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Showbiz Highlights of 1958

Unfortunately, in 1958 some under world elements and smugglers entered in film industry as producers, consequently, due to imposition of martial law all smugglers were being cornered so it automatically affected film line. Similarly films like Akhri Dao which were financed by these elements were confiscated. In addition some opportunist people started illegally releasing Indian songs/films in Karachi. Chalti Ka Naam Gari was fallaciously dubbed in Eastern Studios but on strong agitation both were arrested and punished after trailed under the martial law authorities and that’s how it was stopped.

 Start of the year 1958 was not that encouraging as mostly the films were unable to reach box office due to some obvious reasons. Sheikh Chilli was the first film of the year, which was directed by Anwar Kamal Pasha and comedian Asif Jah who has also played a lead role in the film. Due to melodious music and a different story it was a Super film of the year. On the other hand ten succeeding movies proved Super flop films one after the other which included Kachiyan Kaliyan, Dil Mein Tu, Changez Khan, Be-Gunah, Neya Zamana, Neya Dour, Lakh Patti and Tamanna. Where as three films Jan e Bahar, Zehr e Ishq and Hasrat were technically reasonable but eventhenthese didn’t do well at the box office.

Saeed Haroon the owner of Eastern Studios made Sassi Punno, a Sindhi film but it didn’t do well like Pardaisi in which Mustafa Qureshi debut his film career as an actor. A distributor of Karachi Mukhtar Ahmed made Anar Kali , it was directed by Anwar Kamal Pasha and Master Inayat Hussain composed three songs of the films whereas Rashid Attre gave music of rest of the songs of Anar Kali .

dilmain tuSheeda Imam of Karachi who belonged to Colcatta made a production house named Movie Maker and Sitaron Ki Duniya was its first film in which Meena Shori played a lead role with Charlie.

Film Distributor Malik Mubarik made Jatti as producer it was a Punjabi films so unexpectedly Jatts of Punjab stood up against the name so name of movie Jatti was replaced with Chitti. But on release of the film once again there was agitation from sweepers side as one of the song was filmed on a sweepress so the result was extrication of song from the movie.

Sheikh Rafiq who was once affiliated with Kardar Production in Bombay made Rukhsana as producer and director but film proved as flop movie of the year. Fazal Hussain was brother of Sheikh Rafiq a famous political leader of Lahore and uncle of Saad Rafiq a Muslim League leader of present era.

husnaHusna debut her career as actress in Syed Shoukat Hussain’s Jan e Bahar in which Sudhir played a character actor role.

Hasrat was written by Munshi Dil for Eveready Pictures who has also made Shadi onthe same story and theme under the banner of Ranjeet Movietone at Bombay but as already mentioned that it was a flop movie.

Mian Mushtaq who had produced Gul Baloch before the partition made Chhomantar and that was replica of Indian film Chhomantar, even he hired Billo Mehra from India for direction but Mushtaq Hafeez was reflected as director in the titles ofthe film.the best comedian ofthat era Zarif played a lead role and also sung a song forthe movie as well.
Neelo debut her film careeer as film heroine in Neyi Larki, it was Malik Amin’s movie after the failure of Kachiyan Kaliyan and Neyi Larki was written by Ibrahim Jalees but it was another failure of 1958.

Santosh-SabihaIn October the hit pair of the filmdom Sabiha and Santosh got married on October 1st, 1958.

Saghir and Jafferi belonged to Dehli where they were employed at Jagat Talkies, after migrating from India they established S.J. Pictures, primarily for Indian film distribution they produced first religious preaching film Tohead which was Khurshid Qais’s first film as musician.

riaz shahidBharosa was a debut film of Riaz Shahid as film wirter which was a successful film and from business point of view it was a Super film mainly because of its story and dialogs so thats way it gave a good standing and start to Riaz Shahid in film industry. Inspired from the success of Bharosa, subsequently, the producer of film Jaffar Bukhari made another film Samaj, which was based on the same story.


Summary of Films released in 1958

Thirty Three films were released in 1958, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu 1 4 3 15 23
Punjabi 3 1 3 7
Sindhi 1  –  2 3
 Total  1 8  4  20 33



Films Released in 1958


Following films were Released in 1958



(Urdu – 14 November, 1958)


Aakhri Dao 

(Urdu – 31 October, 1958)



Aakhri Nishan 

(Urdu – 12 December, 1958)



Anar Kali 

(Urdu – 6 June, 1958)




(Urdu – 7 February, 1958)




(Urdu – 22 August, 1958)



Changez Khan

(Urdu – 24 January, 1958)




(Punjabi – 21 April, 1958)




(Urdu – 22 August, 1958)



Dil Mein Tu

(Urdu – 7 March, 1958)



Ghar Jawai 

(Punjabi – 28 November, 1958)




(Urdu – 21 April, 1958)




(Punjabi – 21 November, 1958)




(Urdu – 21 April, 1958)




(Punjabi – 20 June, 1958)



Kachiyan Kaliyan 

(Punjabi – 28 February, 1958)



Lakh Patti 

(Urdu – 7 March, 1958)




(Punjabi – 29 June, 1958)




(Urdu – 29 August, 1958)



Neyi Larki 

(Urdu – 21 April, 1958)



Neya Dour 

(Urdu – 14 February, 1958)



Neya Zamana

(Urdu – 14 February, 1958)



Parai Zameen

(Sindhi – 14 August, 1958)




(Sindhi – 21 April, 1958)



Pehla Qadam

(Urdu – 19 September, 1958)




(Urdu – 29 June, 1958)



Sassi Punnu 

(Sindhi – 30 May, 1958)



Sheikh Chilli 

(Punjabi – 10 January, 1958)



Sitaron Ki Duniya

(Urdu – 13 June, 1958)




(Urdu – 7 March, 1958)




(Urdu – 29 June, 1958)



Wah Re Zamanay 

(Urdu – 10 October, 1958)




(Urdu – 21 April, 1958)




Language Wise

Films of 1958 as per Language

  Urdu Punjabi Sindhi


Chhoomantar Parai Zameen
2 Aakhri Dao Ghar Jawai


3 Aakhri Nishan  Jagga Sassi Punnu
4 Anar Kali  Jatti  
5 Be-Gunah Kachiyan Kaliyan  
6 Bharosa Mukhra  
7 Changez Khan Sheikh Chilli  
8 Darbar    
9 Dil Mein Tu    
10 Hasrat    
11 Jan-e-Bahar     
12 Lakh Patti    
13 Mumtaz    
14 Neyi Larki    
15 Neya Dour    
16 Neya Zamana    
17 Pehla Qadam    
18 Rukhsana    
19 Sitaron Ki Duniya    
20 Tamanna    
21 Toheed    
22 Wah Re Zamanay    
23 Zehr-e-Ishq    



Status Wise

Films released in 1958 (Status Wise)

(Status Wise)


Super Hit Super Average Flop
  Aadmi    Aakhri Dao   Anar Kali    Aakhri Nishan 
  Bharosa Darbar Be-Gunah
  Hasrat Toheed Changez Khan
  Rukhsana   Dil Mein Tu
      Lakh Patti
      Neyi Larki
      Neya Dour
      Neya Zamana
      Pehla Qadam
      Sitaron Ki Duniya
      Wah re Zamanay



Super Hit Super Average Flop
  Chhoomantar Jatti Ghar Jawai
  Mukhra   Jagga
  Sheikh Chilli   Kachiyan Kaliyan



Super Hit Super Average Flop


  Parai Zameen
      Sassi Punnu




Lead Artists

Lead Artists – 1958

  Actors Actress









Following Artists debut their film career in 1958


 Abbas Nosha in Rukhsana Asad Jafri in Rukhsana Mazhar Shah in Be-Gunah
Mustafa Qureshi in Pardaisi Rangeela in Jatti Sultan in Ghar Jawai



husna Husna in Jan-e-Bahar  zamurad Zamurrad in Hasrat



M. Akram in Ghar Jawai



Riaz Shahid in Bharosa



 Khurshid Qais in Tohead  Masoom Rahim in Lakhpati  Musle-ud-din in Aadmi
 Rafiq Ali in Chhoomantar Salim Iqbal in Sheikh Chilli




Obituaries – 1958

Actors Actresses Director Singer Misc

For details about Death anniversary of artists go to Obituaries page.





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