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Showbiz Highlights of 1949

After Teri Yaad Dewan Sardari Lal made another movie Ghalt Fehmi but as this movie was made in sort of hasty conditions so it resulted in a flop film. Although Pakistani initial movies didn’t do well primarily due to non availability of modern film making gadgets but still film producers were pulling along as they were also having the circuit of India. Film Pherey however gave a sound financial support to Pakistan film industry, it was directed by Nazir. Pherey was remake of Gaun Ki Gori which was produced before independence of Pakistan and Nazir with Noor Jahan played a lead role in this film. Due to melodious music of this film it proved a great success not only in Pakistan rather in whole India. In Solo cinema Lahore Pherey celebrated its silver jubilee.

Sheikh Ejaz, Tassadaq Hussain Riaz and Qamar u Zaman got allotted Laila Mandir Studio and after getting financial loan from local cooperative bank they renovate and uplift the studio, renamed it as Screen and Sound Studio. Tassadaq Hussain started four new films with four separate units where as Qamar u Zaman established a new processing laboratory. G.A.Chishti, Master Inayat Hussain, Khursheed Qais, Bhaia Hameed and rocordist Roshan were all full time busy in film production.

Subsequently, Nazir was unable to run Punjab Art Studio previously known as Pancholi Studio of Muslim town so he left it resultantly the studio was closed. Before its closure Nazir has started Heer Ranjha in Punjab Art Studio and same time Sheikh Muhammad Hussain of Misri Shah Lahore started Hichkolay in Upper Mall Stodio. Although Shahida was having edge due to cast credit and technical touch but due to release of Indian films these two films did not do well. Nazir was unable to complete Heer Ranjha due to release of Indian Heer Ranjha of Wali Sahib and Dillagi of A.R.Kardar which had the same story and moreover, financer of Heer Ranjha Malik Bari the nephew of Nazir had developed some disputes among themselves.

So he made another movie Sachai which was released on 17 May 1949 but it proved another flop because it was copy of Nazir’s own film Chher Chhar.   

After these flopped movies Nazir started another movie Pherey, the story of the film was inspired from films Gaun Ki Gori (1946) and Sheela (Pind Di Kuri 1935). The writer of film Baba Alam Sia Posh gave a Punjabi touch with Hindu background characterization so this movie proved a Super hit film of the sub continent, specially its music broke all previous record, it was released on 3rd August 1949.

After the great success of Pherey, distributor of Indian films Agha G.A.Gull came into production field and produced Mundri which was directed by Daud Chand. Ragni, Ilyas Kashmiri, Ghulam Muhammad, Charlie and Kukku played the main role. Kukku was a famous dancer of that time so she was specially called from Bombay and it proved a mediocre film.





Summary of Films released in 1949

Six films were released in 1949, summary is as follow:-


Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu 1 3 4
Punjabi 1 1 2
Total 1 2 3 6


Films Released in 1949


Following films were Released in 1949


Ghalt Fehmi

21 June, 1949




6 May, 1949




18 November, 1949




28 July, 1949




13 May, 1949




18 March, 1949




Language Wise

Films of 1949 as per Language

  Urdu Punjabi
1 Ghalt Fehmi Mundri
2 Hichkolay Pheray
3 Sachai  
4 Shahida  


Status Wise

Films released in 1949 (Status Wise)


Super Hit Super Average Flop
    Shahida Ghalt Fehmi



Super Hit Super Average Flop
 Pheray   Mundri  



Lead Artists

Lead Artists – 1949

  Actors Actress


Nasir Khan

Saleem Raza


Ilyas Kashmiri

Ghulam Muhammad

M. Ismail


Asha Posley



Souran Leta





Following Artists debut their film career in xxxx


M. Ajmal  Allaudin G.N. Butt Ghulam Muhammad
Hamaliya Wala ilyaskashmiri Ilyas Kashmiri Inayat Hussain Bhatti M. Ismail
Azad Nazir Nazir Noor Muhammad Charlie Saleem Raza Saleem Raza Agha
Shiekh Iqbal Sheikh Iqbal  Sudhir Sudhir Zahoor Shah  



Ragni Soran Sowran Lata  Shamim zeenat begum Zeenat



Anwar Kamal Pasha Luqman    



Saif-ud-din Saif      



 Baba Alam Siaposh  Hakeem Ahmed Shuja    



G.A. Chishti Master Ghulam Haider  Master Inayat Hussain  




Obituaries – 1949

Actors Actresses Director Singer Misc






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