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Charagh Jalta Raha


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March 9, 1962 Urdu

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Two brothers, Sibtain Ahmed Karim Fazli and Hasnain Ahmed Karim Fazli, earned a good name by making social films during pre-partition era. There third brother, Mr. Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli, an ICS Officer of Govt. of India who was also a renowned poet/ writer. After retirement he started his own film production house with the name of Dabistan -e- Mahdood and started a new film named Shakir with new cast. He himself directed, written and produced this film, initially decided to take Kamal as hero but as the heroine of film Zeba was new so he changed his mind and casted Arif as hero who was an officer in Advertising Committee. Afterward this film proved the first and last film of Arif primarily due to the dynamic personality of the villain of film Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali who was initially hired on monthly wages as Assistant to director for rehearsals and dialogue delivery, later on after watching his performance Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli included him as villain of the film. On completion Fazli changed the name of film from Shakir to Charagh Jalta Raha after consultation with his colleagues. Fazli made all out efforts to give this move with a classic touch, selected best lyrics of famous renowned poets and singers like Indian singer Talat Mahmood also sang a song for this film. During censer process the film was viewed by President of Pakistan and he appreciated the efforts of Fazli. More so on release, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah did grace the ceremony to inaugurate the film. After this much efforts and publicity though film didn’t work at box office but gave some legends to Pakistan film industry like Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Deeba, Talat Hussain and Kamal Irani as mentioned below:-

Muhammad Ali



Kamal Irani

Talat Hussain

 M. Kaleem as Lyricist and Singer

Salok Mistry as cinematographer

Main theater of the film was Nishat, Regent and Nigar cinema Karachi

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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC



Credited  cast:

 Muhammad Ali 
deebaaa Deeba
image not aval Waheed  
image not aval Roma
image not aval Dady
image not aval Safia Moeeni (Begum)
 Mahmood Ali
image not aval Ameer Khan
image not aval Mughal Basheer
image not aval Princess Amina
 Kamal Irani 
 Talat Hussain

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: March 9, 1962 (Eid-ul-Fitr)
Production: Dabistan-e-Mahdood
Producer: Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli
Director: Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli
Writer / Story: Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli

Ameer Khusro
Mir Taqi Mir
Jigar Muradabadi
Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli

Choreography: Madam Aazori
Editor: Hasnain Rizvi
Cinematography: Salok Mistry

Nihal Abdullah


Noor Jahan
Iqbal Bano
Kajjan Begum
M. Kaleem
Talat Mehmood (Indian singer)


Technical Specifications

Language: Urdu
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Aspect Ratio: Flat 4:3








Composed by


Aai Jo Un Ki Yaad To Aati Chali Geyi, Har Naqsh Masawa Ko Mitati Chali Geyi

M. Kaleem Jigar Muradabadi Nihal Abdullah


Aao Chalen Le Kar, Phir Tabil-E-Ilam Taiz Taiz Aur Qadam Taiz Taiz

Shabana & Co. Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli Nihal Abdullah


Chahe Achhon Ko Jitna Chahiye Ye Agar Chahen To Phir Keya Chahiye

Iqbal Bano Ghalib Nihal Abdullah


Chaley Jaiyo Re Be-Darda Main Roye Mari Hon, Neend Hi Aati Hai Zalim Na Qaza Aati Hai

Iqbal Bano Ghalib, Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli Nihal Abdullah

Jo Dil Mein Ujala To Jag Mein Ujala, Mohabbat Hamesha Tera Bol Bala

Noor Jahan Ghalib, Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli Nihal Abdullah


Kahe Ko Beyahi Badeis Sun Babal Morey, Taqon Teri Main Ne Guriya Bhi Chhoren

Iqbal Bano & Co. Ameer Khusro Nihal Abdullah


Kuchh Hua Hasil Na Abb Tak Koshish Bekar Hai, Dekh Len Ge Sar Bhi Takra Kar Dar-O-Deewar Se

Talat Mahmood Ghalib, Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli Nihal Abdullah


Main Dil Se Pochhti Hon Dil Mujh Se Pochhta Hai Ye Kon Aa Geya Hai

Noor Jahan Ghalib, Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli Nihal Abdullah

Moti Dana Daney Oper Dana

Kajjan Begum & Co. Ameer Khusro Nihal Abdullah


Mushkil Nikla Dil Ka Sanbhlana, Hum Ne Dekha Lakh Sanbhal Ke

Talat Mahmood Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli Nihal Abdullah

Para Hai Mujhey Kin Balaon Se Pala, Mohabbat Hamesha Tera Bol Bala

Noor Jahan Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli Nihal Abdullah


Patta Patta, Boota Boota, Haal Hamara Janey Hai, Janey Na Janey Gul Hi Na Bagh To Sara Jane

Noor Jahan Mir Taqi Mir, Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli Nihal Abdullah


Phir Aisey Kheyalat Aaney Lagey Ke Hum Khud Bakhud Gungunane Lage

Noor Jahan, M. Kaleem Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli Nihal Abdullah 


Salam Us Pe Ke Jis Ne Be-Kasson Ki Dastagiri Ki (This Naat Was Not Included In Film Due To Length Of Film)

Talat Mahmood Mahir Ul Qadri Nihal Abdullah

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