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Gul Bakauli

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November 12, 1937 Punjabi

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  • In 1937, Dil Sukh Pancholi purchased glasses manufacturer factory of Lala Doulat Ram and transferred into film studios and named Pancholi Art Studios. Pancholi Studios started their first film project  Gul Bakauli under the direction of Barket Mehra. The lead heroine of the film Hemlata debut her film career through this film. Her real name was Razia who left film industry on completion of this film after marriage. Like wise other lead actress Surreya Jabeen, her real name was Bashir Begum  and Gul Bakauli was his fist film. During filming of this film she developed an affair with someone and finally left the cinematic world after marrying him.
  • Shala Jawanian Maney, Akha Na Morin Pi Le… with this song another voice was introduced which subsequently ruled sub-continent through her melodious singing, she was Baby Noor Jahan.
  • Here it is worth mentioning that once rush prints of this film were checked in Pancholi Art Studios some fault in sequence continuity was found missed. So renowned film editor Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi was invited from Calcutta who adjusted the continuity of the film by utilizing his wonderful editing skills. The actual editor of the film Naraijan R. Chohan was very senior film editor and was one of the teachers of Shoukat Hussain Rizvi as well so Shoukat refused to add his name in film titles and finally Naraijan R. Chohan’s name was reflected in film titles.
  • 100 snakes were used in the filming of the film and fight of snake and mongoose was picturised which was well liked by the film spectators.
  • It is also said that Rs.60,000 were expended in making of the film whereas its recovery was more than Rs.1,500,000.


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Genre: Drama l Romance Color: Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

Saleem Raza Salim Raza
image not aval Hemlata
M. Ismail
image not aval Surreya Jabeen
image not aval Kusum Nair
M. Ajmal
image not aval Madhok
image not aval Najo
image not aval Feroz
Deewan Sardari Lal
image not aval Deewan Gardhari Lal
image not aval Durga Mota
image not aval Dimond
image not aval Najo
Noor jahan face Baby Noor Jahan

Complete credited cast: NC

Film Details with Crew

Released Date:

November 12, 1937


Pancholi Pictures


Dil Sukh Pancholi


Barkat Ram Mehra

Writer / Dialogues:

Wali Sahib


Wali Sahib

Sound Recordist:

Aishan Ghosh


Pancholi Art Studios, Lahore


Badari Daas


Naraijan R. Chohan

Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi 


Master Ghulam Haider


Umrao Zia Baig
Shamshad Begum


Technical Specifications




Drama l Romance

Run Time:




Sound Format:


Aspect Ratio:

1.37 : 1







Composed by
 1 Pinjrey De Wich Qaid Jawani Noor Jahan

Wali Sahib 

Master Ghulam Haider

Shala Jawanian Maney, Akha Na Morin Pi Le  

Noor Jahan  Wali Sahib   Master Ghulam Haider 

Jawani Je Aa Ke Na Ja ve Te Jana

Surreya Jabeen  Wali Sahib   Master Ghulam Haider 

Mahiya Ve Oh Aaiyan Kaliyan Kaliyan Badaliyan Aaiyan 

Surreya Jabeen  Wali Sahib   Master Ghulam Haider 

Ghook meri qismat so geyi, Jago zaroor oye 

Tamancha Jan  Wali Sahib   Master Ghulam Haider 

Ik Sohne Jeye Jungle wich Ik Maada Saars Wasdi Si 

Master Ghulam Haider, Surreya Jabeen  Wali Sahib   Master Ghulam Haider 

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