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Junoon -e-Ishq
April 12, 2019

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March 22, 2019

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March 29, 2019


Mpaop (Motion Picture Archive of Pakistan)

Welcome to the versatile website of Pakistan film world commonly known as the Lollywood. It was named on mpaop (Motion Picture Archive of Pakistan) which is a non profit organization and as per its self-explanatory motto “Nations, don’t preserve their past have no future”,  mpaop was formed primarily with the aim to conserve, preserve and restore the creative work produced by Pakistan Cinematic Industry as a national heritage. The importance of preservation of Pak-cine was never felt previously at any stage by the film gurus or even it was unfortunately being neglected at government level as well.                           Read More

Preservation of motion picture refers to the measures taken to safeguard and make available our film heritage, such activities range from securing storage and access, to the transferring of fragile materials, such as nitrate or fading color film, to more permanent mediums like polyester prints. Where as Restoration of films is a more complex preservation process, one which involves the archivist’s efforts to restore a particular work to its creator’s original vision. While keeping in view the present status, standing or standard of Pakistan cinema. Film Preservation may sound a costly, time consuming and ineffectual assignment at some level…. Read More »

Other than the preservation and restoration aspect, detailed introduction to all the films produced from this part of the Sub-continent before partition and after (from 1908 till to date), Pakistan Film History, Pak Film Database, Film Associations, Chronological of Films, Artists (covering Actors, Actresses, Directors, Producers, Singers, Writers, Lyricists, Musicians, Pioneers, Film Journalists, Distributors etc.), their work and information about their Obituaries, complete details of Cinemas, Studios, Facts About Pak Films, Pakistan Film News and much more is presented as National heritage. Obviously it is not the final and still there is lot of room for improvement and  mpaop is looking forwarded for your generous assistance as well.

mpaop feel proud to inform that so for more than 4150 film pages (other than Artist’s pages) have been uploaded with maximum available information. These film pages are continuously being updated so visit again for the latest information about cinematic world of Pakistan. 




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Behroz Sabazwari
February 7, 19..

Moamar Rana
February 26, 1974

Syed Noor
February 21, 19..


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April 23, 2013

Hassan Tariq
April 24, 1982

Madiha Gohar
April 25, 2018

Artist of the Week

Muhammad Rafi Khawar known as Nanha was one of the most experienced film.. Read More »


Renowned film actress Seema died on March 14, 2019 in Lahore after ….Read More »

Remembering the Artist

Artist’s pages are continuously updated, some recently updated pages/ Read More »

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Film Journalists


  Pakistan Film Database

Statistical data of all feature films produced and released in Pakistan from 1924 till to-date including pre-1947 have been compiled and reproduced for general public knowledge and for the students of film history ….Read More »

Chronological of Pak Films 

Film pages updated

Film pages are constantly updated



Cinemas once taken as one of the best entertainment but with the passage of time it has reduced its attraction specially here in Pakistan, reasons may be standard of films, condition of cinema houses, prevailing political and security situation of the country or what so ever, but now it is emerging again with updated format….. Read More »

Information about Cinema 

Search here Cinema of your city, leaving aside it is existing or demolished and other details about cinemas of Pakistan:-

   ›   Check Cinema of your City

   ›   Pak Cinemas running at present

   ›   List of Modern Multiplex Cinemas

   ›   List of Cinepax in Pakistan

   ›   Punjab Cinemas

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   ›   Touring Talkies Cinemas

 Read More »

Pakistan First Cinema

Pakistan Talkies, the oldest cinema of Pakistan has been declared as Cultural heritage building by the Lahore Old City Authority…..  Read More »


Film Books


Page contains introductory detail of books, magazines and newspapers published about Pakistan cinematic world regrading film history, artists or general run down of films. Names included while leaving aside their present status whether it is being publish or not.

Latest Arrival…….

The National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) launched an exclusive book on Pakistani cinematic history titled Journey Through Lens at Alhamra Arts Council on February 7. Written by Aijaz Gull and Jamal Sohail, the book focuses on creation and development of the film industry in Pakistan which is an essential part of our…. Read More »

Fresh Arrival

Here are some fresh film related books which are added to mpaop‘s page, which is specifically dedicated to showbiz print media (Books/magazines).. Read More »



Mpaop is highly indebted to so many honorable viewers who have assisted mpaop and specifically mpaop website for its development, supported through promotional means, by provision of films, cinematic equipment, books, magazines, newspapers cutting, images and much more….. Some of the generous film gores are mentioned here and mpaop is grateful to all of them for their genuine contribution, encouragements in maintaining it office and these pages along with preservation process of Pakistan filmdom and cinematic world. Curator mpaop is indeed thankful to you all for your nice gesture, specially cooperating in preserving the national heritage process for future generations.

                                                                                                   (Thanks for your Support)   Read more »




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Dear Viewers,

Undoubtedly, all the artists and professionals of cine-world have indeed worked very hard, spent their days and nights in making motion pictures just to amuse and entertain us. Some of their film work proved to be a master piece but what so ever their business status was; one factor is established that it is now part of our cultural history. Unfortunately, mostly their work being destroyed just because of the mentioned reasons while negating its importance. Thus there is dire need to do some arrangements to preserve it with the same zeal and enthusiasm what rest of the world is doing.



"Now its our obligatory compulsion to preserve their work, you may also contribute and assist mpaop in preserving and restoring our cultural heritage by sharing some information, if you possess in shape of documents, film prints (any format like 8, 16, 35mm, videos etc). In this regard if you have some query or you can be of any help in this cause please Contact here…! "



Further more, in case of any inaccuracy, omission, addition, deletion, or submission, please assist mpaop in updating the information, your due participation in preserving the national heritage would be highly appreciated and after its analysis /approval by the research team, your contribution would immediately be reflected on this page with due veneration.

Thank you & profound regards,



Curator mpaop (Motion Picture Archive of Pakistan)

Tahir Nadeem


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