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Kashmir Hamara Hai

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August 14, 1948  Urdu

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  • Former film journalist Rafiq Chaman moved from Dehli to Pakistan in 1947 and settled in Geeta Bhon, Lakshami Chowk Lahore. Chaman had been affiliated with journalist community so soon after his initial settlement he issued his daily newspaper named Muslim. With this he incorporated Inam K. Durrani and established a film production and distribution office and started releasing Indian films. In September 1948 war in Kashmir was imposed by Indian troops who wanted to neutralize the Kahmiri’s movement in which they wanted to join Pakistan instead of India. Here from Pakistan volunteers from NWFP and FATA moved to Indian held Kashmir to assist brothers Kashmiri Muslims. Since most of the Pakistani was not aware of the fact that Kashmiri wanted to be part of Pakistan due to lack of media and information infrastructure so Rafiq Chaman decided to make a film on Kashmir issue to acquaint Pakistanis and rest of the world about the actual situation of Kashmir.
  • Luckily at the same time cameraman Hafeez Qandhari moved permanently from India to Pakistan. He had a small motion picture camera with capacity of 100 feet of film roll, weight two kilograms and it was without motor as it used to be operated by Key tension. So Rafiq Chaman after consultation with Inam Durrani and Fida Yazdani he started the filmin of Kashmir Hamara Hai under the banner of Khalid & Pervez Film Company which was made on the names of sons of Rafiq Chaman and Inam Durrani.
  • Hafeez Qandhari and Jafar Shah Bukhari was the cinematographer so they filmed the actual happening of the events at Kashmir border at Tarar Khel, Ludakh and Poonchh.
  • Other than music and songs in the film, a poem with voices of Sheikh Iqbal and Saghar Siddiqui was recorded by Afzal Hussain.
    Mostly the direction of Kashmir Hamara Hai was conducted by Fida Yazdani and it has length of 3,000 feet of film.
  • Film was released on 14 August 1948 in Lahore it was exhibited by Qaiser Cinema owner whereas in Karachi it was released in three cinemas by Film Exchange a distribution house owned by Sheikh Latif.
  • Kashmir Hamara Hai was the first documentary film of Pakistan.
  • Basically it was a documentary film made by a journalist Mr. Rafiq Chaman so generally it is not being considered / included as film in Pakistan Film History. As it became the first released film at  Qaiser cinema Lahore on 14 August 1947 (some where release date shown as July 23, 1948 ), hence being included in Pak Film History.


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Genre: Documentary Color: Run Time: NC




Credited cast:

image not aval Being documentary film it was filmed on actual location and no actor performed or dramatized. 

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date:

14 August 1948

Production: Khalid & Pervez Film Company
Producer: Rafiq Chaman
Inam Durrani
Fida Yazdani
Director: Rafiq Chaman
Fida Yazdani
Writer / Story: Rafiq Chaman
Lyrics: Saghir Saddiqui
Editor: Muhammad Ali

Hafeez Qandhari

Jafar Shah Bukhari  

Music: NC
Singers: NC



Technical Specifications

Language: Urdu
Genre: Documentary
Run Time: Length of film 3,000 feet
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Aspect Ratio: Flat 4:3






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