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Yousaf Khan Sher Bano

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1970 Films


December 1, 1970 Pashto Super


 First ever Pashto film of Pakistan

After the success of films produced in regional languages like Punjabi and Sindhi, film makers started to explore the film avenues in other languages like Pashto and Gujrati so in 1968, Chhata Khan, Rab Nawaz Khan, Syed  Amir Sarhadi and Gulzar started Pakistan’s first Pashto film Yak Yousaf O Sher Bano which was inaugurated by actor Rangeela in Evernew Studios Lahore. The film started under the direction of Jamil Ahmed Khan with Rab Nawaz Khan as hero and Ghazala as heroine whereas Aman acted as villain. Sound recordist A.Z. Baig was the sound recordist of the film who recorded six songs in one day for the film. When this film was under production, at the same time Film producer Nazir Hussain, Madad Ali Madan and Haider Ali Joshi also started Pashto film Yousaf Khan Sher Bano under the direction of Aziz Tabussam who selected Badar Munir a camera trolley operator of film director Pervez Malik as film hero and Yasmeen Khan, the heroine of the film. Resultantly it created a dispute/ media war in between both the producers, finally matter reached at civil court. In 1969 the case was under media trial when Ahbab Pictures located at Nazar Bagh Peshawqar, announced production another Pashto film Gul Bano. But once the case of two above mentioned films reached in there in the court, Ahbab Pictures stopped their project. On the other hand Court gave the final decision in favour of Karachi producer, consequently, production of Yak Yousaf O Sher Bano was stopped and Yousaf Khan Sher Bano was completed and released as Pakistan’s first Pashto film on December 1st,1970. Although Aziz Tabussam was the director of the film as shown in the film titles but it is said the he was basically hired as pakhton translator where as the film was actually directed by Nazir Hussain the producer of the film.




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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Black & White Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

 Badar Munir
 Yasmin Khan
image not aval Shahbaz Durrani
image not aval Shiren Taj
image not aval Fazal Mehmood
image not aval Nagina Khanum
image not aval Noreen
image not aval Raja Misal Khan
Saqi Saqi
 Nemat Sarhadi

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date:

December 1, 1970 (Eid ul Fitr)


Vision Pictures


Nazir Hussain
Madad Ali Madan
Shafi Qazi


Aziz Tabasum

Writer / Story:

Haider Ali Jashi


Haider Ali Jashi

Aziz Tabassum


Madad Ali Madan


Lal Muhammad Iqbal


Nighat Akbar

  1. Ae afsoos de khaila yarah cheh the kam tarfateh larey
  2. Bankaley de watan hamonak binkali de baghona
  3. Binkali charaghan de binkaley tang takor de
  4. De khushhalay pe dar hay jona tambolana
  5. Gora cheh kheya nashe khaney hai Peshawar da daad go dar gharh da
  6. Ke dar the khan meh pe jondeshey sato mana pam ko janana
  7. Rasha ho rasha, khishey medan de salgaey me raghaley
  8. Rashe Khawala me rasha o khand or hey vi





Technical Specifications




Drama l Fiction

Run Time:




Sound Format:

Mono l Analogue


 Black & White  

Aspect Ratio:

Flat Lens, 4:3





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