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Showbiz Highlights of 1948

teri yad320

Theater Poster of Pakistan’s First film “Teri Yaad”

Film production had already cranked with the inception of Pakistan in 1948. Pancholi studio was allotted to classical singer Malika Pukhraj who was shifted to Pakistan from Bombay where she had already produced three films named Dak Bangla, Kajal and Char Din, directed by M Sadiq.

Although Malika Pukhraj had taken over the Studio, but its charge was with Dewan Sardari Lal being an affective and efficient controller. She started Shimmi and an experienced director Munshi Dil was hired from Karachi who was administrating Revolve theater there at Karachi which was subsequently turned into a Revolve cinema.
Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi and Noor Jahan managed to get allotted the burnt Shori film studio and Sheesh Mahal situated at Davis road Lahore as their residence. Shoukat Hussain Rizvi put in his best for the studio which was renamed Shahnoor Studio; he took personal interest in each and every gadget, resultantly this studio became the best studio of Lahore.
Mr A. R. Kardar and Mehboob came to Lahore to explore and asses the film production opportunity, they were also interested in exchanging the Kardar film studios and Mehboob studio with Shori and Pardhan Stodio of Lahore respectively but as Shori studio was already allotted to Noor Jahan and Pardhan Studio was under Dewan Sardari Lal so they went back but established two film distribution offices i.e. Kardar Pictures and Mehboob Pictures. These distribution office were given under the control of Ismail Noor for Kardar Pictures who was brother in law of A. R. Kardar where as Mehboob pictures was taken over by Muhammad R. Khan, brother of Mehboob.
Director Ashiq Bhatti started Do Kinarey, the first Pakistani movie which was started in 1948 in Pardhan Studio which was opened in September 1948 by Seth Dilsukh M. Pancholi and Dewan Sardari Lal was its organizer.
Two more films Shahida, Teri Yaad were already started but Teri Yaad was the first ever movie which was released on Eid ul Fitr on 7th August 1948 in Parbhat cinema (Empire cinema at present). All film star technicians and studio workers participated in its premier, but it proved a totally flop movie.Meantime Director Nazir started Heer Ranjha in Punjab Art Studio Muslim Town, Sheikh Muhammad Hussain of Misri shah begin filming Hachkolay in Upper Mall Studio. So like wise Director Luqman’s Urdu film Shahida was actually the first Pakistani film which was pictureised before partition and released in 1949. After partition, “Do Kinarey” was the inaugural film production by Ashiq Bhatti. “Jahad” was the second film by Zahoor Raja, which was released in 1950 and “Teri Yaad ” was the third film by Deevan Sardari Lal. but Teri Yaad became the first ever released film but not the first film production in Pakistan. It was completed in a record time.



Summary of Films released in 1948

Only two films were released in 1948, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu –  –  – 
Punjabi –  –  –  –  – 
 Total   –  – 


Films – 1948


Following films were Released in 1948


Kashmir Hamara Hai

August 14, 1948



Teri Yaad
August 7, 1948


Status Wise

S/No Super Hit Super Average Flop
1  Kashmir Hamara Hai
2  Teri Yaad


Super Hits

Two films were released in 1948 but both proved to be flopped films due to lack of technical facilities.




Lead Artists

Following are lead artists of 1948

 Nasir Khan


Asha Posley  





Following Artists debut their film career in 1948


nazar1 Nazar    Ghulam Muhammad Jahangir  



Asha Posley     Ragni Shola   Najma



Daud Chand      



Munawar Sultana  Ali Bakhsh Zahoor    



Raza Mir (Cinematographer)  Qateel Shifai   Tanvir Naqvi  




Artists died in 1948

Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan (10-03-1948) 

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