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Tufail Akhtar Dada


Tufail Akhtar Dada

Tufail Akhtar M

A seasoned Film Journalist of Pakistan

As a common phenomenon it’s easy to criticize but a bit difficult to praise someone and it becomes more difficult once praise is living and admiring motive is without any invested gains. Here we’ll make an endeavor to highlight the glaring aspects of film journalist Tufail Akhtar commonly known as “Dada” within Pakistan cinematic world. There are three “Dadas” in filmdom of Sub-continent, Indian actor Ashok Kumar, film director Nazar ul Islam and Tufail Akhtar in film journalist community. If you go through the scripts of Tufail Akhtar’s writing you’ll conclude him as striking writer but once you meet him in person he is even more pretty, simple and straightforward. As a lifetime care taker of Yasin Gorija’s mission he is committed towards film journalism, regularly pays his humble tributes to his journalist colleagues to whom people have almost forgotten with this Tufail Akhtar issues monthly magazine “Muskrahat”.



Why Tufail Akhtar is known as DADA

Why he is called as Dada, possesses very interesting story.

In Malik Shahzad Saddique’s book “Seepon Mein Pari Bonden”, to explain the background story Nadeem Saleemi while memorizing his good old days with Tufail Akhtar. He pen downed that both Tufail Akhtar and he was employed in Sarwar Sukhera’s magazine Dhanak. Tufail used to write column named Celloliod Ka Shehar in the said magazine, normally criticizing and targeting film related personalities and mostly it used to be proved very uncomfortable for the addressee personalities. In those days we observed that Sarwar Sukhera was getting inclined towards a new comer actress [1]. So Tufail Akhtar mentioned the same news in his column in Dhanak. After reading the column in magazine, Dr. Maira Sukhera the wife of Sarwar Sukhera asked her husband that is it true that stories published in Dhanak are based on true stories. Sarwar very proudly replied her in affirmation, upon listening this statement she simply taken him head on….. Next morning Sarwar came in the office and asked Tufail Akhtar while smiling “Ye keya dadageri Hai Yar”. Though the story of Sarwar Sukhera was terminated with happy ending but it gave a permanent name DADA to Tufail Akhtar for rest of his life.

 [1] Name of actress is not mentioned here due to obvious reasons

Tufail Akhtar’s Facts…

Real Name:

Tufail Akhtar

Addressed Name:


Birth Date:

April 10, 1941

Birth Place:

Siri Hargowind Pur (India)




Zubaida Khanum

Date of Marrage:

January 1968 in Faisalabad

Sohail Akhtar

Shabana Tufail

Shakila Tufail

Javed Akhtar

Years active:

1964 – To date



As Journalist

During his fifty years of journalist career here is a glance of his services as journalist:


  1. Sub Editor Weekly “Butkada” Lahore

    Durdan Rehman, Khalid Ibrahim, Tufail Akhtar, Yasin Gorija, Bahar, Sajid Yazdani and A. R. Gul

  2. Editor Monthly “Film Digest” Lahore
  3. Editor Monthly “Director” Lahore
  4. Sub Editor Weekly “Nusrat” Lahore
  5. Columnist Monthly “Pakeeza” Karachi
  6. Resident Editor Weekly “Noor Jahan” Karachi
  7. Editor Monthly “Tasvir” Lahore
  8. Editor (Film) Monthly “Dhanak” Lahore
  9. Resident Editor Monthly “Mehwar” Karachi
  10. Resident Editor “TV Tempo” Karachi
  11. Resident Editor “Subha No” Karachi
  12. Resident Editor “TV Times” Karachi
  13. Editor Monthly “Muskrahat” Lahore
  14. Resident Editor “Qissay” Dehli India



As Stage Play Writer:

As stage play writer Tufail Dada written a number of plays, here is the details:-

  1. Chacha Ruliya (Stage Play)
  2. In Se Miliye (Stage Play)
  3. Bivi Aur Burger (Stage Play)
  4. Bahar Jana Mana Hai (Stage Play)
  5. Kaisi Lag Rahi Hon Main (Stage Play)
  6. Budhey Ko Samjhao (Stage Play)
  7. Begum Meri BBC
  8. Dil Hoa Bo Kata
  9. Bevi Aur Zee TV
  10. Kon Jeeta Kon Hara




In the world of showbiz Tafail Akhtar has confirmed his expertise in all form of writings. Likewise he has written dialogues of films, TV series etc, some are mentioned as follows:-


  1. Film Laggan – Dialogues
  2. Hansti Duniya – TV Series
  3. Chotey Barey – Interviews



Other than the miscellaneous articles in hundreds of different magazine Dada has written a large number of books primarily pertaining to showbiz world. Throughout his career as journalist following publication are the glaring aspects on his credential:-

Tufail s Pubs

Some of the books of Tufail Akhtar

  1. Tahira Naqvi Ki Kahani (Personality)
  2. Kaisi Patai Hoi
  3. Aasman Ankh Ke Till Mein
  4. Chehra Chehra Aaina
  5. Noor Jahan Ki Zindgi
  6. Dafeenay
  7. Aik Tha Bashir Niaz
  8. Pasandeeda Afsaney
  9. Noor Jahan Fatoor e Jahan
  10. Soorat e Yasin
  11. Pakistan Cinema Ki Aadhi Sadi



Tufail Akhtar regularly prints his own magazine “Muskurahat” he started this magazine when Dhanak and subsequently his magazine Sada e Watan were banned by the government authorities. Consequent to this Tufail decided to do a freelance instead employed journalism and till to-date he is maintaining his decision. Muskurahat is an adequate example to prove his perpetual nature.


Appointments in Associations


Other than the writings Tufail Akhtar very actively participates in mostly associations and organization affiliated with showbiz journalism. Presently he is holding some appointments in different associations and organizations as enumerated below:-

Tufail 1

Tufail Akhtar with Bushra Rehman, Pervez Kaleem and others



  1. General Secretary Film Journalist Association Pakistan
  2. Chairman film Journalist Association Pakistan
  3. Chairman Shah Latif Shah Hussain Cultural Council of Pakistan
  4. Member Academy Adbiat Paksitan
  5. Members Hamdard Majlis Shoora Lahore
  6. Member Pakistan Writer Guild
  7. Member Advisory Council National Institute of Journalism
  8. Executive Member Film Wing Punjabi Congress



Honors and Awards


Tufail Akhtar with Ashfaq Ahmed

List of some of his achievements are as under:-


  1. Ali Playfair Award – Best Journalist
  2. Sawera International Award Lahore 1991-92 – Best Journalist
  3. Bahu Award Sialkot 1992-93 – Best Journalist
  4. Graduate Award Lahore 1992-93 – Best Drama Writer “Bevi Aur Burger”
  5. Funkar Loog Award Hyderabad – Best Showbiz Journalist
  6. VLO Silver Jubilee Award Karachi – on 25 years services in Showbiz Journalism
  7. Safian Award Award 1994-95 – Best Journalist

    Receiving Graduate award, Muhammad Ali is visible

  8. Tehreek Sahafat Award 1995-96 Lahore – Best Journalist
  9. Gohal Cup 1996 Faisalabad 1996 – Best services in Showbiz Journalism
  10. Fifth Talent Award Faisalabad 1996 – Best services in Showbiz Journalism
  11. Best Welfare Golden Jubilee Award Sialkot 1996-97 – Best Long Association with Showbiz Journalism
  12. Golden Jubilee Performance Award Sialkot 1997 – Long Association with Showbiz Journalism
  13. Bahu Golden Jubilee Award Sialkot 199797 – Best Long Association with Showbiz Journalism
  14. Ilyas Rashidi Memorial Award Hyderabad 1997 – Best Journalist
  15. Nominated Film Journalist for National Film Award
  16. Samaji Loog Salana Award Hyderabad 1997
  17. Best Social Welfare and Cultural Academy Award Sukhar
  18. Showbiz Award Hyderabad2000
  19. Nigar Award 2000 – Best Journalist
  20. Sagat Award Lahore 2000
  21. Jashan e Lahore Award 2002
  22. Sangat Award 2002


Personal Life

Tufail Akhtar was born in April 10, 1941 at Siri Hargowind Pur (India) and migrated from India to Pakistan with his family. After doing his graduation he chose journalism as his future professional career. In January 1968 he got married in Faisalabad with Zubaida Khanum and subsequently was blessed with two sons and two daughters named Sohail Akhtar, Shabana Tufail, Shakila Tufail and Javed Akhtar. His wife left him alone in 2006 after a temporary ailment but he still loves her, remember her in very good words. All of his children are married and involved in growing their own families but Tufail Akhtar is still energetic enough to pull along his lifetime mission in remembrance of his beloved wife.

“Very well done Tufail Akhtar Sahib and Keep it up”






Latest News / Events

December 26, 2013

Tufail Akhtar arranged 8th Anniversary of his teacher and long associated friend Yasin Gorija

Yasin Gorija-anniversary

Sitting: Bahar Begum, Bushra Rehman, Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan, Almas Bobby
Standing: Curator mpaop, Iftikhar Majaz, Aizaz Ahmed Azer, Grandson of Yasin Gorija, Khusheed Alam, Tufail Akhtar Dada, Grand daughter and relatives of Yasin Gorija

Yasing Gorija Anniversary

Renowned film journalist and historian Yasin Gorija’s 8th death anniversary was celebrated at Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture on December 26, 2013. The program was organized by his lifetime companion Tufail Akhtar Dada, Sughra Sadaf (PILAC) and Rana Naveed Ahmed. Aizaz Ahmed Azer performed the duties of stage secretary of the tribute ceremony. Writer Pervez Kaleem, Actress Bahar, Bushra Rehman (Writer, columnist and politician), Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan, Pervez Rahi, Almas Bobby, Tufail Akhtar paid their humble tribute to one of the pioneers of film Journalism in Pakistan. Family members of Yasin Gorija including his grandson and grand daughter, Khursheed Alam (Writer) and many more attended the function and during the function Pervez Rahi was awarded with life Achievement Award.

Curator mpaop also attended the ceremony on invitation of Tufail Akhtar Dada.  

Yasin Gorija 4

Tufail Akhtar, Curator mpaop, Bahar, Almas Bobby, Pervez kaleem, Bushra Rehman, Baba Yahya Khan, Pervez Rahi and Aizaz Ahmed Azer in Gorija’s anniversary



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