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Renowned film musician Rasheed Attre produced this film and it proved Super hit film of 1962.


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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

sabiha Sabiha Khanum 
Santosh Kumar Santosh Kumar 
Meena Shori Meena Shori 
Abbas Nosha
Saqi Saqi
Nusrat Kardar
image not aval M. D. Sheikh
image not aval Zia
darpan Darpan 
baahar Bahar 

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: June 22, 1962
Production: Sound & Shade Films
Producer: Rasheed Attre
Director: Qadeer Ghori
Writer / Story:

Malik Hafeez
Saadat Hassan Zaidi

Screenplay / Dialogues:

Saadat Hassan Zaidi


Tanvir Naqvi
Habib Jalib
Tufail Hoshiarpuri


Ashiq Hussain Samrat


Bashir Malik

Cinematography: Sohail Hashmi
Rasheed Choudhry
Art Director: Haji Mohiudin

Rasheed Attre


Noor Jahan
Naseem Begum
Saleem Raza
Munir Hussain
Nazakat Ali
Salamat Ali
Qadir Faridi


Technical Specifications

Language: Urdu
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Aspect Ratio: 4:3








Composed by


Phagwa Buraj Dekhan Ko Chali Ri Phaghwa Mein

Naseem Begum, Qadir Faridi Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre


Dhalne Lagi Hai Raat Koi Baat Kijiye, Barhane Lagi Baat Koi Baat Kijiye

Mala Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre


Gaye Gi Duniya Geet Mere, Sureele Rang Mein

Noor Jahan Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre


Hai Koi Aisa Jis Ko Mujh Se Piyar Hai

Munir Hussain Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre

Is Shehr Kharabi Mein Gham-e-Ishq Ke Maarey Zinda Hain, Yehi Bari Baat Hai Piyre

Saleem Raza Habib Jalib Rasheed Attre


Ja Ja Ja Re Ja Main Tose Na Hi Boloon

Noor Jahan Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre


Jhole Na Jhulaye, Aayi Raat Sawan Ki, Naina La Ge Tum Sang Balamwa

 Naseem Begum Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre


Mitwa Tarse Mori Akhiyan, Jab Jab Aaye Yaad Toharin

Munir Hussain Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre

Pee Jab Tak Terey Dam Mein Dam, Saghir Ki Qasam, Mena Ki Qasam, Duniya Se Na Rakh Umeed Ka Bharam

Mala Tufail Hoshiarpuri Rasheed Attre


Phagwa Burj Dekhan Ko Chal Re Phagwa Mein

Naseem Begum, Qadir Fareedi Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre

Raseele Morey Rasiya, Najariya Mila

Noor Jahan Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre


Sarson Pholi Re Ja, La Ge Hawa, Pee Taan Mori Araz 

Naseem Begum, Salamat Ali Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre

Tum Jug Jug Jeo Maharaj Re, Ham Teri Nageriya Mein Aaye

Noor Jahan Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre


Tum Jug Jug Jeo Maharaj Re, Ham Teri Nageriya Mein Aaye

Saleem Raza Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre

Yaad Karoon Tujhe Sham Saverey, Mere Labon Par Geet Hain Tere

Noor Jahan Tanvir Naqvi Rasheed Attre

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