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1949 Films




March 18,1949 Urdu

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(Disclaimer: No Copyright intended we do not own this video so prior regrets for its quality, material and other legitimate concerns.)

Although Teri Yaad was released as Pakistan’s first film but at the same time “Shahida” was actually the first “Pakistani film” which was started even before partition but it got delayed in its released whereas Teri Yaad which started its production after Shahida but released well before and became Pakistan’s first released film. Initially the film was announced as Shafaq then Shua but subsequently it was released as Shahida.

All possible details about the movie are appended below……. ………however looking forward for your input / information about this film, please.


Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

Nasir Khan
 Begum Parveen
G.N. Butt
 Nafees Begum
image not aval Khalil Aftab
image not aval Baby Shamshad
image not aval S. Bano
image not aval Rani Mumtaz
Hamaliya Wala

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: March 18th 1949
Production: Shua Noor Films 

Muhammad Akbar Shah



Writer / Story:

Khan Bhadsr Hakeem Ahmed Shuja


Khan Bhadsr Hakeem Ahmed Shuja


Khan Bhadsr Hakeem Ahmed Shuja

Anwar Kamal Pasha

Audiography (Sound):

B. Ali

Sound Assistants:





D. Sharif


Choudhry Ghulam Muhammad


Piyarey Khan

Assistant Director:

Muhammad Said Butt

Still Photography:



M.A. Latif


Ahmedullah Ajmeri




Art Director:

Ghulam Nabi Saifi


Master Ghulam Haider

G. A. Chishti


Munawar Sultana
Zahida Perveen
Ali Bukhsh Zahoor
Abdul Shakoor Badal



Technical Specifications

Language: Urdu
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Aspect Ratio: Flat 4:3








Composed by


Al-Widah Al-Widah Piyarey Watan Munawar Sultana  Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above 


Dar Badar Phirtey Hain Hum Ko Pochhta Koi Nahi  Munawar Sultana Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above  


Duniya Mein Jo Mita Hai Hamara Nishan Na Ho, Rastey Mein Jo Luta Hai, Ye Hi Karwan Na Ho  Munawar Sultana  Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above  


Jo Sitam Bhi Totta Hai, Taak Leta Hai  NC  Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above  
5 Kabi Tum Khawab Mein Surat Dikha Jatey To Kiya Hota Abdul Shakoor Badal  Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above  


Khab Tak Suni Jaye Gi Faryad Hamari Munawar Sultana  Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above  
Pardey Pardey Mein Hi Us Zalim Ne Ruswa Kar Diya Munawar Sultana, Abdul Shakoor Badal  Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above  
Waha Miti Ke Piyaley Mein Bi Pani Nahi Milta Munawar Sultana   Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above  
Ye Kambakhat Do Dil Bi Milney Na Paye Munawar Sultana  Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above  
10  Ye Bhi Koi Insaf Hai Ae Sahibe Insaf Munawar Sultana  Hakeem Ahmed Shuja  As Above  

(For more details go to Songogrpahy)



Shahida was poor but rich in beauty. She toiled day and night to save her presents from the woes of destitute life. Shahida’s father wished to marry her in a good family but the mother of the boy of her choice preferred money to anything else. He was a Taluqadar. There was in the village a wealthy and handsome young man. He threw aside the pride of power and sought the hand of the poor man’s daughter. Shahida’s father detected tears in her eyes. He could not decide. He was torn between two alternatives- either to accept the proposal of the mighty man of the village or to become a thief to brighten the future of his unfortunate daughter. Shahida’s father committed theft so that the demand of the mother of the boy, whom Shahida loved, may be satisfied. The theft was detected and Shahida’s father was brought in chains before the court. He met with the fate of a common thief.

The Taluqadar drove Shahida and her mother out of the village when all his schemes failed. The young boy who loved Shahida no less than Shahida loved him, broke under the weight of his disappointment and became mad. The Taluqadar burning with the flame of his own passion hoped that Shahida would be forced by her sheer helplessness to seek his favour but even this hope was belied. And then driven by circumstances, Shahida one day found herself imprisoned in the well-guarded castle of the Taluqadar. Such was the course of her destiny. The agonies that Shahida bore, should be seen on the screen than described in words.

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Dear Viewers,

Undoubtedly, all the artists and professionals of cine-world have indeed worked very hard, spent their days and nights in making motion pictures just to amuse and entertain us. Some of their film work proved to be a master piece but what so ever their business status was; one factor is established that it is now part of our cultural history. Unfortunately, mostly their work being destroyed just because of the mentioned reasons while negating its importance. Thus there is dire need to do some arrangements to preserve it with the same zeal and enthusiasm what rest of the world is doing.



"Now its our obligatory compulsion to preserve their work, you may also contribute and assist mpaop in preserving and restoring our cultural heritage by sharing some information, if you possess in shape of documents, film prints (any format like 8, 16, 35mm, videos etc). In this regard if you have some query or you can be of any help in this cause please Contact here…! "



Further more, in case of any inaccuracy, omission, addition, deletion, or submission, please assist mpaop in updating the information, your due participation in preserving the national heritage would be highly appreciated and after its analysis /approval by the research team, your contribution would immediately be reflected on this page with due veneration.

Thank you & profound regards,



Curator mpaop (Motion Picture Archive of Pakistan)

Tahir Nadeem


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