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Cinematic film being a team work demand full devoted performance from all artists either they are Directors, Producers, Singers, Writers, Lyricists, Musicians or even Film Journalists. They have their own specific role to perform to make a film worth watching. After director, writer is one who plays very vital role in the success of any film. A strong story may hide many weaknesses of films and make the film able to attract the attention of the film spectators. We have very renowned poets as film writers in our film history.

Artists appeared in Pakistan cinema as lyricists of film have been included in these pages leaving aside their popularity graph or appearance frequency. Priority is given to their performance and acting over their personal life with their plus and minus. Being property of Pakistan, for   every artist is as significant and respectful as anyone else character in the antiquity.

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Adha Khan
Agha Hassan Imtesal
Agha Imtiaz Quresh
Agha Nazir Kawish
Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
Ahmed Rahi
Ahmed Shujah Pash
Ali Sufiyan Afaqi
Amjad Islam Amjad
Amrita Pritam
Anwar Batalwi
Anwar Kamal Pasha
Arsh Lakhanvi
Asad Muhammad Khan
Ashfaq Ahmad
Asif Ali Pota
Asmat Chughtai
Aurangzeb Khalil
Ayub Sarwar
Azar Sarhadi
Aziz Merthi
Baba Alam Siaposh
Bashir Jafri
Bashir Niaz
Dabeer Ul Hassan
Danish Vervi
Dr. Denis Isic
Dukhi Premnagri
Ejaz Arman
Farid Qadri
Farooq Rokhri
Habib Ullah
Hafeez Malik
Hakeem Ahmad Shujaa
Hameed Akhtar
Hameeda Jabeen
Haroon Pasha
Haseena Moen
Hasrat Lakhnavi
Hassan Farooq
Hazin Qadri
Himesh Gul Parwana
I. S. Johar
Ibrahim Dohra
Ibrahim Jalees
Ikram Ludhyanvi
Imtiaz Ahmad Sabri
Imtiaz Ali Taj
Iqbal Hussain Rizvi
Irfan Shah
Ismail Matwala
Jaafar Arsh
Jalil Afghani
Javed Hassan Warsi
Kemal Ahmad Rizvi
Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar
Khaliq Ibrahim Khaliq
Khawaja Moin-ud-din
Khawaja Pervez
Khursheed Ullah Khan
Krishan Chandar
M. Ismail Alam
Malik Hafeez
Masoom Ludhyanvi
Mazhar Anjum
Mehmood Qazi
Mian Abdul Ghaffar
Mirza Hadi Ruswa
Moulana Hasrat Mohani
Muhammad Kamal Pasha
Muhammad Pervez Kaleem
Muhammad Zakir Hussain
Mumtaz Mufti
Naqi Mustafa
Naseem Hijazi
Naseem Rizwani
Naseer Anwar
Nasir Adeeb
Nasir Kaskanjvi
Nasir Kazmi
Nasreen Khanum
Nazim Panipati
Nazir Ajmeri
Nazir Atish
Nazir Bhatti
Nisar Muhammad Khan
Qaisar Malik
Qamar Sarhadi
Qazi Abdur Rahim
Rafi Peer
Raheem Gul
Ramzan Babar
Rasheed Sajid
Rashid Sajid
Razia Butt
Riaz Arshad
Riaz Shahid
Riaz U Rehman Saghir
Rouf Khalid
Rukhsana Noor
Saadat Hassan Manto
Saba Fazli
Sabar Waseem
Saeed Farigh Bukhari
Saeed Gilani
Saeed Sahli
Saeed Ullah Khan
Saif ud Din Saif
Saleem Ahmad
Saleem Kashar 
Saleem Murad
Saleem Shehzad
Saleem Zubairi
Salma Kanwal
Shabab Kiranvi
Shams Hanfi
Shams Lukhnavi
Shatir Ghaznavi
Sheikh Iqbal
Sheikh Nazir Ahmad Zafar
Shoukat Hashmi
Shoukat Tanveer
Shoukat Thanvi
Soofia Sultana
Sorish Kashmiri
Syed Abdur Rehman
Syed Khaliq Dad Umeed
Syed Noor
Tanvir Kazmi
Tanvir Naqvi
Waheed Qureshi
Waheeda Naseem
Wajid Zubbairi
Waseem Hassan
Younas Qiyasi
Younas Rahi
Younas Rathor
Younis Rahi
Younis Raj
Yousuf Mouj
Yunis Rahi
Zaheer Kashmiri
Zakir Hussain
Zia Sarhadi




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Dear Viewers,

Undoubtedly, all the artists and professionals of cine-world have indeed worked very hard, spent their days and nights in making motion pictures just to amuse and entertain us. Some of their film work proved to be a master piece but what so ever their business status was; one factor is established that it is now part of our cultural history. Unfortunately, mostly their work being destroyed just because of the mentioned reasons while negating its importance. Thus there is dire need to do some arrangements to preserve it with the same zeal and enthusiasm what rest of the world is doing.



"Now its our obligatory compulsion to preserve their work, you may also contribute and assist mpaop in preserving and restoring our cultural heritage by sharing some information, if you possess in shape of documents, film prints (any format like 8, 16, 35mm, videos etc). In this regard if you have some query or you can be of any help in this cause please Contact here…! "



Further more, in case of any inaccuracy, omission, addition, deletion, or submission, please assist mpaop in updating the information, your due participation in preserving the national heritage would be highly appreciated and after its analysis /approval by the research team, your contribution would immediately be reflected on this page with due veneration.

Thank you & profound regards,



Curator mpaop (Motion Picture Archive of Pakistan)

Tahir Nadeem


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