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Ali Ejaz

A versatile film, TV, theater artist and comedian who appeared in lead role in feature films.


Early Life

Ali Ejaz was born in 1941 at Kotli Loharan, District Sialkot as Syed Ali Ejaz Geelani. Afterward he moved to Lahore along with his family. At Lahore they settled at Qila Gujjar Sing, where he met Munawar Zarif and became best friends as both of them were school mate as well. After completing his education he joined a bank and started his professional career.  Right from his college life he was inclined towards creative art especially the performing art. Watching movies and stage dramas were his best pass time. By nature he was very jolly and jovial. So he was able to make an entry into Radio Pakistan and then stage / theater with his talent power.


Early Career

In 1964, when Pakistan Television was introduced, Ali Ejaz joined it and became one of the pioneer actors of Ptv. Like Tariq Aziz, Qavi and Kanwal


Some Facts…..Ali Ejaz

Real Name:

Syed Ali Ejaz Geelani

Addressed as:

Ali Ejaz

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Kotli Loharan, District Sialkot

Debut Film:



Two sons

First Film as Hero:

Dubai Chalo

Demise Date:

December 18, 2018

Years active:

1967 – 2000

Nasir. Lakhon Mein Teen was his initial TV drama, Ali Ejaz was one of the three characters of Lakhon Mein Teen which were played by Qavi (Mr. No), Ali Ejaz (Mr. What) and Qamar Choudhry (Mr. Yes). This TV play gave Ali Ejaz a nationwide popularity. With acting career, Ali Ejaz was still attached with his bank job. Renowned film director Shabab Keranvi who was famous for introducing the new talent in his films and there is a long list of artists who were picked by Shabab Keranvi and ruled Pakistan filmdom. Shabab Keranvi went to bank where Ali Ejaz was working and at that time he was cracking jokes with his bank colleagues. Shabab Keranvi recognized him and offered him comedy role in his next upcoming film. Ali Ejaz accepted his offer with all profound regards as his life’s time dream was coming into reality. Insaniyat was Shabab Keranvi’s next film which was directed by his friend A. Hameed known as Bhaiya Hameed). In this film Shabab Keranvi introduced two TV actors Tariq Aziz and Ali Ejaz. Ali Ejaz played the role of a Patiala-speaking fruit-merchant in Insaniyat with Nanha and Razia and did it so precisely which was very well received by film gores. After witnessing the confident performance of Ali Ejaz, Shabab Keranvi decided to include a comedy song which was sung by Ahmed Rushdi & Irene Parveen which was filmed on them. Ali Ejaz gave performance in comedy song, Tera Mera Piyar Dekh Kar Sara Zamana Jalta Hai, Jall Jane Do..which was up to the mark. Although, his performance in Insaniyat was noticed by film makers and he was included in the film cast of other films like Laila Majnu, Badal, Sher, Tiger Gang, Mardan Hath Medan, Kal De Munde, Bharosa and Aap Se Keya Parda etc. but these all characters were of secondary type of role which never gave him the popularity which he deserved. So with films he kept on working with Pakistan Television as well. 


As Lead Actor

In late 70s, trend of going to Dubai by hook or crook was increasing with passage of each day, even a huge number of youth lost their lives by adopting unfair means to reach at Dubai. Basing upon this concept Riaz Batalvi penned downed a story which was further scripted Munnu Bhai for Ptv long play and it was named Dubai Chalo, play was directed by Muhamamd Nisar Hussain. Main character of an innocent villager played by Ali Ejaz was very well received by all which included iconic film director of that time Haider Choudhry launched a film on the same name while Ali Ejaz was casted in lead role of the film. In Dubai Chalo Ali Ejaz was paired with his old colleague Nanha who had also worked together previously in film Sajha Majha. Dubai Chalo was released on November 3, 1979 and proved to be super hit film as like of drama. And then afterward there was no looking back as public really like the duet of Nanha and Ali Ejaz.

After super hit success of Dubai Chalo, another film was produced by Nanha named Wada Thanedar while taking Nanha and Ali Ejaz in the lead characters, Nanha himself was director of the film. On release it was also proved a super film. Since Ali Ejaz touched the public therefore, other film directors were eager to sign him for their films. Iqbal Kashmiri casted him in his under direction films like Alladin, Jin Chacha, Muqadar Ka Sikandar. Rangeela as director presented Ali Ejaz in lead role against lead actress of that time like Mumtaz, Sangeeta and Rani which included Sona Chandi, Namak Halal, Kaka Jee, Raja Rani and Sahib Bahadar. Sala Sahib which was directed by Altaf Hussain, was one of his best films and that also secure the heights of success. This success of Sala Sahib made a long line of films for Ali Ejaz under direction of Altaf Hussain and these films were Deewana Mastana, Ishq Sumandar, Qudrat, Chor Chokidar, Choorian, Nikah, Rishta Kaghiz Da and Dhee Rani. Another young film director Hasnain also looked towards Ali Ejaz and directed some good films like Noukar Te Malik, Dillan De Soude, Dever Bhabi and Bau Jee. During his peak time Ali Ejaz also played the role in Muft Bar which was directed by Hassan Askari.

After the super success of Dubai Chalo,  Haider Choudhry casted Ali Ejaz in his films like Susral Chalo, Sumandar Par, Dostana and Jhoora. Jhoora was the same film in which Aslam Pervez and Iqbal Hassan met an accident while on their way to film studios for shooting of this film. Haider Choudhry gave an other super hit film Sohra Te Jawai, in which duet of Ali Ejaz and Nanha appeared while Mumtaz was the paired with Ali Ejaz.

Pasoori Badsha was the last film this duet, after release of this film Ali Ejaz deviated from films due to unknown reasons. Sudden death of Nanha also affected his declining career. But during this period he also appeared in Ptv dramas. His TV drama Khawaja and Sons was another popular drama of that era.


Personal Life

Ali Ejaz got married with lady out of showbiz world and was blessed with two sons. Ali Ejaz spent the last years of his life in professional wilderness and was ignored by the industry and television. Even he had reservations about the conduct attitude of his close relations. Further ailment in last years of his life also affected social life of artist.


As Social Worker

As it is generally saying that creative people especially from performing art are very observant so naturally have very soft and sensitive in nature. Ali Ejaz was one of those personalities who felt the pain of old age persons who are without shelter or homeless. So keeping this thing in mind, in 2015, Ali Ejaz launched a social welfare project near Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan under his non-government organization (NGO), Ali Ejaz Foundation. This project, The Homes for the Welfare of the Old People, planned to build one hundred and thirty two homes within three years. The project was to be governed with donations from the public, industrialists and philanthropists.  The homes were meant to provide shelter to old age persons / senior citizens discarded by fellows and relatives. This foundation was an inspiration from Denmark’s old homes scheme. After initial preparation and paper work, Ali Ejaz physically met with all those personalities from where he was expecting some donations for fulfillment of his project. In this regard he also visited Silakot and arranged programs in which he invited notables and briefed them about his about his project. At the end he was over satisfied with the response as he anticipated. Now let’s see the fortune of this project after the demise of Ali Ejaz.



Honors & Awards

Ali Ejaz was honoured with the prestigious Presidential Pride of Performance on August 14, 1993.

He was also awarded following Nigar Awards:-







Best Actor

Dubai Chalo



Best Actor

Sohra Te Jawai



Best Actor

Noukar Te Malik



Special Award

Chor Machaye Shor



Other than Nigar award, Ali Ejaz had bagged multiple other awards in recognition of his acting skills.


Demise of the Artist 

A decade earlier Ali Ejaz suffered with paralysis attack but with his will power he was pulling along with significant improvement. On December 18, 2018, Ali Ejaz suffered a severe heart attack, he was evacuated but this iconic Pakistani film, television and stage actor could not sustained and took his last breath on same day due to cardiac arrest at Lahore. His funeral prayers were offered at Ayubia market, Muslim Town Lahore which was attended by showbiz personalities along with his relatives and fans. He has left behind a widow and two sons.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)



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