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NazarFirst Indigenous Comedian of Pakistan

Nazar as Syed Muhammad Nazar Hussain Shah was born in Merath (India) in 1920. His film career was started with a Punjabi film Gul Baloch which was released on February 28, 1944, it is the same film in which Muhammad Rafi as singer was introduced who subsequently became renowned playback singer of India. Just before the creation of Pakistan he was working in film Neik Dil but due to eruption of unrest in the country all producers and film related personalities who were mostly Hindu, migrated to Bombay (India) so obviously making of film was stopped. 


Early Career

After Teri Yaad when Deewan Sardari Lal started his film Teri Yaad, on the recommendation of Daud Chand he casted Nazar in the film. Thats how Nazar had the honor of being lead and First comedian of Pakistan’s inaugural film.

Although Teri Yaad was unable to do a good business but Nazar was liked by his natural performance. So Deewan Sardari Lal again casted Nazar in his next film Ghalt Fehmi. Meantime Nazir and his wife Sowarn Lata also migrated to Pakistan and started producing film here. Nazir was impressed with comedy being played by Nazar so he casted him in his films like Pheray, Laaray, Anokhi Dastan etc. By that time he had established himself as comedian so he became the first choice of film makers.

His next films were Jahad, Hamari Basti, Judai, Amanat and M.M. Mehra’s Akaili in which Nazar was paired with comedian Noor Muhammad Charlie. Nazar’s acting was so natural in films like Bheegi Palken, Shehri Babu in which he not only impressed 

Some Facts…..Nazar

Real Name:

Syed Muhammad Nazar Hussain Shah

Addressed as:


Shah Jee

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Merath (India)

Debut Film:

Gul Baloch

Teri Yaad (in Pakistan)


Four marriages

Last Film:

Bandhan (1980)

Active Years:

1945 – 1980

Demise Date:

January 20, 1992

the film gores with his dialogues but his physical comedy especially his face expressions were wonderful. He used to use his eyes, long and thin nose in a very appreciable manners which supplement his dialogues delivery.

Nazar had another quality that he used to change his voice accent accordingly to his character. Like in Sheikh Hassan’s film Barkha he adopted Rohtaki accent which became talk of the town at release of the film. Then in film Sassi Nazar acted as friend of the hero as Sher Gul and accordingly he adopted Pakhtoon accent subsequently it became his recognition.

Picturization of comedy song especially with female pair, Nazar had a unique grip over it with style. He was so popular that almost in every Punjabi film he had a comedy song which used to be included basically a public demand. His natural funny style was worth watching, here is song from Mukhra with Asha Posley:-  



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ZarifWith the passage of time new faces as comedians were also introduced like Anwar Kamal Pasha introduced Asif Jah in his film Do Ansoo and after the release of Patay Khan, liking graph of Zarif was rising with release of each of his film but Nazar has his own style and way of comedy. In year 1964, Darpan produced a film Inspector in which Nazar and Naghma appeared in lead role. Inspector was directed by Al-Hamid and it was 

Nazar with Asha Posley in Mukhra

released May 29, 1964 but due to weak direction and super imposition of direction Nazar was unable to deliver his natural performance. The failure of Inspector caused no impact over his film career and he kept on appearing in films till 1980. During this period he performed in Kanwari Bewa, Patay Khan, Soteli Maa, Sabira, Hatim, Gul Badan, Shalimar, Pattan, Pawwan, Morni, Saltanat, Baghi, Akhri Nishan, Dil Mein Tu, Koel, Hamsafar, Himmat, Sathi, Rani Khan, Sahil, Zanjeer, Sham Dhalay, Manzil, Habu, Tamasha, Mangti, Gulfam, Darwaza, Azra, Qaidi, Billo Jee, Zarina, Qanoon, Ghazala, Baap Ka Baap, Mehndi Waley Hath, Azmat-e-Islam, Jugni, Paristan and Hazar Dastan. During his entire film career, Nazar worked in almost one hundred and seventy one films, in which one hundred and seventeen films were in Urdu, fifty one films in Punjabi, two films in Pashto and one movie in Sindhi languages. His last released film was Bandhan which was directed by Shoukat Hashmi and released on March 21, 1980 under the banner of Sangam Movies.



Personal Life

Nazar had married for four times. During one of film’s shooting he made Sowar Lata as his sister and then onward till his last breath he hold and owned this relationship.



Honors and Awards 

Nazar was awarded two Nigar Awards, first for the best comedian for his role in Hamsafar in 1960 and second in 1982 for 30 years of contribution to cinema.



Demise of the Artist 

Nazar died on January 20, 1992 and was buried in Model Town grave yard in Lahore.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)



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