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Sassi Punnu

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1968 Films


July 26, 1968 Punjabi Super



 Iqbal Hassan was established as romantic hero in a lead role for the first ever film of his career through Sassi Punnu. 









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Genre: Drama l Folk romantic  story Color: Black & White Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

 Iqbal Hassan
 Munawar Zarif
zeenat begum Zeenat
Mazhar-Shah Mazhar Shah
ilyaskashmiri Ilyas Kashmiri

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: July 26, 1968
Production: Riazi Films
Producer: Riaz Ahmed
Director: Riaz Ahmed
Writer / Story: Ahmed Rahi
Lyrics: Ahmed Rahi
Cinematography: NC
Music: Rehman Verma
Singers: Noor Jahan


Mehdi Hassan

Masood Rana

  1. Assah jhog Punnen di jana – Noor Jahan
  2. Jaddon teri duniya tu piyar tur jaye ga, feir teri duniya te ki reh jae ga – Mehdi Hassan, Noor Jahan
  3. Maa pe kadi estaran te doli naen si tor de – Masood Rana
  4. Ni ajj mera jee kar da, akhan meet udareyan – Mala
  5. Sassi jis dar ja ve – Masood Rana




Technical Specifications

Language: Punjabi
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Color:  Black & White  
Aspect Ratio: Flat Lens, 4:3





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