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Munir Zarif


Last amongst Zarif‘s Brothers

Munir Zarif was born as Muhammad Munir in Zarif’s family in 1939 at Gujranwala. Munir was younger brother of former film comedian Zarif and elder brother of Munawar Zarif, Mujeed Zarif and Rasheed Zarif. Following the footsteps of his predecessor brothers, Zarif and Manawar he also joined the film industry as an actor. With Bhatti Pictures Sajjan Piyara Muhammad Munir debut his film career as Munir Zarif in 1968, the film was released on December 22nd 1968 and did good at box office. Munir Zarif already had a film background history so didn’t find any difficulty in establishing himself. So in coming years he appeared in many films during his film career. Here it is worth mentioning that his belonging to Zarif family gave him a set platform but at the same time it went against his professional career as film spectators were expecting the same quality of acting like his brothers but unfortunately he didn’t possess the dialogue fluency, quick timings and reactive body language by nature. So throughout his career was not been able to acquire spark and perks of Zarif or Munawar Zarif.




Early Life

Along with his film career, Munir Zarif also diverted his attention towards Pakistan Television in early 80′s and appeared in couple of Ptv plays. Here on Ptv his appearance was accepted by the public specially his characters as barber named Chacha Karmu and Timepiece in drama Sona Chandi got popularity among viewers. His roles in Alif Laila and Ainak Wala Jin were also acclaimed by viewers and critics.

In his lateral part of life he was not been able to made any space for himself in film and TV specially with the induction of so many TV channels.


Some Facts…..Munir Zarif

Real Name:

Muhammad Munir

Addressed Name:

Munir Zarif

Birth Date:


Birth Place:




Munawar Zarif

Rasheed Zarif

Majeed Zarif


Three Daughters

Years active:


Date of Death:

February 18, 2014


Chacha Karmu / Timepiece


Personal Life

Munir Zarif got married in his early age, and was blessed with three daughters.

After the demise of Zarif, his four bothers also joined the cinematic world as comedians including Munir Zarif:-

Pappu Zarif son of Zarif

  • Zarif Zarif
  •  Munawar Zarif
  • image not aval Rasheed Zarif
  •  Majeed Zarif
  •  Munir Zarif’s nephew Faisal Munawar Zarif son of Munawar Zarif also joined the cinematic field but was not able to achieve the attention of film gores probably they were expecting the acting standard of his father Munwar Zarif. So afterward he not only left the film industry but also left Pakistan and got settled in UK.





Demise of the Artist

Munir Zarif was suffering with poor state of his health for last few years which was deteriorating with passage of time. On February 18, 2014 he had cardiac arrest during his paralysis condition which became the main cause of his demise. He was laid to rest in Bibi Pakdaman graveyard near his McLeod Road residence. He is survived by three daughters and a widow.

mpaop prays that may Allah almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant him Janat-ul-Firdous, amen!

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)



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