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Changez Khan

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 January 24, 1958 Urdu

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The story of the film is dervied fom the novel Akhri Chattan written by Naseem Hijazi. Choudhry Hassan-ud-Din inspired by the novel produced this film. For horo of the film he casted Kamran, a Peshawar radio artist.


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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

Asha Posley
image not aval Kamran
image not aval Akhtar Neeli
image not aval Musheer Kazmi
 Rani Kiran
image not aval Agha Pir Jan
image not aval Hameed Choudhry
image not aval Faisal
image not aval Anwar
image not aval Thakar
Shiekh Iqbal Sheikh Iqbal
image not aval Ismail Qamar
image not aval Nazir
image not aval Zaigham
 Ghulam Qadir Master
image not aval Roma
Imdad Hussain
image not aval Bilal
image not aval Nawaz

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: January 24, 1958
Production: Pakeeza Productions Ltd.
Producer: Choudhry Hassan-ud-Din
Director: Rafiq Sarhadi
Writer / Story: Naseem Hijazi
Lyrics: Tufail Hoshiarpuri
Behzad Lakhanvi
Shad Amritsari
Dialogues: Choudhry Abdul Aziz Ajiz
Screenplay: Choudhry Abdul Aziz Ajiz
Choreography: Ashiq Hussain Samrat
Editor: Rafiq Sarhadi
Cinematography: Aslam
Music: Rasheed Attre
Tassadaq Hussain (Background Music)
Singers: Zubaida Khanum
Munawar Sultana
Inayat Hussain Bhatti
Kousar Parveen



Technical Specifications

Language: Urdu
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Aspect Ratio: Flat 4:3







Composed by


Ae Khatam-E-Russul, Aap Se Faryad Hai Hamari

Munawar Sultana Behzad Lakhanvi Rasheed Attre 


Allah Ki Rehmat Ka Saya Toheed Ka Parcham Lehraya, Ae Mard-E-Mujahid Jag Zara Abb Waqat-E-Shahadat Hai Aaya, Allah-O-Akbar

Inayat Hussain Bhatti & Co. Tufail Hoahiarpuri  Rasheed Attre 


Hum Ne Jo Mohabbat Ki Un Se, Hum Us Ka Nateeja Pa Bhi Geye

Kousar Parveen Behzad Lakhanvi Rasheed Attre 


Jhom Chhiko, Jhoom Chhika, Aao Raqas Karen Or Gayen

Kousar Parveen, Zubaida Khanum Shad Amritsari Rasheed Attre  

Mohabbat Na Hoti, Jawani Na Hoti, To Koi Kahani Na Hoti

Zubaida Khanum Tufail Hoshiarpuri Rasheed Attre  


O Peeney Wale, Pi Le Pi Le, Phoolon Ki Zindgi Jee Le

Zubaida Khanum Tufail Hoshiarpuri Rasheed Attre  

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