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Hamari Zaban | Mpaop


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Hamari Zaban

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 June 10, 1955 Urdu

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(Disclaimer: No Copyright intended as we do not own this video so prior regrets for its quality, material and other legitimate concerns and copyright infringement.)

Film trade with India was on the condition of exchange of movie Vs movie so failure of the movie was not a big deal, as Pakistani producers were allowed to release an Indian film in turn. Resultantly many film production offices were established just to get the Indian movie. Like wise Mahboob pictures of Karachi made Hamari Zaban which was basically a commercial documentary film, it was made as outcome of a movement in favour of Urdu against Bengali language which was declared second national language of Pakistan by the Bengali Prime Minster of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Bogra in May 7, 1954. The movement was headed by Molvi Abdul Haq famously known as Baba -e- Urdu in Urdu literature, who initially got the masses gathered on roads as agitation and subsequently made Hamari Zaban, but being purely a documentary sort of film was released only in Karachi and proved to be a flop film. 

Rukhsana debut her film career from this film.

All possible details about the movie are appended below……. ………however looking forward for your input / information about this film, please.

Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

image not aval Beena
Sheikh Hassan
Rukhsana (Rasheeda)
image not aval Agha Ali Hassan
image not aval Naseem
image not aval Ludan
image not aval Tara Begum
image not aval Hashmat Ara
image not aval Sardar Akhtar
image not aval Ruby
image not aval Bundu Khan
image not aval Bali
image not aval Bundu Khan
image not aval Atta Muhammad
image not aval Bundu Khan
image not aval Mahboob Khan
image not aval Molvi Abdul Haq


Complete credited cast: NC



Film Details with Crew

Released Date: June 10, 1955
Production: Noor Films
Producer: M. R. Khan
Director: Sheikh Hassan
Writer / Story / Screenplay:

Sheikh Hassan


Hafiz Atta Muhammad
Rind Kaifee
Rasheed Ahmed Lashari
Dagh Dehlivi
Mir Anees
Agha Hashar Kashmiri


Rasheed Ahmed Lashari
Rind Kaifee

Choreography: NC

Shoukat Abbas
Pervez Afzal


Khursheed Ahmed
Akbar Ali

Art Director: Iqbal Hassan
Music: Ghulam Nabi
Abdul Latif

Nazir Begum
Khursheed Begum


Technical Specifications




Drama l Action

Run Time:




Sound Format:

Analogue l Mono


Aspect Ratio:

Flat 4:3 






Composed by


Aah Jati Hai Falik Par Reham Lane Ke Liye, Badlo Hat Jao Deed O Rah Jane Ke Liye

Khursheed Begum Ahga Hasher Kashmiri  Ghulam Nabi
Abdul Latif 


Majnu Ishq Mein Lut Geya, Ghar Bhar Bari Mushkil Hai, Jan Ko La Geya

Khursheed Begum, Bano Hafiz Atta Muhammad Ghulam Nabi
Abdul Latif 


Makeen Hai Na Makaan, Tarfa Ka Rukhsana Hua, Zameen Lut Geyi, Keya Naqab E Zamana Hua

Bano Mir Anees Ghulam Nabi
Abdul Latif 


Piya Nahi Aaye More Sakhi Ri Rah Takat Mori Thak Geyi Akhiya, Yaad Mein Pi Ke Neer Bahaun

Nazir Begum Hafiz Atta Muhamamd Ghulam Nabi
Abdul Latif 

Piyara Piyara Hai Din Aaj Mile Hain Sub Sath, Ye Din Mil Jayen Re Khushi Ke Geet Gayen Re

NC Rasheed Ahmed Lashari Ghulam Nabi
Abdul Latif 


Piyari Zuban Urdu, Qoumi Zaban Urdu, Oncha Rahe Ga Har Dam Nam-O-Nishan Urdu

NC Hafiz Atta Muhammad Ghulam Nabi
Abdul Latif 


Rukh-E-Roshan Kea Age Shama Rakh Kar Who Ye Kehte Hain, Udhar Jata Hai Dekhen Ya Idher Parwana Aata Hai

Nazir Begum Dagh Dehlivi Ghulam Nabi
Abdul Latif 


Teri Duniya Se Door, Bohat Door Chali Jaungi, Phir Kabhi Tere Shabistan Mein Nahi Aaungi

Nazir Begum Rnid Kaifee Ghulam Nabi
Abdul Latif 

(For more details go to Songography)




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Dear Viewers,

Undoubtedly, all the artists and professionals of cine-world have indeed worked very hard, spent their days and nights in making motion pictures just to amuse and entertain us. Some of their film work proved to be a master piece but what so ever their business status was; one factor is established that it is now part of our cultural history. Unfortunately, mostly their work being destroyed just because of the mentioned reasons while negating its importance. Thus there is dire need to do some arrangements to preserve it with the same zeal and enthusiasm what rest of the world is doing.



"Now its our obligatory compulsion to preserve their work, you may also contribute and assist mpaop in preserving and restoring our cultural heritage by sharing some information, if you possess in shape of documents, film prints (any format like 8, 16, 35mm, videos etc). In this regard if you have some query or you can be of any help in this cause please Contact here…! "



Further more, in case of any inaccuracy, omission, addition, deletion, or submission, please assist mpaop in updating the information, your due participation in preserving the national heritage would be highly appreciated and after its analysis /approval by the research team, your contribution would immediately be reflected on this page with due veneration.

Thank you & profound regards,



Curator mpaop (Motion Picture Archive of Pakistan)

Tahir Nadeem


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