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Naheed Khanum – Pioneer of Commercial Theater 

Naheed Khanum was born in 1949, her mother Parveen Begum was also a popular film actor from the prep-Partition.  Since her childhood she was inclined towards performing art. Following the steps of her mother she also appeared in one odd film as child star but afterward she drifted towards stage and contributed lot in making it commercial theater.


During her prolonged theater career she penned down and directed a large number of stage dramas which includes Time Pass, Hello Uncle, Kali Kalooti De Nakhre Bare, Ishq Nachaya and very very long list of stage shows. The glaring aspect on her credential is introduction of new talent to the theater industry which comprising of Amanullah, Shoki Khan, Mastana, Tariq Tedy, Zafri Khan, Hina Shaheen, Nasir Chiniyoti, Naseem Vicky, Sheeba Butt, Beena Sehar and many more artist who subsequently became guarantee for the success of stage drams.

Some Facts…..Naheed Khanum

Real Name:

 Naheed Khanum

Birth Date:


Mother’s Name:

Parveen Begum


Anjuman (Theater actress) 


Anjum Zaidi 


Two sons and one daughter including Ali Zaidi  

Demise Date:

April 30, 2017

Naheed was also well-aware of other aspects of theater excluding direction, such as set designing and technical equipment being used during shows. Her affection to theater can be judged with this that during her illness, Naheed did not give up on theater.


Personal Life

Naheed Khanum was married to Anjum Zaidi who was also a stage artist. She was blessed with two sons and one daughter. Ali Zaidi her son is also renowned theater producer of Lahore whereas her son and daughter are settled in USA and Belgium respectively. Stage actress Anjuman is the sister whereas former director and film journalist Shoukat Hashmi was maternal uncle of Naheed Khanum.



Demise of the Artist

Naheed Khanum was suffering with diabetes and cardiac problems, she was admitted in a private hospital of Defense Lahore where she could not survive and died on April 30, 2017. Naheed was put to rest on March 13, 2017 at Allama Iqbal Town graveyard, Lahore and her funeral was attended by a large number of people from Lahore’s theater.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)





Latest News / Events

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