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March 3, 1952  Urdu

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The worth mentioning and Super hit films of 1952 was Dopatta which was directed by Sibtain Fazali, its filming was carried out in Shahnoor studio. The major contribution of the success of this film was its music which composed by Feroz Nizami and all songs were sung by Noor Jahan so that’s way it became the third great musical film after Jungu and Chan Way both from Noor Jehan and musician Feroz Nizami. Beside singing Noor Jahan had already debut her career as actress prior to the partition but in Pakistan she appeared in Dopatta for the first time in any Urdu film.

Fazali Sahib’s film Dopatta was the next film which was a muslim social love story, it has the same story like Chan Way, Santosh Kumar and Ajey Kumar played the role of Santosh Kumar and Jahangir Khan. Songs were written by new lyricists Musheer Kazmi and Arsh Lakhnavi and Feroz Nizami gave them such an everlasting tunes that even today the songs are as popular as it used to be at the time of release of the film.


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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC


Credited cast:

Noor jahan face Noor Jahan
Ajay Kumar
Sudhir Sudhir
 Nafeesa Begum
image not aval Professor Rafiq
image not aval Zohra
image not aval Syeda Iffat
image not aval Owais
Babbo (Ishrat Sultana)
Ghulam Muhammad


Complete credited cast: NC



Film Details with Crew

Released Date: March 3, 1952 
Production: Film Asia 
Producer: Aslam Lodhi
Director: Sabtain Fazli
Writer / Story:

Masood Fazli
S. A. Haleem


Mushir Kazmi
Arsh Lakhnavi


S.H. Zaidi
Khalil Aftab


Piyare Khan

Art Director:

H.S. Shah
Shakir Muhammad

Film Studios: Shahnoor Studios, Lahore

Jafar Shah Bukhari
Rasheed Choudhry (Cameraman)



Music: Feroz Nizami
Singers: Noor Jahan


Technical Specifications




Drama l Action

Run Time:




Sound Format:

Analogue l Mono


Aspect Ratio:

Flat 4:3 






Composed by


Baat Hi Baat Mein Ji, Chandni Raat
Mein, Jia Mera Kho Geya

Noor Jahan  Mushir Kazmi Feroz Nizami 


Chandni Raten, Ho chandni Raen, Sab Jagg
Soye, Hum Jagen, taron Se Karen Baten

Noor Jahan  Mushir Kazmi  Feroz Nizami 


Main Ban Patang Urh Jaun Re, Hawa Ke Sang
Lehraun Re

Noor Jahan  Mushir Kazmi  Feroz Nizami 


Meray Mann Ke Raja Aa Ja, Surattya Dikha
Ja, Ghari Ghari Mann Ko Sataye Yaad

Noor Jahan  Mushir Kazmi  Feroz Nizami 

Nache Jia Re, Chhamma Chham, Chhayi Hai
Ghata, Aaja Piya Re

Noor Jahan  Mushir Kazmi  Feroz Nizami 


Jiggar Ki Aag Se Is Dil Ko Jalta Dekhte
Jao, Mitti Jati Hai Armano

Noor Jahan  Arsh Lakhanvi Feroz Nizami 


Sanwaria, Tohey Koi Pukaray, Aa Ja Re,
Soye Chand Sitare Soya Hai Be-dard

Noor Jahan  Mushir Kazmi  Feroz Nizami 


Tum Zindagi Ko Gham Ka Fasana Bana Geye,
Ankhon Mein Intezar Ki Duniya Basa Geye

Noor Jahan  Arsh Lakhanvi Feroz Nizami 

Following songs were prepared but were not included in the released film:



Kisse Maloom Tha Taqdeer Mein Ansoo Bahana
Hai, Khabar Keya Thi Jiggar Ki Aag Ankhon

Noor Jahan  Fayaz Hashmi Feroz Nizami 


Mosibat Hai Bala Hai Aur Main Hon, Mohabbat Ki Saza Hai Aur Main Hon

(For the first time, Fayaz Hashmi pen downed this song for Dopatta but subsequently it was not included in the film.)

Noor Jahan  Fayaz Hashmi Feroz Nizami 

(For more details go to Songogrpahy)




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