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Showbiz Highlights of 1956

The year 1956 was a golden year and glaring mile stone in the history of Pakistan film industry when out of thirty one released films, twelve films did a box office hit business. It took a good start with the release of Dulla Bhatti on 6th January 1956. It was released by Evernew Pictures and directed by famous film journalist S.M. Dar, melodious music of the film became one of the major factor in its success. From business point of view it achieved the heights, it is to be said that Agha G.A.Gul had purchased fifty acres of land and inaugurated Evernew Studios out of the income of Dulla Bhatti. At the same time studio of Muslim Town was renamed as Old Evernew Studios.

Another good movie Anokhi 1956 was released on 21st January which was directed by Actor Shahnawaz and Sheela Ramani specially came from Bombay and acted as heroine of the film she was niece of Sheikh Latif Hussain the producer of the film. Music of the film was composed by Samar Burn from Calcutta where as the story of Anokhi was inspired from English film Fabulous Sinorita, but film didn’t do well in Pakistan however it proved Super film in Indian circuit.

Two producers simultaneously started their movies based on the story of Indian film, named Hameeda and Lakht-e-Jigar, directed by Munshi Dil and Luqman and produced by Evernew Pictures and Eveready Pictures, respectively. In both the movies two legend actors Ejaz (Hameeda) and Habib (Lakht-e-Jigar) were introduced but Hameeda won this race and became another big success of year.

Peer Fazlani of Sind who had already produced Shehnaz in Bombay and Barkha in Lahore, produced a Sindi film Umer Marvi for the first time, he acted hero of the film as well and it was Super Sindi film.

During the agitation of Jaal Movement (a movement started against the import of Indian films) Bari Malik promised to spend the whole income of movie on the welfare and uplift of film industry if he was allowed to release said film. So he produced Mahi Munda, directed by M.J.Rana which proved a Super hit film of 1956 so out of the income of Mahi Munda, Bari Malik procured seventy actress of land in between Evernew Studios and Shahnoor Studios and laid the stone of Bari Studio.

Malika e Mousiqi (Queen of Music) of that time Khurshid also appeared in two Karachi based films Fankar and Mandi but both proved a flop movies so the disappointed singer married to a businessman Yousaf Bhai and said goodbye to film industry and never seen in any of film oriented function thereafter.

Chhoti Begum was another film based on the story of Indian film, directed by Krishan Kumar but reflected in the titles of the film as Syed Attaullah Shah Hashmi on an anticipated agitation by the general masses, met success in the box office. Chhoti Begum was produced by Malik Mahboob Ahmed the owner of Menarwa Cinema of Loyalpur now Faisalabad.

Meena Shori who came from India to Pakistan to play a lead role in Sarfarosh, a film by Anwar Kamal Pasha under the banner of Nigar Pictures, then she never went back to India. Whereas Shori who came to Lahore for the direction of Miss 56  a film by Jagdesh Chand Annad (J.C. Annand), returned back to India disenchanted.

The worth mentioning film of the year was Intizar which was produced by wonderful combination of film unit, director Masud Pervez, musician Khawaja Khurshid Anwar and produced by Mian Sultan Jilani owner of Paramount cinema Lahore, so film did superb business both in India and Pakistan. Special film show of film Intezar (1956) was arranged in Iran which was witnessed by Sikandar Mirza the President of Pakistan and Shah Iran and film was awarded the President Award.

An inexperienced and new comer film unit did a great job with the film Jabroo which met box office success. The film was made by Syed Faqir Salah u din from Gambit (Sind) who selected a makeup man Akmal Khan and second grade film heroine Yasmeen and carried out all outdoor shooting of the film which was based on the subject of freedom fighter’s movement against British rule. It was a unique subject which was not presented before in film media. Director Muzaffar Tahir the brother of actress Muanwar Sultana came from Bombay but being a new in the film line like musician Ashiq Hussain did a great job.

Nazir gave another flop film of the year Sabira which was directed by Rafi Choudhry although he had the previous experience as director in Bombay and Calcutta. Rafi Choudhry is the father of Social worker and political figure Mehnaz Rafi.

The first ever western style film of Pakistan was Baghi which proved another success of the year due to its action drama based story. The story was derived from Fazili brother’s old film Qaidi. The film was also released in China and cast of the film like Sudhir, Musarat Nazir and director Ashfaq Malik was officially invited by the China.



Summary of Films released in 1956

Thirty Teo films were released in 1956, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu 4 2 4 13 23
Punjabi 3 2 1 1 7
Sindhi 1 1
Bengali 1 1
Total 7 4 6 15 32




Films Released in 1956


Following films were Released in 1956



(Urdu – 20 January 1956)




(Urdu – 14 September 1956)



Chan Mahi

(Punjabi – 30 November 1956)



Chhoti Begum

(Urdu – 11 May, 1956)




(Urdu – 23 November 1956)



Dulla Bhatti  

(Punjabi – 6 January 1956)




(Urdu – 30 March 1956)



Guddi Gudda

(Punjabi – 2 November 1956)




(Urdu – 10 February 1956)




(Urdu – 21 December 1956)




(Urdu – 5 October 1956)




(Urdu – 12 May 1956)




(Punjabi – 6 July 1956)



Kanwari Bewa

(Urdu – 8 June 1956)




(Urdu – 30 March 1956)




(Urdu – 17 February 1956)



Mahi Munda

(Punjabi – 9 March 1956)




(Urdu – 29 June 1956)



Mirza Sahiban  

(Urdu – 25 May 1956)



Miss 56  

(Urdu – 9 November 1956)




(Punjabi – 16 March 1956)




(Bengali – 3 August 1956)




(Urdu – 20 July 1956)




(Punjabi – 12 May 1956)




(Urdu – 16 March 1956)




(Urdu – 13 July 1956)




(Urdu – 15 June 1956)




(Urdu – 21 December 1956)




(Urdu – 29 June 1956)



Soteli Maa  

(Urdu – 6 July 1956)



Umer Marvi    

(Sindhi – 16 March 1956)




(Urdu – 21 September 1956)




Language Wise

Films of 1956 as per Language

  Urdu Punjabi Sindhi Bengali
1 Anokhi Chan Mahi Umer Marvi Mukh-o-Mukhosh
2 Baghi Dulla Bhatti    
3 Chhoti Begum Guddi Gudda    
4 Darbar-e-Habib Jabroo    
5 Funkar Mahi Munda    
6 Hameeda Morni    
7 Haqeeqat Peengan    
8 Hatim      
9 Intezar       
10 Kanwari Bewa      
11 Karnama      
12 Lakht-e-Jigar      
13 Mandi      

Mirza Sahiba

15 Miss 56      
16 Pawwan      
17 Qismat      
18 Sabira      
19 Sarfarosh      
20 Shalimar      
21 Shikar      
22 Soteli Maa      
23 Wehshi      



Status Wise

Films released in 1956 (Status Wise)


Super Hit Super Average Flop
Baghi Chhoti Begum Darbar-e-Habib Anokhi
Hameeda Qismat Kanwari Bewa Funkar
Intezar   Karnama Haqeeqat
Sarfarosh   Miss 56 Hatim

Mirza Sahiba

      Soteli Maa



Super Hit Super Average Flop
Chan Mahi Jabroo Guddi Gudda Morni
Dulla Bhatti  Peengan    
Mahi Munda      



Super Hit Super Average Flop
        Umer Marvi



Super Hit Super Average Flop



Lead Artists

Lead Artists – 1956

  Actors Actress


Nasir Khan

Saleem Raza


Ilyas Kashmiri

Ghulam Muhammad

M. Ismail


Asha Posley



Souran Leta





Following Artists debut their film career in 1956


Akmal in Jabroo  Ayaz in Kanwari Bewa Ejaz in Hameeda
habib Habib in Lakht-e-Jigar fazal haq1 Fazal Haq in Dulla Bhatti Faizi in Soteli Maa
sultan rahi Sultan Rahi in Baghi   sawan Sawan in Karnama Lehri in Anokhi



baahar Bahar in Chann Mahi  Neelo in Sabira Shamim Ara Shamim Ara in Kanwari Bewa
Meena Shori Meena Shori in Jatti    



M.S. Dar in Dulla Bhatti



Fayaz Hashmi in Kanwari Bewa



Aslam Dar in Dulla Bhatti



 Khawaja Khursheed Anwar in Intezar  Rehman Verma in Baghi



Mehdi Hassan in Shikar Ahmed Rushdi in Anokhi  Naseem Begum in Guddi Gudda




Obituaries – 1956

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