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Waqt Ki Pukar

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March 23, 1967 Urdu Flop











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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Black & White Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

image not aval Tahir
 Muhammad Ali
 Kamal Irani

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: March 23, 1967
Production: Dabistan Mahdood
Producer: Syed Fazal Karim
Director: Fazal Karim Fazli
Writer / Story: NC
Lyrics: Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazal

Mouj Lakhnavi

Cinematography: NC
Music: Nisar Bazmi
Singers: Naheed Niazi
Mehdi Hassan
Naseem Begum
Noor Jahan
Ahmed Rudhdi
  1. Jaam hai merey hath mein jan hai (Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazal) – Naheed Niazi
  2. Jan e man aaj tu jo pas nahi hai (Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazal) – Mala
  3. Jan e man aaj tu jo pas nahi, Jan e Shiren (Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazal) – Mehdi Hassan
  4. Khanjar hai nazar meri gar qatal hua koi (Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazal) – Mala
  5. Merey dil ko bhaya ik akhbar wala (Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazal) – Naseem Begum
  6. Millat ke jawano ko ye paigham suna do (Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazal) – Noor Jahan
  7. Panchhi nach nach o ghail panchhi dekho (Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazal) – Mala
  8. Tum ho hasseen, iqrar karo ye jhot hai tu (Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazal) – Ahmed Rudhdi
  9. Ye aadit to aurat ko zeba nahi (Mouj Lakhnavi) – Mala, Ahmed Rushdi



Technical Specifications

Language: Urdu
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Color:  Black & White  
Aspect Ratio: Flat Lens, 4:3




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