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Nawab Sarajudollah | Mpaop


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Nawab Sarajudollah

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1967 Films



March 23, 1967 Urdu l Bengali Super
Dhaka, East Pakistan





Nawab Sarajudollah was production of Dhaka, East Pakistan and basically a Bengali film which was also released in Urdu but surprisingly its Urdu version which was released in East Pakistan hit at the box office.
The well encouraged producer included the film in film festival held at Russia (then USSR) and won a special prize from there as well.









All possible details about the movie are appended below……. ………however looking foward for your input / information about this film, please.

Genre: Drama l Historical Color: Black & White Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

image not aval Atia Choudhry
image not aval Khan Atta Ur Rehman
 Anwar Hussain
image not aval Anwara Jamal
image not aval M. A. Khaliq
image not aval Zarina Begum
image not aval Tandra Islam
image not aval Manzoor Hussain
image not aval M. A. Sammad
image not aval Teijan Chakarwati
image not aval Abdul Samad
image not aval Qutab ul Alam
image not aval Abu Tolaip
image not aval Sultana
image not aval Raheeela Khan
image not aval Badruddin
image not aval Rehman

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: March 23, 1967
Production: Seven Arts
Producer: Mahbooba RehmanKhan Atta Ur Rehman
Director: Khan Atta Ur Rehman
Writer / Story: Khan Atta Ur Rehman
Lyrics: Saroor Bara Bankvi
Screenplay: Naqi Mustafa
Dialogs: Naqi Mustafa
Choreography: Rafia Manzoor
Make Up: Abdul Subhan
Wardrobe: Costume House
Possessing: Qasim Chishti
Sound Recordist: Matee ur Rehman
Dialog Recording: M. A. Majboor
Editor: Bashir Hussain
Cinematography: B. Islam
Still Photography: Akas Photographer
Studio: F. D. C. Studios
Music: Khan Atta Ur Rehman
Singers: Firdosi Begum

Mahbooba Rehman

Shehnaz Begum

Abdul Aleem

  1. Bedardi dil mein terey piyar nahi, jeet se teri – Shehnaz Begum
  2. Saqi aa aa, jaam le kuchh nigahon se bhi kam le – Nahid Niazi
  3. Hai ye alim tujhey bhulane mein ashak aatey hain – Firdousi Begum
  4. Tum se se hai dua meri Kamli waley ke tum ho Habib – Mehbooba Rehman, Shehnaz Begum
  5. Hai Parbho hai sham marari meri manohar hai girdhari – NC
  6. Do kinarey is nadiya ke kitney hain be-meel – Abdul Aleem



Technical Specifications

Language: Urdu l Bengali
Genre: Drama l Historical
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Color:  Black & White  
Aspect Ratio: Flat Lens, 4:3




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