohar as Madam
 Rasheed Naz

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: June 14, 2014

(The film was planned to be released on June 13, 2014 but due to Shab e Barat it was released on June 14, 2014)

Production: Concordia Productions

Distributed by

Summit Entertainment

ARY Films

Producer: Sarah Tareen
Director: Steven Moore
Writer / Story: Steven Moore

Based on Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer

Lyrics: NC
Music: Sahir Ali Bagga

Arthur Rathbone Pullen

Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Amanat Ali

Ali Azmat

Songs: Koi dil mein aa raha hai dastak diye baghair – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 

Technical Specifications

Language: Urdu l English
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: 82 Minutes
Length: NC
Sound Format: Stereophonic l Dts
Aspect Ratio: CinemaScope



The film incorporates elements of dark humour, melodrama, crime, passion and revenge and is based on Anthony Shaffer’s play, Sleuth. The film’s hero is Rizwan Ahmed (Omair Rana) a struggling actor who meets Mian Tariq Ali (Salman Shahid), a relic of the once thriving film industry. The struggling actor is there to convince Ali to divorce his wife. A contest of male dominance between the two men ensues, starting quite reasonably, playfully even, but eventually turning angry and violent.

Whilst some of the interactions between the two men are similar to the play Sleuth, the film has roles for not just the Wyke character’s wife, but also his second, younger wife, the protagonist’s object of desire. The milieu is Pakistan’s film industry, Lollywood in its dying days. The outcome for the characters is dark, with more emphasis on being sacrificed than self sacrifice, and is used an allegory of wider issues. The dialogue, in Urdu, and the scenario are adapted in numerous ways for Pakistani culture.

Courtesy :  Wikipedian

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