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Showbiz Highlights of 1960

During this year two films Super Hit and four did Super business out thirty eight released films. First magical mystical and fairy tale Pakistani film Gul Badan which was produced by Shabab Keranvi, and due to the demand of the for camera special effects and double exposed tricks it was directed by best cameraman A. Hameed known as Bhaiya Hameed. Though the film had lot of loopholes but being first magical world film did average business.

Writer Nazir Ajmeri wrote a remake of film Sharda released in 1942 with the name of Salma it was well directed film by Ashfaq Malik. The lead character of an illiterate person played by Allaudin was well received by the film gores. Nazir Ajmeri made another film Izzat but failure of this film brought him financially on the road.

Sameh Dehlvi produced Saltanat which was financed by Mir Khalil ur Rehman of Jang newspaper and M. S. Dar was the director of the film who was assisted by Khalil Qaiser. Saltanat being a costume film did good business at the box office.

Chief sound recordist of Eastern Studios Karachi Iqbal Shahzad produced Raat Ke Rahi, it was directed by S. M. Yousaf’s son Iqbal Yousaf who debut his film career as film director from this film. Indian actress Rehana played the lead role against Darpan and this chemistry worked well as being a spy film.

Renowned film director of Sub-continent S. M. Yousaf migrated from India in 1959 and debut his film career with Saheli in Pakistan. Saheli proved a very successful film specially it everlasting music played very vital role in the success of film. This film secured lot of un-0fficial awards including Presidential award.

Sham Dhalay was directed by Santosh Kumar under the banner of Crescent Films. The everlasting music of this romantic film was composed by Rasheed Attrey and it became a major factor for the success of the film.

Neelo played an action role in Khawaja Khadam Hussain’s Khyber Mail, Khadam was basically a film journalist but he proved to be good film director as his film Khyber Mail was a successful film. Zia Sarhadi made Hum Log which was released in Ratan Cinema and it did good business so once Zia Sarhadi migrated from India for the direction of Akhir Shab in 1958 but since the said film was not the set due to some reason and Zia Sarhadi was free as far as film direction is concerned. On the other hand Choudhry Eid Muhammad the owner of Ratan cinema who was impressed with the business of Zia Sarhadi’s Hum Log produced a film Rahguzar under the direction of Zia Sarhadi which was made in Malika Studios and was released on Rattan cinema but film proved a complete failure which not only gave a financial setback to Choudhry Eid Muhammad but he never produced any other film afterward.

Likewise, Najam Naqvi who also migrated from India and made Dil e Nadan but all went in vain.

Producer Wazir Ali’s Be-dari was a very successful film of 1958 so he moved to Lahore and produced Punjabi film Mitti Dian Murtaan which was picturised in Evernew studios but was unable to maintained his reputation of Be-dari. But failure of Mitti Dian Murtaan did not discouraged Wazir Ali so started another costume film Neelofar with Neelo and Ratan Kumar as lead pair but this film was again proved a flop film after its release. Wazir Ali produced yet another film Alladin Ka Beta but this film again faced the some fortune of his other two flop films.

Karishan Kumar directed Bhabi but in film titles Syed Attaullah Shah Hashmi was reflected as film director. Bhabi was copy of very successful film but its remake was unable to secure the success heights. Like this cameraman Riaz Ahmed also made a copy of Mother India with the name of Aik Thi Maa but it faced the same fortune of film Bhabi.

Hamsafar was produced by A. Majeed and directed by Shoukat Hashmi who was basically a film journalist. Masleh ud Din composed the music of Hamsafar and Naheed Niazi recorded the songs. It is worth mentioning that during the rehearsals both Masleh ud Din and Naheed developed some affection amongst each other which was terminated into their marriage.

Nusrat Mansoori was play writer in Vishnu Cinetone Bombay and directed a film Sanwariya for Filmstan in 1948, afterward he migrated to Pakistan and established his office in Shahnoor Studios. He was very well dressed and mannered person, he directed Shehzadi but it didn’t work as it was accepted. Nusrat mansoori died at very early age.

Jangu hero Sudhir made film Sahil it was a full action film. For some film scenes, special cage was built within Screen and Sound film Studios, Sudhir who played lead role in the film picturized an action and thriller scene of fight with live lioness which well publicized before the release of Sahil but unexpectedly film did not do well as anticipated.

Khalil Qaiser who has worked as assistant director was also planning to try his luck as actor so he made Clerk which was a complete social film but the film was not accepted by the public specially Khalil Qaiser as hero, who then never tried this theory again throughout his career.

There were four films were produced in Eastern Studios of Karachi but only one film was able to attract the attention of public. First film was Do Ustad which was produced by cinematographer Riaz Bukhari but on its failure he moved to Lahore.


Presidential Award film of the year 1960:

  1. Saheli
  2. Roop Matti Baz Bahadar. Though the film was a flop but Roshan Ara Begum was awarded with best singer Presidential award.
  3. Aur Bhi Gham Hain. Again a flop film but Danish Dervi the writer of the film was awarded with Presidential Award for best story writer.

During current year, Zarif died on October 30, 1960 after heart attack at very young age. The other prominent obituary was of Muhammad Ali Mahia who died on September 27, 1960. He was father of leading film heroine Sabiha Khanum. For more information Click here.





Summary of Films released in 1960

Thirty eight films were released in 1960, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu  1  21  34
Punjabi  – –   2
 Total  1  10  23  38




Other Films details of 1960:-


Films Released in 1960 (Alphabetical)

Films released in 1960 (Status Wise)

Lead Artists – 1960

Best Films of 1960

Debut Films – 1960

Obituaries – 1960




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