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Noor Jahan – Post Partition – At Lahore

This article is continuation of Noor Jahan

1947 – 1961

NoorJahan2mainDuring the exhibition of Mirza Sahiba, Pakistan came into being, resultantly, all muslim artists who were there at Bombay moved to Pakistan. Accordingly, Noor Jahan along with her husband and two children Akbar Hussain Rizvi and Asghar Hussain Rizvi reached Karachi from Bombay in September 1947. Here they were allotted a bungalow at Garden East Karachi. A. R. Kardar and Mehboob also came to Pakistan but were disappointed with the future of films here and went back to Bombay. After settling down, Shoukat Hussain Rizvi started preparing for release of Jugnu which was yet not released in Pakistan. So he settled his sister in the alloted house and came to Lahore where he was again allotted a Sheesh Mahal at Davis Road Lahore. During exploration of film avenues he concluded to establish his own film studios. Other film personalities who migrated from India like W.Z. Ahmed and Sibtain Fazali etc were allotted cinemas and there was Shori Studios lying vacant for whom Shoukat and Noor Jahan tried to get its allotment but had to face many hurdles. Jugnu was released and it proved a big hit in all over Pakistan. Finally in June 1949, they were allotted the Shori studio which was almost completely burnt out, anyhow Shoukat spent his last penny and got the studio in some working shape and it was renamed as Shahnoor Studios.

On completion of Shahnoor Studios he announced production of four films and also invited other film producers to utilize their studio facility for their new projects. Likewise, Noor Jahan once again announced for playback singing as well but with the condition that she would only sing for those movies in which she would act as heroine. Shoukat ‘s first film was Nagina, Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj wrote the story and songs of the film and Feroz Nizami gave the music, in cast other than Noor Jahan it was Majeed, Shah Nawaz, Ghulam Muhammad and Hamaliya Wala. At the same time Punjabi films like Pherey and Laarey did a good business so friends suggested Shoukat that instead of Urdu film why not to make a Punjabi film so Chan Way was started which was a comedy love story and under the Feroz Nizami’s music songs were publically launched and as anticipated a lot of appreciation was received. although Noor Jahan was reflected as its director but on ground it was Shoukat Hussain Rizvi who directed the film. Anyhow Chan Way was released on March 24th 1951 and it became the Super hit film of the year specially due to his music . In Lahore it was released in Regent cinema where it completed eighteen weeks These songs were:


  1. Bach ja mundia mor tu mein sadqe (Lyric –  Ustad Daman) – Noor Jahan
  2. Be dardan di dunia kolon koi wakhri (Lyric –  F.D.Sharf) – Ali Bakhsh Zahoor
  3. Changa banaia e sanoo khadona, aape bana na te aape metana (Lyric –  F.D.Sharf) – Noor Jahan
  4. Chan dea totea dillaan dia khotia (Lyric –  F.D.Sharf) – Noor Jahan
  5. Jadoo koi pa gea, dil sada aa gea, kisse di jawani utte dil sada aa gea (Lyric –  F.D.Sharf) – Noor Jahan
  6. Lamian manzilan, dil door kinare (Lyric –  F.D.Sharf) – Noor Jahan
  7. Mere angne de wich charia, chann jawani da (Lyric –  F.D.Sharf) – Noor Jahan
  8. Mousam ae mohabtan da – Noor Jahan
  9. Tere long da pea lashkara (Lyric –  F.D.Sharf) – Noor Jahan.
  10. Tere mukhre da kala kala til ve, kid ke le gea dil ve, ve mundia sialkotia (Lyric –  F.D.Sharf) – Noor Jahan
  11. Ve tu bhul na ja ven naina naal (Lyric –  F.D.Sharf)


dopataThe worth mentioning and Super hit films of 1952 was Dopatta which was directed by Sibtain Fazali, its filming was carried out in Shahnoor studio. The major contribution of the success of this film was its music which composed by Feroz Nizami and all songs were sung by Noor Jahan so that’s way it became the third great musical film after Jungu and Chan Way both from Noor Jehan and musician Feroz Nizami. Beside singing Noor Jahan had already debut her career as actress prior to the partition but in Pakistan she appeared in Dopatta for the first time in any Urdu film.
Fazali Sahib’s film Dopatta was the next film which was a muslim social love story, it has the same story like Chan Way, Santosh Kumar and Ajey Kumar played the role of Santosh Kumar and Jahangir Khan. Songs were written by new lyricists Musheer Kazmi and Arsh Lakhnavi and Feroz Nizami gave them such an everlasting tunes that even today the songs are as popular as it used to be at the time of release of the film.


  1. Baat hi baat mein ji, chandni raat mein  – Noor Jahan
  2. Chandni raaten, sab jagg soye, hum jagen, taroon se karen baten – Noor Jahan
  3. Main ban patang urh jaon re – Noor Jahan
  4. Mere mann ke raja aja – Noor Jahan
  5. Nache jia re chhama chham nache jia re – Noor Jahan
  6. Sanwaria, tohe koi pukare, aja re – Noor Jahan
  7. Tum zindgi ko gham ka fasana bana gae, ankhon mein intezar ki dunia basa gae   – Noor Jahan
  8. Ubelti aag se is dil ko jalta dekhte jao – Noor Jahan

As previously Shoukat Hussain Rizvi had planned to make Nagina but as he was diverted towards Punjabi films and that project was still pending. So with the help of Crescent films he started Gulnaar with the same script of Nagina. Only the direction was changed as Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi planned to direct Nagina but Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj was asked to direct the film. Its music was composed by Master Ghulam Haider but during the recording of the music he got sick. Indian singer, Lata Mangeshkar invited Master Ghulam Haider for complementary treatment in Bombay but he refused to go there and completed the composition of songs but he died just before the release of Gulnaar. Basically the story of Gulnaar was based on Masnavi Zehr e Ishq so for Masnavi  Khalil Ahmed was specially invited from Karachi. In film a Nawabi (Knights of Lakhnow) environment was depicted which made this film not very attractive for a common spectator when Punjabi film culture was flourishing so it got flopped. The failure of Gulnaar made Shoukat very upset as he was expecting another big hit as it had broken his dream of giving a big hit in each year. Anyhow, few songs of Gulnaar which were able to caught the attention of masses:


  1.     Ae raat zara tham tham ke guzar – Noor Jahan
  2.     Bachpan ki yaad garo – Noor Jahan
  3.     Lo chal diye woh ham ko tasalli diye bagheir – Noor Jahan
  4.     Sakhi naheen aaye mere balma – Noor Jahan



Till 1953, Noor Jahan maintained her decision that she would only sing songs for those film in which would appeared as heroine. This was the time she developed some differences with Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi due to some obvious reasons. So she started singing songs for the films which were not even being made in Shahnoor Studios. During the recording of songs for film Suhag she developed some differences with the musician of film, Mian Shehar Yar and refused to sing for him resultantly the producer of film simply struck Shehar Yar out of Suhag. On the other hand Mian Shehar Yar in revenge introduced Naseem Begum, a new talent and substitute to Noor Jahan, afterward it was proved because she had a pitch and vocals just like Noor Jahan. She remained under training of Mukhtar Begum the wife of Agha Hashar Kashmiri. But unfortunately she died at very young age and gave a clear and smooth run to Noor Jahan.


patey khanIn 1954, Noor Jahan announced to give playback singing for any film without any condition. So first film in which she gave playback song was Patey Khan,which was released in 1955 she recorded three Punjabi and two Urdu songs. Once shooting of the film was about to start Muhammad Ali Mahiya the father of Sabiha Khanum who was the heroine of the Patey Khan, returned the advance money back to Producer Islam ud Din Shami, who had already complete all sets and arrangements for the shooting got worried and asked Director M. A. Rasheed for some new heroine. Patey Khan was debut film of M.A. Rasheed, being a good friend of Shoukat Hussain Rizvi requested Noor Jahan to act as heroine of the film. After realizing the loss to producer and future of new director in danger she agreed and after release of Patey Khan not only it became a super hit film but also gave a very mature and dedicated film director M.A. Rasheed and music director Akhtar Hussain to Pakistan film industry.


  1. Do rahi rasta bhool gee, rang badal gea afsne ka –   Noor Jahan
  2. Hoka mein deian gali gali ve sanwal merea, tere bina kalli kalli ve, sanwal merea  – Noor Jahan
  3. Holi holi ro mom batiye –   Noor Jahan
  4. Kalli kalli jan dukh lakh te hazar ve –   Noor Jahan
  5. Meinu kehndi ae jawani akhan char kar le, akhan kehndia ne kurie tu piyar kar le –   Noor Jahan
  6. Meri phhar le, aa ja meri phharh le banh, akhian har gei aan, dil ne tere agge kar lai haan –  Noor Jahan
  7. Moor le mohar channa, raat tur chali aa  –  Noor Jahan
  8. O jan -e- bahar, aya tere aa ne se – Noor Jahan


1956, the year in which copying Indian films was at peak, which was started with Noukar. Producers Agha G.A. Gul and J.C. Anand started Lakhat e Jigar and Hameeda, respectively. Since story of films was based on one Indian film so both of them wanted to release the film before each other. Noor Jahan and Sabiha Khanum were the heroine of films had no comparison cause Noor Jahan was very senior to Sabiha in all respects. Finally Hameeda was released one weak prior to Lakhat e Jigar and hit the box office where as Noor Jahan’s Lakhat e Jigar proved very weak and a flop film which made Noor Jahan very upset and heartrending moment. But with the failure of this film she was now ready to be more inclined towards her singing career. Noor Jahan’s song for Lakhat e Jigar:


  1. Aa haal dekh le mera, ke dil mein pyar basa kar tera, mein barbad hoi – Noor Jahan
  2. Aahen tarap rahen hain – Noor Jahan
  3. Aaj ham be asro ko – Noor Jahan
  4. Chanda ki nagri se aaja ri nindiya – Noor Jahan
  5. Chanda re Chanda – Noor Jahan
  6. Rakh sada anjam par – Noor Jahan
  7. Woh khwab sohana toot geya, ameed gayi – Noor Jahan


intezarIn same year Noor Jahan got the opportunity to sing for Khawaja Khursheed Anwar for film Intezar. Khawaja Khursheed Anwar was composing music for film before partition and his film Parwana was a blockbuster film but it was coincidence that she had not performed under his music direction. During the recording / shooting of songs for Intezar she found Khawaja Khursheed Anwar at the height of music compositions so she gave her output both for singing and acting at her best. On release of the film it hit the box office and Noor Jahan got releif of sigh after the bad dream of Lakhat e Jigar.


  1. Aa geye balm pardesi ghar aa geye – Noor Jahan
  2. Chand hansey, duniya basey, roye mera piyar ho – Noor Jahan
  3. Chhunn chhunn naachoon gi – Noor Jahan
  4. Ghazab kiya terey waadey pe etbar kiya – Noor Jahan
  5. Jawani ki raaten, jawani ke din – Zubaida Khanum
  6. Jis din se piya dil le geye, dukh de geye – Noor Jahan
  7. O jane wale re, thehro zara ruk jayo, lot aao – Noor Jahan
  8. Sanwan ki ghanghor ghattao – Noor Jahan


Noor Jahan-NooranAfter the success of Intezar, J.C. Anand started Nooran a Punjabi film with the cast of Noor Jahan and Sudhir. Once again a competition was started when Bari Malik started his project Sehti with Mussarat Nazir and Akmal. Like Lakhat e Jigar and Hameeda race, once again Everready won it and Nooran was released first but unexpectedly it didn’t work and was another flop film in spite it had the major cast of that time. Meantime a film Kafiristan was started by Producer Sheikh Latif the owner of Capital Film Exchange under the direction of Fazali, just to give it a realistic touch, producer and director both went to Kafiristan (Kalash Valley District Chitral) to observe their way of living and tradition etc. Noor Jahan and Sudhir were in the main lead role, music was composed by Master Inayat Hussain. Noor Jahan recorded three songs for the film which was written by Tanvir Naqvi but suddenly director and producer developed some differences and there project was ceased forever. The songs of film Nooran are as under:



  1. Daachi waleya le chal naal ve – Noor Jahan
  2. Ik cheez gawachi dil kolon, jinhoo nain nimanay labhday ne – Noor Jahan/Munir Hussain
  3. Kaddi aawe Dilbara wasta ee – Noor Jahan
  4. Panchhi te pardesi pyar jaddoon paandey – Noor Jahan/ Munir Hussain
  5. Teinoo phirni aan labhdi – Noor Jahan/ Munir Hussain
  6. Tere bol ne te meriyan ne buliyan – Noor Jahan
  7. Title song in Heer Waris Shah tone – Munir Hussain/  Noor Jahan
  8. Wekheya howe ni kise takeya howe- Noor Jahan

anar kali1Then came two of Noor Jahan’s films Anar Kali and Chhomantar, three songs recorded for Kafiristan were incorporated in Anar Kali and remaining music of the film with four songs were composed by Rasheed Attrey. The film was a big cast film but Sudhir as Shahzada Saleem was not that suited because he possessed a fighter image at that period of time. However, Noor Jahan received a lot of appreciations for her songs of the film. On the other hand Mian Mushtaq who hired Billo Mohra from India for direction of Chhomantar (in film titles Mian Mushtaq Hafeez is reflected as Film Director instead Billo Mohra,  being Indian national) and asked Rafiq Ali a violinist to compose the music of the film. Noor Jahan with Aslam Pervez were the main lead role hero and heroine of Chhomantar. On release both the films did well specially songs of Noor Jahan for the films were hit and still counted amongst her everlasting songs.


  1. Banwri chakori kare duniya se chori chroi, chanda ko salam – Noor Jahan
  2. Jalte hain armaan mera dil rota hai, qismat ka dastoor nirala hota hai – Noor Jahan
  3. Kahaan tak sunno ge kahaan tak sunaoo – Noor Jahan
  4. Keya jane keya armaan le kar – Noor Jahan
  5. O bewafa, ham na bhoole tumein, saari duniya – Noor Jahan
  6. Pehle to apne dil ki ada jaan jeyie – Noor Jahan
  7. Sada hoon apney pyar ki – Noor Jahan
  8. Tumhari aarzoo mein koocha-e-qatil – Noor Jahan



pardaisan1958, brought another three films of Noor Jahan and all these movies were with Aslam Pervez as main lead hero. It started with M. Naseem’s Perdesan in Shahnoor Studios, Hassan Tariq’s debut film as director Neend and Khawaja Khursheed Anwar’s Koel. On release of the films in 1959, Perdesan proved as a complete flop film mainly because of its direction, M. Naseem the producer of the film gave the direction of the film to Ali who was basically film editor but not a mature film director. Accordingly he wsa unable to place a good grip over the sequences of the film. Being film editor his more emphais was towards the editing aspcets where as he silmply neglected the situational sequence and appearamce of song Resultantly a common spectator could easily felt the lack of synchronization of plot and story of the film so it badly effected over all the presentation. However, remaining two films Neend and Koel were the super hit films of the year, specially their music and Noor Jahan’s everlasting songs played a vitol role in the success of film.


  1. Aayi ghamman wali sham, too vi aa – Noor Jahan
  2. Jawan Mahi kol mar udhariyan – Noor Jahan
  3. Jaween na meri jan Dil toon door – Noor Jahan
  4. Morh muharah Sanwal we – Noor Jahan

Noor in GhalibSyed Attaullah Shah Hashmi announced a film Ghalib in 1959 which was inspired by Sohrab Modi’s Mirza Ghalib (Bharat Bhoshan and Suriya) released in pre-partition era. As regard to the film cast, Sudhir and Noor Jahan were selected for the main lead roles. M. Naseem of Popular Pictures, who had already produced Perdesan was the producer of Ghalib, Tassadaq Hussain composed the music of the film and really worked very hard to create a melodious songs with classical touch. Especially Ghalib’s famous ghazals like:



  1. Mudat hoi hai yaar ko mehman keye hoye
  2. Dil hi to hai na sang o khisht dard se bhar na aaye keyn

Thses were fabulous tunes. Ghalib was released on November 24th, 1961, the film was so so, as far as acting performance was concerned, Noor Jahan did all right in her character whereas Sudhir was again proved all together unsuitable for the character of Ghalib, indeed his selection for portraying Ghalib was completely wrong choice and this factor was felt by every spectator once watching the film on big screen that resulted into a failure of the film. M. Naseem the producer of film probably wanted a big cast movie but selecting Sudhir as Ghalib was not appreciated and resulted in falure of the film. This factor badly affected the acting film career of Noor Jahan so disappointingly she declared permanent retirement from acting and started her full time playback singer career from that onward and this announcement terminated the 26 years acting career of Noor Jahan.


Playback Singing Career


In 1960 Noor Jahan started her playback singing career with a song

Song zindgi hai ya kissi ka intezar hai, jane kiss ko dhondti hai bar bar

composed by Rasheed Attrey and song was included in film Salma and than onward she started her playback singing career. In the start she was very choosey and selective for the poetry, lyrics , musicians and particularly the song was supposed to be picturised on which actress. In actress again she used to sing for top heroines and that to selective ones, no song for any second role heroine, dancer or ramp etc. That’s why in 1962, her songs in four films like Chiragh Jalta Raha, Qaidi, Mosiqar and Ghonghat took her to the heights of popularity. First choice for very top heroine for their playback singer was none other than Noor Jahan and more surprisingly her voice fits all the top heroines of that time. Malangi in 1965 was her first Punjabi film as playback singer, after the hit songs of this film, every Punjabi film producers and distributor wanted her songs for their films.


noor with ayub

Receiving Tamgha e Khidmat from former President Ayub Khan

During Indo-Pak war in 1965, once the whole nation was involved in the conflict, at this point of juncture Noor Jahan was the leading artist who offered her songs to boost the morale of the nation particularly the Army. She visited the main battle field to give pat to the soldiers of soil. She sang a couple of patriotic songs with all due national fervor and zeal. To acknowledge this fact at government level she was awarded with Tamgha e Khidmat by former President Ayub Khan. A few of songs from her almost fifty patriotic songs are appended below which are still morale boosting source for the nation even today:


Song Some patriotic songs by Noor Jahan during war 1965

  1. Ae puttar hataan te nahi wikdey, ki lubh di ain wich bazar kurey – Sufi Tabassum
  2. Ae watan ka sajeeley jawano, merey naghmay tumharey leye hain – Jameel ud Din Aalee
  3. Ho mahi chhail chhabilah, hi ni kernail ni gernail ni – Sufi Tabassum
  4. Jaag ae mujahid e Watan
  5. Mera sohna shehr Kasoor ni, hoya duniya wich mashhor ni
  6. Mereya dhol sipahiya, tenu Rubb deyan rakhhan
  7. Rang laye ga shaheedon ka lahoo, yeh lahoo surkhi hai aazadi ke afsaney ki
  8. Raat kat jaye gi, gul e rang sawera ho ga
  9. Ur ke pahuncho ge tum jis falik par, saath jaye gi awaz meri
  10. Ye hawaoun ke musafir, ye samandaron ke rahi, merey sar-bakaf mujahid, merey suf-shikan sipahi

As a result of the inclusion of Punjabi and Urdu songs and mostly her role during this war, Noor Jahan’s popularity was touching sky limits and then there was no looking back, she gave such a melodious songs that even today they are as fresh as these used to be at that time. Songs in Punjabi or Urdu language, with every musician she became more and more popular and famous with her every next song.

In 1975 onward Noor Jahan started singing unconditionally for everyone, no selection of lyrics, poets, musicians, heroines or even she didn’t bother to sing such callous and cheap songs like:


  • Kujh phis gai ae, kujh paat gai ae, meri vail di qameez ajj paat gai ae
  • Ve neray neary aa, seeney nal la
  • Dooron Dooron akhiyan marey munda patwari da


These songs were composed to address a specific class for commercial gains which could not be listened with family like environment as a result it indeed harm her status and symbolic repute. But if looking it optimistically, argument can be endorsed that she was not a singer for some specific class, school of thought or community rather she was an ever loving choice of every one (from classical taste upper class to middle and lower class) for different walks of life. That’s why her popularity graph was maintained till her last song when she got sick and doctors strictly advised her not to sing any more while keeping her health state in mind.



Matrimonial Life

First Marriage


Noor Jahan with Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi

Noor Jahan with Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi

During the shooting of Khandan in 1942, Noor Jahan noticed that Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi was paying her more attention other than the director and actress’s relationship soon after both of them started developing an affection and liking for each other. It started so much so that, an elope case was launched against Shoukat which was resolved with the efforts of Mian Ehsaan and Mian Hafeez. Once Pancholi came to know about this affair, though he waited till completion of Khandan but just after its release he discharged both Noor Jahan and Shoukat Rizvi form the service of Pancholi Art Pictures that brought a immence botheration for both specially the family of Noor Jahan and her brother Muhammad Shafi.

noor, maa,and SSHDuring the shooting of Noukar, Noor Jahan and Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi got together in Bombay as director and actress of the film which once again ignite their slumbering emotions. Muhammad Shafi tried to oppose it but this time he had to surrender as Noor Jahan and Shoukat got married silently in 1943. And once they landed here in Pakistan in September 1947, they had two sons Akbar Hussain Rizvi (1944) and Asghar Hussain Rizvi who was born after the release of Jugno which brought two major good news for Syed Shoukat Hussian Rizvi i.e. success of Jugno and obviously birth of his second son.

Noor with Akbar Asghar

Noor Jahan with Akbar Asghar

Their third child Zill e Huma was born once Noor Jahan and Shoukat were in the process of establishing Shori to Shahnoor Studios. But unfortunately during the shootings of Patey Khan in 1953, they developed some differences due to obvious reasons that ended in termination of their matrimonial relation and divorced. Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi subsequently married former actress Yasmin the ex-wife of a cameraman Jaffar Bukhari.


Second Marriage

Noor Jahan with Ejaz on Wedding

Noor Jahan with Ejaz on Wedding

On other hand, after separation with Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi, Noor Jahan developed liking with young and smart actor Ejaz Durrani who had already produced some films as well. Finally this affection turned into love and Noor Jahan remarried with actor Ejaz Durrani on 19 October 1959. From Ejaz, Noor Jahan was blessed with three daughters named Shazia, Hina and Tina. As in the world of showbiz scandals go side by side, this was what exactly happened with the matrimonial life of Noor Jahan. Due to the showbiz activities and her persona she was associated with many folks but here we’ll not go into those details because that is not in the motive of mpaopS with the believe that matter of someone’s character is only in between Almighty and him/herself and he/she is responsible for their deeds, no one else have the right to poke and peep into it purely from social and religious point of view.


Noor Jahan Family

With Ejaz, Hina (as child), Hina Zill e Huma on her wedding day and son Akbar Rizvi

Ahmed Butt son and Soniya Jahan

Ahmed Butt son and Soniya Jahan

During this time, films of Ejaz with actress Firdous got popularity as leading pair of film industry once both of them gave super hit films one after and the other. With this stories of their involvement with each other were also in the main headlines of filmdom, obviously it reached to Noor Jahan as well. Resultantly, once again that created a gap in between Ejaz and Noor Jahan, finally that ended in their divorce in mid-seventies. Afterward, Ejaz got remarried with the daughter of Shareef Nayyar, famous director of his super hit film Dosti.

As regard to the siblings of Noor Jahan, Sonia Jahan is the daughter of his elder son Akbar Hussain Rizvi, Ashgar Hussain Rizvi married to Farida daughter of Pervez and niece of former actress Salma Mumtaz. Regarding daughters, Zill e Huma got married with businessman and Jeweler Aqeel Butt, one daughter to Khalid Waheed and then hockey player Hassan Sardar. Noor Jahan’s daughter Hina also anchored a musical programme on Noor Jahan at Ptv.


Note: Since it is not the mpaopS’s motive to exploit the personal life and character of any honorable artist rather its object is to highlight and promote their performance and successes. So under personal life only the happened facts are discussed for the knowledge of the viewers only. But still in your opinion if there is some objectionable words please remind mpaopS for mistakes for subsequent rectification.




Filmography of Noor Jahan

Noor jahan filmography 1Noor Jahan was a versatile artist, in what so ever form she presented herself either as singer, actress or film director it was highly appreciated and her performance specially as singer was Immaculate, marvelous and everlasting as she remained active almost six decades, definitely she would be alive and remembered till end. As regard to her acting performance, though it was not that outstanding because once she started her career as solo heroine which transferred from Baby Noor Jahan, at that time her appearance was not that stunning which might have place her in queue of spectacular heroine of that era. And during her subsequent tenure as heroine in Pakistani films she was already touching thirties with a bit bulky figured appearance stopped her again in mesmerizing the audience with appearance, that’s why just after Ghalib in 1961 she decided herself to focus on her singing instead acting career. However, with all these precincts her career as actress can also not be left unnoticed and disregarded. Filmography of Noor Jahan is presented with all possible available details.

Total Films of Noor Jahan 42
Pre-Partition Films 29
Post Prartioin Films 13
Urdu Film 31
Punjabi Films 11
Film as Director 1
Films in which appeared as Baby Noor Jahan 14


Noor Jahan’s Films (1935-1947)

1 Pind Di Kuri / Sheela  1935
2 Missar Ka Sitara 1935
3 Mr & Mrs Bombay 1936
4 Naari Raaj 1936
5 Fakhr-e-Islam 1937
6 Heer Sayal 1937
7 Mr 420 1937
8 Taran Haar 1937
9 Na Mumkin 1938
10 Sassi Punno 1938
11 Imperial Mail 1938
12 Gul Bakawali 1939
13 Yamla Jatt 1940
14 Choudhry 1941
15 Khandan 1942
16 Duhaai 1943
17 Noukar 1943
18 Nadan 1943
19 Dost 1944
20 Lal Haveli 1944
21 Bari Maa 1945
22 Bhai Jaan 1945
23 Gaon Ki Gori 1945
24 Zeenat 1945
25 Dil 1946
26 Anmol Ghari 1946
27 Hamjoli 1946
28 Jugnu 1947
29 Mirza Sahiba 1947

Noor Jahan’s complete Filmography- (Alphabetical)

1 Anar Kali 1958
2 Anmol Ghari 1946
3 Bari Maa 1945
4 Bhai Jaan 1945
5 Chan Way  1951
6 Chhomantar  1958
7 Choudhry 1941
8 Dil 1946
9 Dopatta 1952
10 Dost 1944
11 Duhaai 1943
12 Fakhr-e-Islam 1937
13 Gaon Ki Gori 1945
14 Ghalib 1961
15 Gul Bakawali 1939
16 Gulnaar 1953
17 Hamjoli 1946
18 Heer Sayal 1937
19 Imperial Mail 1938
20 Intezar 1956
21 Jugnu 1947
22 Khandan 1942
23     Koel 1959
24 Lakht-e-Jigar 1956
25 Lal Haveli 1944
26 Mirza Sahiba 1947
27 Missar Ka Sitara 1935
28 Mr & Mrs Bombay 1936
29 Mr 420 1937
30 Na Mumkin 1938
31 Naari Raaj 1936
32 Nadan 1943
33 Neend 1959
34 Nooraan  1957
35 Noukar 1943
36 Patey Khan  1955
37 Perdesan  1959
38 Pind Di Kuri-Sheela 1935
39 Sassi Punno 1938
40 Taran Haar 1937
41 Yamla Jatt 1940
42 Zeenat 194



Noor Jahan’s Films (1947-1961)

After partition, in next ten years (1951 – 1961), Noor Jahan performed in five Punjabi and eight Urdu films, details are as under:


1 Chan Way  1951
2 Dopatta 1952
3 Gulnaar 1953
4 Patay Khan  1955
5 Lakhat e Jiggar 1956
6 Intezar 1956
7 Nooraan  1957
8 Chho Mantar  1958
9 Anar Kali 1958
10 Perdesan  1959
11 Neend 1959
12 Koel 1959
13 Ghalib 1961


Noor Jahan’s complete Filmography- (Language Wise)

Table to co

1 Pind Di Kuri/Sheela Punjabi 1935
2 Heer Sayal Punjabi 1937
3 Sassi Punno Punjabi 1938
4 Gul Bakawali Punjabi 1939
5 Yamla Jatt Punjabi 1940
6 Choudhry Punjabi 1941
7 Chan Way  Punjabi 1951
8 Patey Khan  Punjabi 1955
9 Nooraan  Punjabi 1957
10 Chhomantar  Punjabi 1958
11 Perdesan  Punjabi 1959
12 Missar Ka Sitara Urdu 1935
13 Mr & Mrs Bombay Urdu 1936
14 Naari Raaj Urdu 1936
15 Fakhr-e-Islam Urdu 1937
16 Mr 420 Urdu 1937
17 Taran Haar Urdu 1937
18 Na Mumkin Urdu 1938
19 Imperial Mail Urdu 1938
20 Khandan Urdu 1942
21 Duhaai Urdu 1943
22 Noukar Urdu 1943
23 Nadan Urdu 1943
24 Dost Urdu 1944
25 Lal Haveli Urdu 1944
26 Bari Maa Urdu 1945
27 Bhai Jaan Urdu 1945
28 Gaon Ki Gori  Urdu 1945
29 Zeenat Urdu 1945
30 Dil Urdu 1946
31 Anmol Ghari Urdu 1946
32 Hamjoli Urdu 1946
33 Jugnu Urdu 1947
34 Mirza Sahiba Urdu 1947
35 Dopatta Urdu 1952
36 Gulnaar Urdu 1953
37 Lakht-e-Jigar Urdu 1956
38 Intezar Urdu 1956
39 Anar Kali Urdu 1958
40 Neend Urdu 1959
41 Koel Urdu 1959
42 Ghalib Urdu 1961

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Honor and Awards

noor with ayub

Receiving Tamgh e Khidmat from President Ayub Khan in 1966

Right from her first song she was recognized and picked by the legends of music and later on her tutoring and grooming in the hands of Master Ghulam Haider and Ustad Bare Ghulam Ali, God gifted melodic quality and untiring day night practice made living legend even in her life. The artists who comprehend the technicalities of music including all great singers of present and past acknowledged and confirmed her heights in music world and appreciated that how easily she used to take on difficult and challenging Alaaps, Raags and song tunes.

Other than the entertainment world and leaving aside her portrayed scandals she remained involved in the echelons higher official and governing personalities throughout her life. Almost six decades she remained sparkling on the sky of entertainment and this is one of the best Awards which an artist can expect. It’s true that she was unique and there can’t be other another Noor Jahan.


She received many awards, following are the few Titles and honors she achieved:


  1. Noor JehanMalika-e-Tarannum (by Radio Pakistan on the suggestion of Mr. Altaf Gohar)
  2. Pride of Performance
  3. Tamgha -e- Khidmat
  4. Singer of the century
  5. Tamgha -e- Imtiaz
  6. Bulubul -e- Pakistan
  7. National songs tress
  8. The melody Queen
  9. The millennium singer
  10. The Pride of Pakistan
  11. Cultural ambassador of Pakistan
  12. The supreme soprano
  13. Voice of the century
  14. National Film Awards
  15. Almost every award given in the entertainment
  16. Some of the Nigar Awards
  • Special award for patriotic songs (1965 Pak-India War)
  • Special Award for 30 Years’ service (Music)
  • Special Award for 40 Years’ service (Music)
  • Ilyas Rasheedi Gold Medal (Life time Service)
  • Noor Jahan won the Nigar Best Song of the Year Award for these songs:-


Song Year Film Lyricist Musician
Dil ka deya Jalaya main ne 1959 Koel Tanvir Naqvi Khawaja Khursheed Anwar
Hawa se moti baras rahe hain 1966 Aag Ka Darya Josh Maleabadi Ghulam Nabi
Chalo Achha hua tum bhol gaey 1967 Lakhon Mein Aik Fayaz Hashmi Nisar Bazmi
Le aayi phir kahan par, qismat 1969 Salgira Shewan Rizvi Nashad
Chithi zara seyan ji ke naam 1971 Dosti Tanvir Naqvi A. Hameed
Duniya walo jaheiz ki lanat 1976 Aaj Aur Kal  NC Khalil Ahmed
NC 1991 Charagh Bali  NC M. Ashraf
NC 1992 Majhu  NC M. Ashraf

The last and best award was bestowed by Almighty to her at the day and time of her death….on 27th Ramzan the Laila tul Qadar.


Books on Noor Jahan

Many books were published on the life of Noor Jahan which includes authors of sub-continent. Here are some of snaps of books published on Noor Jahan and her work:-

For more details and books on film»



Noor Jahan’s Demise

Noor J1

Cutting of Newspaper on her death

Way back in 1985, Noor Jahan was diagnosed with some heart problem. Basically she was diabetic patient and this problem was outcome of the disease but it was under control. Unless in 1986, during a tour to America she felt a heavy chest pain and after few tests it was diagnosed as Angina Pectoris. After some medication she was finally advised to undergo a heart surgery. So in USA, she under went a bypass surgery under medical expert cardiologists headed by Dr. Copley, operation was a success and after some days rest she came back and continued with her singing profession.

After four years, again her angiography was carried out and she was placed on permanent medication. In 1995-96 her heart problem was aggravated due to diabetes and it was coupled with kidney disorder, some pulmonary infection and dysfunctional lever. This time in Clive land Clinic another surgery was done and a pace maker was installed. As per Dr. Yousaf her condition was very critical which was getting verse day by day and anticipated that she might survive for another five to six months but Noor Jahan with her strong will power prolonged it for two year plus.

Noor Jahan

Final destination of Noor Jahan

In December 2000, Noor Jahan was hospitalized in Karachi after she suffered a heart attack. On Saturday, at 12pm on December 23, 2000, at 46-Kheyaban e Behriya she went into a critical health situation, her daughter Hina and son in law Hassan Sardar immediately evacuated her to Clifton hospital, subsequently she was shifted to Agha Khan Hospital but there she breathed her last, and officially she was announced dead at 2pm. Due to prolonged ailment she was left with sixty ponds weight and her face appearance was completely changed so no one including media was allowed to take picture or coverage of her funeral ceremony. Ejaz Durrani reached there form Lahore at 8pm, and her dead body was given last bath by Neharan bibi and at 8.55pm her body was reached at Sultan Mosque and at 9.20pm her funeral prayer was offered, Qari Muneer Ahmed Shakir led the prayer. After prayer body was sent to Gizri Graveyard near Saudi Consulate and after the arrival of her sons Akbar and Asghar she was buried at 1.30am, on the decision of Ejaz Durrani who wanted to held this funeral burrial on the same night purely from religious point of view as it was 27th Ramzan (Laila tul qadar). Where as many guest joined from Lahore desired that she should be buried there at Lahore in Shahnoor Studios but final decision obviously lied with her family members so it was implemented, accordingly.

(May Almighty bless her soul and rest the departed soul in eternal peace.)


The pride of Pakistan Noor Jahan though left this world like everyone else but undoubtedly…. she was queen of songs….  she was the only Noor Jahan and no other can fill her place ever…, She will remain in our minds and heart forever.