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Daughters of Today

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Although cine world was introduced in Lahore but mostly movies were either American, British or Bombay/Calcutta origin as such no local movies were made or released resultantly a large number of audience were more inclined towards the theater where traditional stories and tales were staged in regional languages. This dire need of local movies was also felt by the two enthusiastic of Bhati Gate of Lahore. These were Abdul Rasheed Kardar and M. Ismail, books cover artist and book writer by profession respectively. So they started their first publicity group and named it ARME Artists (AR for Abdul Rasheed and ME for Muhammad Esmail). They arranged a movie camera from Shankar Das photographer’s shop situated at Mall Lahore and made their first experimental movie in which Master Ghulam Qadir (Hero), M. Ismail (villian) and A.R. Kardar as side hero, performed as artists where as son of Shankar Das was the photographer. This first effort was encouraged by the people so both friends went to Bombay to gain more expertise in film making.
After performing a insignificant role in Heer Ranjha at Bombay, A.R. Kardar returned back and both of them collaborated Gopal Krishan Mehta who had recently acquired cinematography training from Germany and established a film production house named Premier Film Co. that’s how the first ever Punjab based film production house came into being. Daughters of Today was the first silent film produced by Premier Film Co. which was directed and produced by Gopal Krishan Mehta who was basically a railway officer. Master Ghulam Qadir was the hero and Walayat Begum performed as heroine of the film whereas A.R. Kardar appeared as villain. Three years after the film became a big hit and opened new venues for the Lahore based film eager.

Daughters of Today became the first feature film produced in Lahore, and helped to establish the city of Lahore as one of the centers of filming in India. Production of the film as mentioned above started in 1924 and took three years to complete, mainly due to financial constraints.


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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

image not aval Master Ghulam Qadir
image not aval Walayat Begum
A.R. Kardar  
M. Ismail
image not aval Vijay Kumar
image not aval Heera Lal 
image not aval Gopal Krishan Mehta

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: 1927
Production: Premier Film Co.
Producer: Gopal Krishan Mehta

Gopal Krishan Mehta
A.R. Kardar (Assistant)

Writer / Story: NC
Lyrics: NC
Editor: NC
Cinematography: Shankar Das
Music: Silent Film
Singers: Silent Film
Songs: Silent Film


Technical Specifications

Language: Silent
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Silent
Color:  Black & White  
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Flat






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