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Dr. Sahib


Dr.mainHaji Aziz ur Rehman (Dr. Sahib)

Pioneer of Cinema film Projector in Pakistan

Haji Aziz ur Rehman famously known as Dr. Sahib in Pakistan film community, particularly in cinema machinery related circle who was one of pioneers of indigenous manufacturing of cinema projection system specifically 35mm film projectors in Pakistan. He introduced the modern technology at that time on a very reasonable price once United Kingdom and United States of America had a full control over the projection equipment market in the entire world. In that way he hoarded the money from moving out of country.

Not only in the field of cinema projection but he would be remembered for rendering his expertise in service of the country by indigenous manufacturing of very costly spare parts that to on very low worth for the defense forces of Pakistan.

Early Life

Aziz ur Rehman was born in Tel e Sorliyan, District Selogoot (Amartsar, India) in 1932. He got his primary and basic education from the same village. In 1947, along with his family he migrated to Pakistan and settled at Mandali village of Sheikhupura. His parents died once he was very young so he was brought up by his grandfather. After matriculation he went to Lahore and passed the Dispenser technician course from K. E. medical college Lahore and secured first position in the class. As a qualified medical technician, he was known as Dr. Sahib for rest of his life. He started assisting a doctor as dispenser but just after three months he left this job rather quit this profession once a young child was died due to wrong diagnosing and negligence of his boss. So instead joining any other clinic he preferred to be employed himself in G.T.S. (Govt. transport Service) from Lahore to Sialkot route. Which was culminated when he got sever injuries on his face as a result of a fatal road accident. He as evacuated to hospital for some facial surgery but a kind hearted nurse took him to her house on eighth day and with her keen interest he was recovered but left his job on the suggestion of his grandfather.
After resigning the job, Dr. Sahib shifted from Sheikhupura to Lahore along with his grandfather and started working in a mechanical workshop. During this period he got married in Machhi Ke and also started working with Sheikh Muhammad Hussain. Meantime he was blessed with a daughter and again he started his own repair shop comprising of small wooden table at outside of a shop in Landa Bazar of Lahore in which he used to repair the ignition self of heavy vehicles like buses and trucks. He was very hard working and keen in his job which was also

Dr Sahib’s Facts…

Real Name:

Haji Aziz ur Rehman

Addressed Name:

Dr. Sahib

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Tel e Sorliyan, District Selogoot (Amartsar, India)



Dispenser Course from K.E. U.


Hafeez ur Rehman





One Daughter

Atta ur Rehman (Judge)

Mehboob ur Rehman

Mahmood ur Rehman


Atta ur Rehman (Judge)

Years active:

1950 – 2000


March 23, 2000

noticed by a shop owner in the same bazar commonly known as Shah Sahib. Who assisted Dr. Sahib financially and after seeing his keenness with his job, he arranged an old lathe machine worth Rs. 175 with a shop in the same market.

Start of Career


Dr. Sahib in his Office

One day a cinema projector operator came to his shop and asked him to make a center sprocket of film projector so on next day Dr. Sahib produced the same sprocket which he made it manually. He made it with so refinement that not only that cinema operator became his permanent customer for minor repairs of projectors but he introduced him to other cinema operators as well. At that point of time cinema was on its peak blossom and there was lot of requirement and demand of cinema machine repair job, so that’s how he diverted towards repairing of cinema projectors.
In 1963, on the advice of Shah Sahib he shifted from Landa Bazar to Royal Park, Lakshami Chowk, Lahore which was a main hub of film distribution offices of Pakistan. In those days mostly spares and cinema projector were used to be imported from UK and USA but it was a very expensive affairs in terms of repair and procurement of cinema projectors. Dr. Sahib started repairing those projectors and started manufacturing the spares of the projectors. So cinema line people came to know about his ability and accordingly started bringing their faulty projectors from all over the country.

Dr 1968

Dr. Sahib standing with his very first cinema projector – 1968

Keeping in view the demand and financial cost of new 35mm film projectors he planned to make his own projector. So in 1968, he made his first indigenous cinema film projector under the banner of Standard Cinema Machinery which was as robust and durable machine like any imported projector but at very less in price. Just after placing the first pair of projectors he got a long list of orders of manufacturing of new cinema projectors. He worked day and night in installing the projector in cinema houses in all over the Pakistan.

In 1976, he proceeded to perform Hajj and next year he was remarried to another lady. After two years on his return from Taxila city where he had gone to visit Heavy Rebuilt Factory for manufacturing of spare parts for Army vehicles, he came to know about the sudden death of his second wife who was pregnant at that time. It was very sad moment of his life because he heard some involvement of his close relatives in the untimely death of his wife. Likewise once he diverted his attention in making of spares of army tanks purely in affection of Pakistan he faced lot of difficulties and hurdles pitched by the people (contractors) who had their invested interests. It resulted him with a lot of financial loss, on the other hand with the decline of cinema industry in Pakistan also badly affected his overall financial condition.



Atta ur Rehman (Judge)

In 1987, he met an accident while coming back from Rawalpindi and broke his teeth. During his prospers good old days he being as very kind hearted man, who always extended help to everyone around him. But during his grey days once he was in need of, no one assisted him like he used to be except his brother Hafeez. Consequence to the deaths of his daughter in April 2, 1991 and his first wife in 1999 he got very upset and mostly remained lost in his own world. During this period his son Atta ur Rehman (known as Judge) really taken very good care of himself. Same year in September he went through a gallbladder surgery but after this operation his health started declining with passage of each days until March 23, 2000 when he died in a hospital. innaHe was survived by three sons, Atta ur Rehman, Mehboob ur Rehman and Mahmood ur Rehman. Atta ur Rehman his eldor son who is commonly known as Judge is now looking after his workshop and maintaining the good name of his father, Mr. Aziz ur Rehman – The Dr. of cinema projector world. May Allah rest the departed soul in enternal peace.



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