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Rasheed Dogar assisted legend film director Nazar ul Islam Dada as Assistant Director in early 70s in films like Aaina, Ambar, Zindgi. Subsequently he started solo film direction with film Jeera Sher, till film Madam X, he directed 31 films. Illam Ud Din Shaheed was his one of the best successful film. Afterward, on demand of producers he started directing impolite films. He was famous for Punjabi especially low budget films, but due to less production in film industry he left the industry and joined Koh e Noor TV Channel and on July 30, 2012, this unfortunate incident took place and took the life of Muhammad Rasheed Dogar.


Demise of the Director

Renowned film director Rasheed Dogar died on July 30, 2012 as a result of fire which was erupted after short circuit in building of Koh e Nor TV Channel at 3:48 am during a recording of Sehri transmission. Detail of the unfortunate incident are as follow:

During a recording of Sehri transmission, fire which was erupted as result of short circuit in the building of Koh e Nor TV Channel at 3:48 am on July 30, 2012 killed producer, four Naat Khawans including renowned film director Rasheed Dogar. Whereas, fire also injured eleven other studios crew members and technicians as well. It was reported that Mehfil Naat was on at Sehri Transmission in Koh e Noor TV Channel located at Garhi Shaho, Lahore and due to load shedding recording was in progress on generator backup. Suddenly generator produced some short circuit which ignited the studios set and abruptly the furniture and other set caught fire and filled with smoke that created fuss and that resulted in death toll of precious lives including director Muhammad Rasheed Dogar.




As mentioned earlier Muhammad Rasheed Dogar directed thirty one films, his all films are enumerated below, which include his film Chronological, Alphabetical, Language wise, detailed statistics is as under:-


  Urdu Films as Director 11
  Punjabi Films as Director 18
  DV Films as Director 2
  Total Films 31


Rasheed Dogar ‘s Films (Chronological)

Filmography – Rasheed (Alphabetical)

No Films Year Language
1 Jeera Sher 1982 Punjabi
2 Jatt Te Dogar 1983 Punjabi
3 Chan Baloch 1985 Punjabi
4 Malanga 1986 Punjabi
5 Kalu 1987 Punjabi
6 Paisa Nach Nachawe 1990 Punjabi
7 Waliya 1990 Punjabi
8 Kala Pani 1990 DVF
9 Behram  1991 Punjabi
10 Meri Jang 1991 Punjabi
11 Wehshi Dogar 1991 Punjabi
12 Be Naam Badshah 1992 Punjabi
13 Faqeera 1993 Punjabi
14 Roshan Jatt 1993 Punjabi
15 Jadu Nagri 1993 DVF
16 Puttar Jeerey Blade Da 1994 Punjabi
17 Mangal Khan 1995 Punjabi
18 Mehbooba 2000 Urdu
19 Janwar 2001 Urdu
20 Badmash 2001 Punjabi
21 Illam Ud Din Shaheed 2002 Punjabi
22 Dil Totey Totey Ho Geya 2003 Urdu
23 Mola Sher 2003 Punjabi
24 Jism 2006 Urdu
25 Murder 2006 Urdu
26 Zakhmi Aurat 2006 Urdu
27 Ek Doulat Ki Hawas  2007 Urdu
28 Piyasa Badan  2008 Urdu
29 Husan Parast 2009 Urdu
30 Miss Top 10 2009 Urdu
31 Madam X 2009 Urdu
No Films Year Language
1 Badmash 2001 Punjabi
2 Be Naam Badshah 1992 Punjabi
3 Behram  1991 Punjabi
4 Chan Baloch 1985 Punjabi
5 Dil Totey Totey Ho Geya 2003 Urdu
6 Ek Doulat Ki Hawas  2007 Urdu
7 Faqeera 1993 Punjabi
8 Husan Parast 2009 Urdu
9 Illam Ud Din Shaheed 2002 Punjabi
10 Jadu Nagri 1993 DVF
11 Janwar 2001 Urdu
12 Jatt Te Dogar 1983 Punjabi
13 Jeera Sher 1982 Punjabi
14 Jism 2006 Urdu
15 Kala Pani 1990 DVF
16 Kalu 1987 Punjabi
17 Madam X 2009 Urdu
18 Malanga 1986 Punjabi
19 Mangal Khan 1995 Punjabi
20 Mehbooba 2000 Urdu
21 Meri Jang 1991 Punjabi
22 Miss Top 10 2009 Urdu
23 Mola Sher 2003 Punjabi
24 Murder 2006 Urdu
25 Paisa Nach Nachawe 1990 Punjabi
26 Piyasa Badan  2008 Urdu
27 Puttar Jeerey Blade Da 1994 Punjabi
28 Roshan Jatt 1993 Punjabi
29 Waliya 1990 Punjabi
30 Wehshi Dogar 1991 Punjabi
31 Zakhmi Aurat 2006 Urdu

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