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Nisar Bazmi – Melodious musician of Pakistan Film Industry 

Nisar Bazmi was a renowned composer and music director of Indian and Pakistan film industry. Nisar Bazmi remained one of the most famous musicians of South Asia and other part of countries where Urdu / Hindi music is listened. There are many films which did box office music in Pakistan just because of the melodious music of Nisar Bazmi. Not only the films he also introduced many new singers to Pakistan film industry and TV. While in India, renowned duo of composers Laxmikant-Pyarelal remained assistants of Nisar Bazmi. 

Early Life

Resident of Jalgaon in Khandesh area of Maharashtra state, India Syed qudrat Ali was blessed with son on January 1, 1925 and he named him as Syed Nisar Ahmed. The family of Nisar Ahmed was not affiliated with music but right from the outset he had inclination towards music. On the other hand his entry into the world of music was not accidental. But his family’s penury forced him into the rough and tumble of working life at an early age.  As he was eager about music so he joined Yasin Khan, a noted Qawwal in Mumbai, as course singer (Humnawa) at the age of eleven.  Under Yasin’s guidance, Nisar developed a passion for music and an ambition to become a vocalist so he worked very hard to learn the basics of music. In the late 1930s, he became a student of Ustad Aman Ali Khan of Bhindi Bazar and acquired the music knowledge from him till 1934.


Early Career

The passion of Nisar Ahmed, supplemented with the guidance of professionals provides a very sound platform. In 1939, the All India Radio hired him as an artist. In 1944, he composed some songs for a drama, Nadir Shah Durrani, which was broadcast from the Bombay Radio Station.  

Some Facts…..Nisar Bazmi

Real Name:

Syed Nisar Ahmed

Addressed as:

Nisar Bazmi

Birth Date:

December 1, 1925

Birth Place:

Jalgaon, Khandesh, Maharashtra, India



Father’s Name:

Syed Qudrat Ali

Mother’s Name:






Date of Marriage:




First Stage Show:

First Film:   
 Last Film:  

Years active:


Nisar Bazmi.




As Film Director

Nisar Bazmi





Personal Life

Nisar Bazmi



Demise of the Artist

Nisar Bazmi.

(innaMay Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace)





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Latest News / Events

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